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We at the golfers’ clubs are committed to giving you the best and most up-to-date reviews and information about golf clubs and pieces of equipment that would assist you to make the best choice when buying equipment and overall, help you enjoy your time on the green.

About The Lead Admin.

My name is Clems Chieve, and I am the Co-founder of thegolfersclubs.com.

Thank you for checking us out.

Growing up, I wanted to be a professional soccer player, I was a huge fan of soccer that I could play with kids of my age bracket all day without a care in the world for anything else.

But as much as I wanted to do soccer on a professional level more than anything else, time and situation didn’t allow that to happen. However, my love for soccer and sport did not wane even as I grew older and couldn’t pursue a career in Soccer.

Eventually, with time, I developed a huge interest in Tennis while in High school after watching Andre Agassi do wonders on the Tennis court.

One interesting thing worthy of note though is, while watching and admiring Andre Agassi,  through the period of Roger Ferderra who eventually became my overall FavoriteTennis player( He is the best player the Tennis world has ever seen, as far as my opinion is concerned), I never really got to play the game, even for recreational purpose, and you can guess right.

The golf course stole my heart so much that the 18 holes game became my favorite sport.

You know the game of golf is played by all classes of people within any age range, old and young, male or female.

Why did we create This Website?

Initially, I wanted to create a platform to discuss my favorite sport, golf but after thinking it over and over, and together with my partners( A huge percentage of the articles here are written by them by the way), I decided I was going to be talking about the equipment used in the game of golf with lots of emphasis of the golf clubs hence the website name Thegolfersclubs.

Why Golf Clubs?

One of the major challenges for anyone coming into the game of golf newly, who needs to get their equipment, is the challenge of which clubs to go for.

Even some oldies in the game who wants to change their aging equipment would have a little challenge picking suitable clubs for their game.

Youngsters who had been using their older parents’ clubs would want to get for themselves suitable clubs.

The primary purpose of this website, therefore, is to aid my audience in making an easy and informed decision when picking golf clubs and other equipment that would be suitable for their game.


So, we decided to expand and talk about everything golf, from giving out information to talking about golf gear like golf shoes, and other costumes.

In the future, we are might include podcasts.

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