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Callaway Apex pro 21 irons review

Welcome to our Callaway Apex Pro 21 irons review where we are going to be looking at one of the latest Apex irons released from Callaway.

Previously, we had the Apex DCB and the Apex 21 reviewed and today, our review searchlight is focused on the Apex pro 21.

Recalled that early this year,2021 Callaway released their latest addition to the Apex line of irons, which includes among others, the Apex DCB, Apex 21, and the Apex Pro 21. They also released the women’s version of the same irons.

So, how does the Apex 21 pro stack up in the midst of other Apex irons? What about the performance, forgiveness level, durability, and is it worth pulling out your wallet?

As it is with every new iron released into the market, lots of questions begging for answers, but the only way to get it is to stay on this page.

Callaway Apex pro 21 review – Introduction.

The Apex line of irons has been a huge success over the years with every new release bettering the previous one in performance and all that.

This year’s Apex 21 pro is a better version of the previous version, the Apex 19 pro, and has been redesigned from the ground up, with a completely new forged hollow body, and with new enhancements here and there.

Armed with an innovative A. I Flash face cup and a forged hollow body that is redesigned from scratch, the Apex 21 Pro is a complete makeover from the previous model, the Apex 19 Pro, and a good fit for golfers with a single-digit handicap.

Each iron of the Apex 21 Pro is uniquely designed from the ground up by A.I. to create high COR for improved spin robustness and fastball speeds.

Not just that, the feel and sound of the Apex 21 Pro at impact couldn’t be any better, with a newly constructed forged 1025 mild carbon steel hollow body that includes up to 90 grams of tungsten per iron, infused with Urethane microsphere, the Apex 21 pro delivers an extremely soft sound feel at impact.

Apex pro 21 review review – Basic Features.

What are some of the features of the new Apex 21 irons that separate her from the rest of the latest Apex irons?

Already, the Apex irons are known for massive distance, forgiveness, and pure feel and sound but with the new Apex 21 Pro, the added technologies here and there have taken these experiences to a different new height, and trust me, you are going to find the experience super exhilarating especially if you are a single-digit handicap player.

A . I Flash Face cup.

Callaway apex 21 pro review

The new Apex 21 Pro came wearing a new technology called Artificial Intelligence in the flash face cup, and the aim is to create high COR for ball speed and spin robustness in every iron, giving you more distance and control.

The Apex 21 pro is actually the first time an Apex forged pro iron would be using Artificial intelligence in its flash face cup design.

Tungsten Energy Core.

The Apex 21 Pro irons contain up to 90 grams of tungsten energy Core in each iron. This actually the most ever tungsten found in an Apex iron.

The CG is precisely positioned to create massive improvement in launch conditions as well as add more forgiveness on off-center shots throughout the set.

Forged Body Built For Ultimate Feel.

The Apex 21 pro is built to grant you that forged ultimate soft feel of forged iron.

The Apex 21 pro is built from the ground up with a 1025 carbon steel hollow body with Callaway’s patented Urethane microsphere that counters the vibrating effects of mis-hit to create a blend of pure sound and an extremely soft feel at impact, exactly what players want.

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Callaway Apex pro 21 review – Performace.

Callaway Apex pro 21 irons review

How does the Apex 21 pro perform especially compared to the previous Apex 19 Pro versions?

Apex irons are generally known for premium performance especially when it comes to distance and control as well as forgiveness and nothing less is expected of the Apex 21 Pro.

Having said that, the Apex 21 Pro has gotten a lot of added features powered by technology to create better performance, like never before experienced.


Designed with Artificial intelligence, the Apex 21 Pro version gives you more forgiveness, distance, and control than the previous version.

Although the Apex 21 Pro might not give you the level of forgiveness found in the Apex DCB and the Apex 21, it, however, does give you forgiveness, especially on mis-hit shots, and for me, that’s a major talking point, especially for players’ iron.

With its level of forgiveness, even a double-digit handicap player won’t have much difficulty playing this iron.

Distance and Distance Control.

Distance and distance control are one of the many strong points of an Apex iron, and although the Apex 21 Pro is not really intended to be a distance iron even with the flash face cup that maximizes core and speed, the consistency and control of speed, the Apex 21 Pro worth giving it a standing ovation.

Also, another talking point of the Apex 21 pro is that it gives you complete spin control, even in a mis-hit.

Playability and Workability.

To quickly comment on the playability of the Apex 21 pro.

You know sometimes getting a thinner and more compact iron through the turf can be a little challenging for some people especially those with a slow swing speed. The Apex 21 pro has proven very effective in this regard due to how the irons are designed.

Look, Feel, and Sound.

What about the look, feel, and sound of an Apex 21 Pro? Any significant difference from the previous model?


Unlike the Apex 19 Pro, the 21 Pro has a non-shiny finish(Satin) in place of the chrome finish.

Despite the fact that the Apex 21 pro came packed with technology for improved performance, it still maintains its classic, slim, and sleek look.

It has a long and narrow sole, and a thin topline with a moderate offset.


The Apex 21 Pro employed urethane microsphere technology to curb harsh vibration, and promote pure feel and sound.

Callaway has been able to reproduce the same feel and sound from the previous version of the Apex Iron, Apex 19, into this latest version making them feel and sound similar.

If you have played the Apex 19 Pro, you should expect a similar feel and sound from the Apex 21 Pro.

A hollow body design allows for a consistent feel across the face.

What Are Others Saying About the Apex 21 Pro?

So, what are other people saying about the Apex 21 Pro?

Well, the Apex 21 pro is relatively new and many people are still trying to get a hang of it, reasons for the few reviews on it.

However, there are quite a handful of reviews and interviews conducted and few people are able to come out with their personal experiences using this iron.

Most of the reviews are positive with just a few people having one of two observations here and there.

What They Like(pros).

  • Distance and forgiveness are quite impressive, especially as a player’s iron.
  • Easier to hit than similar irons probably due to the deployment of tech.
  • Playability and workability are near excellent.
  • Looks amazing, classy, slim, and sleek.
  • The feel and sound are great.


  • Forgiveness is moderate and as such might not be a great choice for double-digit handicap players wishing to play an Apex Pro iron.

Who Can Play The Apex 21 Pro?

So basically, the Apex 21 Pron irons, by their design, are meant to be an upgrade from the previous version, the Apex 19.

So, anyone wishing to upgrade from using the Apex 19 Pro irons could pick the 21 Pro version.

It is worth mentioning that, although the Apex 21 Pro irons might NOT be in the elite group like the Apex MBs or similar others, they are however not cut out any newcomer in the game of golf.

By that I mean, the Apex 21 Pro iron might be played by certain double-digit handicap players because of the leverage they have in forgiveness and offset, they are, however, most suitable for single-digit handicap players.

Where To Buy Your Apex 21 Pro Irons.

There are quite a number of places you can pick up your Apex 21 Pro Irons including a walk-through golf equipment store close to you.

If you are going to buy it through a walk-through store, be sure you taste out your equipment to be sure you are not paying for a defaulted item.

Another option is to order through an online store, for convenience’s sake, and if you decide to go this route, you can click the link below to check out the best prices are testimonies from others.

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Conclusion about Apex Pro 21 review

To wrap this up, the Apex 21 Pro irons are a clear improvement from the Apex 19 Pro and are a great choice for single-digit handicap players who are looking for more distance in a forged player iron.

Although the Apex 21 Pro irons are forgiving and have offset(Minimal), however, if you are a double-digit handicap player, you might want to look at other options like the combo set with the Apex 21 Pro included which Callaway is offering.

If you have played the Apex 21 Pron irons, let’s hear from you through the comment section.

Callaway Apex 21 Pro




Feel & Sound




Distance & Control





  • Most forgiving Apex Pro irons so far.
  • Distance is great
  • Ball speed is better than the previous version, Apex 19
  • Look is great, slim, sleek and classic.


  • Might not be a good buy for double digit handicap players.

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