Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrids Review.

There are 4 hybrids in the Rogue ST Models released by Callaway golf for 2022 and the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid is one of the 4 Hybrids.

In this is Review, we look at the performance of the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid, touching on some of the key features and technologies that go into this Club and then looking at what kind of Players the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid will accommodate.

This should help you decide if this Club is a good fit for your game.

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrids Review – Introduction.


The Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid is the Lite version of the Oversized model earlier reviewed Here.

It is a little lighter than the OS version and is the easiest to swing Hybrid in the Rogue ST Lineup.

It also features the widest loft offering alongside the Rogue ST Max OS, starting from 3 Hybrid down to the 8 Hybrid, lots of options, huh.

Like the rest of the other Hybrids in the Rogue ST lineup, it is boosted by some re-designed A. I Technologies and features to power its performance.

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrids Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Similar features and technologies feature in all of the Rogue ST lineup.

Jailbreak Technology. Image Credit: Callaway golf.


Starting with the all-new A. I Jailbreak technology.

Callaway redesigned the A. I Jailbreak System to promote speed and create stability, with the two jailbreak frames pushed to the perimeter to provide stiffness while allowing the face to flex for more high ball speeds.

More over, there is a high-strength 455 Face Cup.

Here, Callaway have applied an all new A.I Face optimization to include speed, launch and spin. This new face pattern, which is unique is customized for each model and loft in the entire hybrid lineup.

Callaway has also deployed up to 24g of precision tungsten for a precise location of Center of Gravity( CG) to deliver optimal launch for even greater ball speeds.

Finally, Callaway have reshaped the sole of the Rogue ST Max OS Lite into a larger, easier to swing shape.

The lightweight components are engineered to fit the playing style of slow speed swing players to help them generate more ball speeds, ultimately leading to more distance.

Standard Specifications.

There are 6 different lofts options with the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid making it the largest loft available alongside the standard OS version.

Callaway is using the Project X Cypher Black 50 gram HB/IR and the Project X Cypher Black 60 gram HB/IR and the standard stock graphite.


Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid full specifications from the 3 Hybrid down to the 8 Hybrid.

3H 21° RH / LH CUSTOM ONLY 40.00″ 59.0° C4
4H 24° RH / LH 39.50″ 59.5° C4
5H 27° RH / LH 39.00″ 60.0° C4
6H 30° RH ONLY 38.50″ 60.5° C4
7H 33° RH ONLY 38.00″ 61.0° C4
8H 36° RH ONLY 37.50″ 61.5° C4


The Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid Looks Clean and beautiful, same as all the other Hybrids in the Rogue ST lineup.

This Club carries an oversized head shape and it’s lightweight and easy to swing.

Eason why senior players are choosing it over other models in the Rogue ST Hybrid lineup.


This Clubs performance is nothing short of amazing.

It’s lightweight and extremely easy to launch, plus amazing ball speeds and massive added distance.


Both the standard OS and the OS Lite are extremely forgiving, and the OS Lite is lightweight, easy to swing, a draw bias to help golfers reduce slices and great for slow speed swing golfers.

By and large, the designed mechanism of the Rogue ST Max OS Lite provide massive forgiveness to help golfers who needs it to have more success playing their favorite game.


Speed & Distance.

The Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid is fast and playing the 4 Hybrid, I could see my total distance increased by 12-15 yards, and pretty consistent, swinging at 94 mph.

I feel the only distance between the OS and the OS Lite is that, the OS Lite is Lightweight and much easier to swing than the former, otherwise, all the features and benefits remain the same.

What Others Are Saying about the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid.

There are a number of reactions and feedback from the public and one notable thing here is, most people who have played this Club loved it.

I noticed the people who loved this Club the most are very Senior golfers who wants an easy to swing Club and the Rogue ST Max OS Lite provides a great option.

By and large, the ratings of this Hybrid sits quite well with majority dropping a 5 stars rating on major platforms.

All ratings are based purely on performance with just very few having one or two issues with deliver.

So, performance wise, this Club has garner very positive feedback and reviews.





  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.
  • Slow swing golfers would love this Hybrid.


  • This Clun is already designed to behave in certain way, and that might not go well with certain categories of Plyers who wants to play lightweight Clubs but wants some more control.

Who Can Play The Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrids?

So, this Club is a super game improvement club and this is a perfect choice for the slow swing player who want more speed and Distance in their Hybrid.

Because it is lightweight and easier to swing than all the other Hybrids in the Rogue ST lineup, very Senior golfers who probably don’t have the energy to swing much heavier Clubs/Hybrids might find the Rogue ST Max OS Lite most suitable for their game.

Also, beginner golfers who are still trying to figure out their swing rate might want to keep practicing with a much lighter Club and here the Rogue ST Max OS Lite could be a perfect choice.

Where To But The Rogue ST Max OS Irons.


There are a couple of Interesting places to order for yourbfavorite light weight Rogus ST Hybrid, and these includes the Callaway shop or any other walk in store around your neighborhood.

However, for convenience sake, my best and #1 recommended place to shop for all of your callaway golf equipment inclung the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid is on the Callaway Store on Amazon.com.


To rap off things, Lightweight and easiest swinging Hybrid in the Rogue ST lineup, massive ball speed, extremely forgiving is what you expect when playing the Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid from Callaway.

If this interest you, you might want to go get this Club.

However, if you are a skilled player who wants some kind of control over their swing and trajectory, you might want to check out the Rogue ST Pro.

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