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Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons Review

Welcome to my Mizuno jpx 921 Tour Irons Review.

In this review, we are going to take a closer look at the jpx 921 Tour irons from Mizuno to see if they are a good fit for your game.

We’ll also be looking at the type of players the Mizuno jpx 921 is meant for, our experience, and the feedback from people who have played them.

If you are thinking of getting the jpx 921 Tour Irons, then this review will help you make a better buying decision.

Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons Review – Introduction.

Mizuno has a reputation for quality Clubs that cater to the needs of a large percentage of golfers across different skill levels, from the beginner to the recreational golfer with a mid-high handicap up to the skilled player.

From the name, you could tell The Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons are intended for the skilled player, and as expected offer modest forgiveness and distance, not as much as you would find in-game improvement, Irons.


Basic Features.

Here are some of the very basic features that make the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons a top choice for most golfers across different skill levels.



The Mizuno JPX 921 have an identical look to the Mizuno JPX 921 forged Irons (reviewed here), but there are certainly a few things that set her apart from others.

It has a profile that keeps the CG close to the shaft making it even easier for a skilled player to manipulate the Club.

The Mizuno jpx 921 has the shortest blade length of the jpx921 range with the thinnest topline as well as having the thinnest sole with probably also the lowest offset.



The Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons performed extremely well on the course, from the turf interaction, ball contact, forging feel, great distance, and impressive performance typical of the jpx lineup.



Although not as forgiving as the Mizuno jpx 921 forged iron, however, the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons are fairly forgiving given it’s a Club meant for a skilled player, no one expects more forgiveness.

If you are after forgiveness, you might check out the Jpx 921 Hot Metal and Hot Meta Pro as the two offer more forgiveness than the Jpx 921 Tour.


Feel & Sound.

The Mizuno jpx 921 create a kind of a forging feel at impact which is expected as it has become a trademark for all Mizuno clubs.

Strike outside of the sweet spot creates a kind of dull feeling and is less crisp as opposed to striking in the middle of the sweet spot.


Speed & Distance.

Mizuno JPX 921 delivers great ball flight even on off-center hits. The Distance is great considering the fact that a tour Irons is meant to be played by skilled players who can control their swings effectively to generate more Speeds and Distance.

Overall, you’ve got great speeds and Distance with the Jpx 921 Tour Irons, though not like the Super Game improvements Irons.

What Others Are Saying About The Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons.

The feedback from lovers of the Mizuno JPX 921 is great as the majority of the reviews have given a 5-star review.

This is one of the few other Iron with almost everyone I have spoken to give a 5-star rating.

This is not surprising as, over the years, Mizuno has consistently turned in premium Clubs and the jpx 921 Tour is just one of the many top-level Clubs.



  • Although the Mizuno JPX 921 is designed for better players, they still offers some level of forgiveness.
  • Distance with the Mizuno Jpx 921 is good, and is consistent with what the Mizuno Brand has come to be known with; Consistent distance.



  • Not a suitable Club for double-digit players and recreational golfers who need more forgiveness and distance.

Who Should Play The Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons?

Who are the people who should play the Mizuno JPX 921?

By design, the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour Irons are intended for the better players category though others might want to try, don’t just expect more forgiveness and distance.


Where Can I Buy this iron?

There is a myriad of nice and trusted places you can buy including walking into the local golf shop nearest to you.

If you are going this way, physical store, be sure you have tried them on, crosscheck, and make sure everything is working well.

But For Convenience sake, you can check here on for your golf clubs.


Conclusively, the Mizuno jpx Tour Irons are intended for a certain class of players, the skilled players, as you might notice from the name.

Although less skilled players might want to play the Jpx 921 Irons, you don’t expect to find more forgiveness and distance, especially on mishits.


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