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Callaway Apex 19 irons review.

Welcome to our Callaway Apex 19 Irons Review where we take you through the basic features of the Apex 19 irons from your favorite brand of golf gear manufacturer, Callaway.

Until they launched a new set of the Apex irons in early 2021, the Apex 19 irons were the latest and a step up from the previous version, and look like they are made for players that are looking for more forgiveness in a forged player distance iron.

How does the Apex 19 iron stack up to previous Apex irons and other similar irons?

Only one way to find out, stay put on this page as we take you through the basic features of the Apex 19 irons, the performance, forgiveness, sound and feel, and everything that makes the Apex 19 stand out.

Callaway Apex 19 Irons review – Introduction.

The Callaway Apex 19 irons are impressive and present the ultimate experience in a forged player’s distance irons.

They are designed to eliminate harsh vibrations, offering amazing sound and feel.

As a tour forged performance irons, the Apex 19 irons gives you all the benefits of a tour iron without sacrificing both ball speed and distance which the Apex models are known for.

The infusion of technology such as tungsten Energy Core to promote easy launch and more ball speed, and Urethane Microsphere consisting of over one million tiny air pockets to absorb unwanted vibration while also promoting that premium sound and feel through the 1025 mild carbon steel forged body.

The Apex 19 irons are truly miles apart from its predecessor.

Callaway Apex 19 Irons Review – Basic Features.

What are the features of the Callaway Apex 19 irons that differentiate them from the previous model and other similar models in the market?

The Apex 19 irons are a better version of the previous version and have quite some added features including an infusion of tech to enhance their overall performance.

360 Face Cup.

The Apex 19 has a 360 Face Cup that employs a shallow but flexible rim around its face perimeters that flexes and releases at each impact, creating fast ball speeds for consistent distance both on center hits and off-center hits. A spin control VFT face in the short irons is designed to promote aggressive shot-making.

A Forged Steel Body.

To absorb unwanted and harsh vibration, and to promote a pure sound feel in the Apex 19, Callaway has put a urethane microsphere that consists of over one million tiny air pockets, in a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body. This is achieved without slowing the face. This is the first time Callaway would be putting in Urethane microsphere into a forged iron.

Tungsten Energy Infused.

To promotes optimum launch, ball flight, and pinpoint control for scoring performance through the set, the Apex 19 irons are infused with tungsten Energy on a multi-material constructed face cup. This allows the GC to be precisely positioned in each iron, and it’s done without compromising the flexibility of the face cup.


Callaway Apex 19 Irons Review – Performance.

callaway apex 19 irons review

How does the Apex 19 stake up in terms of performance compare to the previous 2016 model?

The Apex 19 irons are a step up from the previous model with a few add on to improve its performance from the previous model.


Are the Apex 19 irons forgiving?

To some extent, the Apex 19 irons offer forgiveness and give confidence that could at best be gotten from both players and game improvements irons, and yet, allows for control.


Distance is a big part of the Apex irons and the Apex 19 offers both distance and control. To be fair to the previous version, the Apex 19 offers distance that’s almost at par with what’s gotten from the previous model, maybe a little more consistent probably due to the added technology.

Summarily, distance in the Apex 19 irons isn’t bad, instead, it’s way better than most similar models in the industry.

Well, that was the case before the release of the Apex 21 irons which come with lots of upgrades and added tech like Artificial intelligence to give it improved performance on all fronts.

Look, Feel, And Sound.

What does the Apex 19 look like compared to the previous version? What about the feel and sound?

The Look.

Well, Callaway has done massive work massive on the Apex 19 irons, bringing in some features of the Apex 16 irons and improving on them, slime sole and topline.

Overall, the Apex 19 irons are, as expected great looking, with a thickness of the topline similar to that of the Apex 16, and of course a decent amount of offset that could easily escape the eyes.

Feel & Sound.

The Apex 19 irons come with some added tech features to improve its sound and feel, talking about the Urethane microsphere.

Consisting of over one million tiny air pockets, the Urethane microsphere helps to absorb harsh and unwanted vibrations and a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body that promote great sound and feel.

The Apex 19 irons also give you that solid feel even at mishit.

What Others Are Saying About The Apex 19 Irons.

callaway apex 19 irons review

The Apex 19 irons have been around quite some time and have been played by different players with various skills level, and naturally, you would expect some reaction from those who have played them.

And as expected, there have been conflicting reactions and feeling from people but the majority of those who have played these irons talk only Positive things about it.


  • Amazing Feel and Sound.
  • Great distance, yet allows for control and workability.
  • Decent offset to improve performance.
  • Forgiveness is great.


  • The majority of people talk about it being too pricey for an average person who wants to feel the Apex 19 experience.

Who Can Play The Apex 19 Irons?

So, who should play the Apex 19 irons, or can it be played by just anyone with a golf ball on a golf course?

With modest offset and forgiveness to improve performance, the Apex irons can be played by high handicappers who want all the benefits of tour irons, without sacrificing Distance.

Where To Buy The Apex 19 irons.

So, if you feel the need to buy the Apex 19 irons, you can walk to the nearest golf shop and get your set.

Just don’t forget to have it tested to be sure you are paying for good items.

Or you could order online for convenience purposes and have it shipped to your destination.

If you decide to order online, check out the link below for the best price.



The Apex 19 irons are great and can be played by players of any skill level as they offer good forgiveness and offset to help cover up for lack of skill for some players.

If, however, you need an upgraded version of the Apex irons, you might want to look at the Apex 21 irons released in 2021.

Callaway Apex 19




Feel & Sound




Distance & Control





  • Forgiveness is great
  • modest offset for improve performance
  • Distance is amazing
  • Great sound and feel.


  • A little too pricey for most people.

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