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Mizuno pro 223 irons review.

Mizuno Pro 223 is one of the 3 versions of the Pro lineup released recently by Mizuno as a follow-up to the M-20 irons.

In this Mizuno Pro 223 review, I intend to go over a couple of things about the Pro 223 irons including the technology, features, forgiveness level, and who, in my opinion, should play the pro 223 irons.

This is to help determine if the pro 223 irons are a good fit for you and if getting it will help you play better and experience more success on the course.

Stay with me as I talk you through this review.


Mizuno Pro 223 irons Review – Introduction.

image credit: Mizuno

The Mizuno Pro 223 irons look similar to the pro 221 models in design and are regarded as the ‘elite players’ cavity‘ and deliver everything that Tour Players need to complete on extended and more demanding layouts.

Mizuno stated that these irons are built for distance but sized to suit the playing style of Tour Players.

It is a little smaller in size than the previous model; the MP-20 MMC especially in the smaller scoring Irons.

Every inch of the design and technology infused in the Mizuno Pro 223 seems to be targeted at Tour players even though it provides some level of forgiveness that may be beneficial to the mid-handicappers.



Mizuno Pro 223 irons Review – Basic Features.

Image Credit: Mizuno

The Mizuno Pro 223 Irons are packed with modern technology to create a premium experience for Tour Players.

The Mizuno Pro 233 is forged in Hiroshima Japan, using the micro-slot Grain Flow HD which concentrates more metallic grains in the impact region for consistency and performance and to create that signature Mizuno Feel.

With the Pro 233 Irons, Mizuno employed a technology that conceals ball speeds enhancing construction into a compact players’ cavity, and is infused with a microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome to give it that soft feel.

 The -8 Irons- PW, are designed from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel to increase control and Precision.

Standard Specifications.

Mizuno is using the Nippon MODUS 115 Stif, 105-gram regulars as their standard stock steel shaft, and the MCC Teams Black/Grey as the standard stock Grip.



Club # Loft ┬░ Lie Angle Offset (inch) Length (inch)
4 22 60 0.138 38.5
5 25 60.5 0.134 38
6 28 61 0.13 37.5
7 32 61.5 0.122 37
8 36 62 0.114 36.5
9 41 62.5 0.106 36
PW 46 63 0.098 35.5
GW 51 63 0.094 35.25

RH: 4-GW
LH: 4-GW


The Mizuno Pro 223 Irons have a similar shape and size as the traditional Mizuno Blade but with a slightly stronger loft, looks smaller than the previous MP-20 MMC, and is infused internally with features that provide better distance than any normal blade would.

At Address, the Mizuno Pro 223 Irons looks very clean and classic, with a little offset, a nice thin topline, and an unmistakable, typical Mizuno look.



Mizuno Pro 223 looks so excited with enhanced performance to give the Tour player the experience they want but never asked for.

like the Mizuno feel enhanced by the Chromoly technology and the tested Chromoly Forging and Flow Micro-Slot Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan with a soft copper underlay and uniquely satisfying Mizuno sensation at impact.



The Mizuno Pro 233 might the Iron that offers maximum forgiveness for that high handicapper that needs help with his swings, it is, however, more forgiving than the Mizuno Pro 221 Irons earlier reviewed.


Feel & Sound.

Designed and infused with the Soft copper underlay beneath Nickle chrome and Flow Micro-Slot Grain Flow technology to deliver that typical Mizuno soft feel at impact and of course a very great turf interaction with an enhanced sole.

Speeds & Distance.

The Pro 223 irons provide very good ball speeds with a typical distance of 113mph using the 7 irons, enhanced by the combination of the Mizuno Chromoly forging technology and Flow Micro-Slot, an innovation that delivers extreme ball speeds from a small tour profile head, and I feel this is pretty cool, from a small-sized iron.

In comparison to the Pro 221 Irons, the Mizuno Pro 223 delivers 2.5 mph more ball speed, according to our in-house Pro, who tried them on using the 7th Iron, and 6 yards more carry distance.

What Others Are Saying About The Mizuno Pro 223 Irons.

Since the release of the Mizuno Pro line of irons, lots of reactions and feedback have been pouring in from golf and Mizuno enthusiasts.

The majority of the feedback is centered around forgiveness and distance.

For an Iron of this size to offer the kind of forgiveness gotten from the Pro 233 irons is beyond impressive.


  • Distance is impressive.
  • Forgiving, for a size of this type, the Mizuno Pro 223 offers massive forgiveness, more than the Pro 221 Irons.


  • Not an Ideal Club for high handicappers.

Who Can Play The Mizuno Pro 223 Irons?

The Mizuno Pro 223 Irons are meant to accommodate the mid-handicappers and the elite players who want to add more Distance and Forgiveness to their game.

High handicappers might want to try out the Pro 223 but the level of forgiveness and help they expect to get to have more success might not be there.

By and Large, elite players and, mid handicaps who don’t need much help striking the ball might enjoy success playing the Mizuno Pro 223 Irons, and certainly not an ideal golf club for beginners.


Where To Buy The Mizuno Pro 223 Irons?

You can get your Mizuno Pro 223 Irons from a local store where golf equipment is sold once it becomes available to retail.

Also, there are tons of other interesting places you can get your Mizuno Pro 223 Irons online, but for convenience’s sake, my best-recommended place for shopping is


Conclusively, the Mizuno Pro 223 Irons are great for golfers looking to add more distance and forgiveness to their game especially the Tour, and low-mid handicap players.

Looks like Mizuno, which used to be predominately a Japanese-only sold brand, is making giant stripes in the western market as younger golfers are embracing the Mizuno brand at a fast pace, thanks to the new approach the Mizuno Brand has taken which targets the younger generation of golfers.

Recalled that, the Mizuno Pro, before now was sold only to the Japanese market, and the rest of the world was left to slug it out with the Mizuno TP Irons and the Mizuno MP Irons.

Mizuno Pro 223 Irons.


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