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What is the best Spikeless Golf Shoe for Women under $100?

Can you get a good spikeless golf shoes for Women under $100?

This post takes you through some of the best-rated spikeless golf shoes for Women in 2022.


Spikeless golf shoe marketing is booming now as almost every golfer wants spikeless golf shoes now probably because of its simplicity in terms of use.

With spikeless shoes, you can hop into your car after playing a round of golf without having to go through the process of changing to other shoes.

You can also wear them outside of sporting environments.

But the question is, can you get a good quality spikeless golf shoes as a lady for under $100?

The answer is a resounding yes.

There are loads of options available for you to choose from.

We have selected some of the best-rated spikeless golf shoes for Women in 2022 for your interest in this post.


1. Adidas Women’s Fx4061 Golf Shoe.

The Adidas women’s Fx4062 spikeless golf shoes are designed with the finest of materials, 100% synthetic with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole and width feet for your comfort.

They come in different color options so you can the choice you desire. You can even buy different colors to match your dress on the golf course.

Pros/Reasons to buy:

  • The price is affordable.
  • Different color options.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Lightweight, so you can even wear it all day and your legs won’t feel tired.
  • Water-resistant so your legs are kept dry even if the dew is much.


  • Few complaints about the durability and the materials used.



2. PUMA Golf Grip Fusion Pro 3.0 Spikeless Shoes.

Puma golf grip fusion pro 3.0 is made of 100% synthetic material and it comes in 3 different color options giving you a variety of color options to match your on-course dressing.

It features a rubber sole design and Fusion Foam-mix of super soft EVA foam and ultra-responsive rubber combined to provide energy return and cushioning to keep you very comfortable during the entire long walk on the 18 holes duration.

For a more comfortable feel and long-lasting durability, the OFTFOAM-Dual Density insole provides two unique layers of cushioning to ensure more comfort for you so you can concentrate more on the game.

Pros/Reasons to Buy:

  • Very fashionable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extremely comfortable on the feet.
  • Provide sufficient traction to keep you firm on the ground even on a hilly course.


  • Just make sure you get the right fittings as some sizes look a little bigger than the description on the page.



3. Skechers Women’s Eagle Spikeless Golf Shoe.

Skechers women’s Eagle spikeless golf shoe is specifically made for women and features great aesthetics designed and is made from premium Textile and Synthetic materials.

It is lightweight and features a rubber sole and is water resistant so your feet are kept dry even in wet conditions.

The synthetic upper part is breathable so you are kept free from sweating as a result of excessive heat. It is indeed a perfect summer shoe for golf.

Pros/Reasons to want to you:

  • Unbeatable price.
  • Breathable and waterproof.
  • Lightweight, so you don’t get tiring legs after walking the entire 18 holes duration.
  • Comes in different color designs so you have more options to match your dressing pattern if you care so much about that.


  • As with most spikeless shoes, the outsole seems to wear out rather fast.
  • Sizes may seem bigger than described, I don’t if someone else experienced that. Make your you have the right fittings.

4. Callaway Women’s Coronado V2 Sl Golf Shoe.

Callaway is known for high-end golf clubs and other accessories.

What some people might not know is, that they also have top-quality designer golf shoes for both men and women.

And right here is one such golf shoe, the Callaway Women’s Coronado V2 Sl Golf Shoe.

This pair is carefully designed to suit the need of the female golfer who desires comfort and traction while taking a swing.

It is 100% synthetic and features a rubber sole, with the upper designed with Microfiber leather and with opti-dri waterproof protection making it safe for use even in wet conditions.

Featuring also a Forged DX midsole and 5mm PLUSfoam insole for natural ground feel and increased comfort.

Whatsmore, the outsole is a spikeless dura-rubber outsole with multi-directional traction lugs to keep your feet firm on the ground when taking a swing.

Pros/Reasons to buy:

  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Waterproof so your feet are kept dry in wet conditions.
  • Good traction to keep your feet firm on the ground.
  • Lightweight cushioning so you can wear it all day without getting tiring legs.


  • Few complaints about excessive sweating as a result of heat even though it’s supposed to be breathable golf shoes.
  • make sure you choose the right size for your legs.




5. Adidas Women’s Summervent Spikeless Golf Shoes.

Looking for that summer golf shoes that would keep your feet cool during the heat of the day?

Adidas women’s summervent spikeless golf shoes are a perfect choice for that.

These shoes are carefully designed with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials.

50% of the upper is recycled content with no virgin polyester; the mesh upper is carefully designed with breathable materials to keep your feet ventilated while the Bounce midsole provides cushioning for ultimate comfort and flexibility while aiming for a perfect swing.

Overall, this is a perfect shoe to keep your feet cool while golfing in the summer.


Pros/Reasons to Buy:

  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable.
  • Mesh upper designed with Breathable material.
  • Good traction to keep you from sliding down even on a hilly course.
  • The price is affordable.


  • I heard others question the waterproof feature but honestly, I haven’t noticed any issue yet.



6. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Breathe Golf Shoe.

Looking for that perfect shoe to wear to the next training without breaking your budget? The New Balance women’s fresh foam Breathe Golf shoe is designed to give the ultimate comfort while aiming for that perfect swing.

more so, it is breathable meaning summer won’t have much on you when you play in the heat of the season.

It features a 100% synthetic material and a rubber sole with a Smart rubber spikeless outsole that has pressure mapping colors to highlight key performance zones.

There is a fresh foam inserted into the midsole for an ultra-cush, cloud-like feel, and a Molded CUSH+ insole to complete the task of giving the comfort you desire.

More so, you got different color options to choose from and you can even buy different colors to match if you care about matching your outfit on the golf course.

Pros/Reasons to buy:

  • Lightweight.
  • Very comfortable feel.
  • Different options to choose from.
  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Unbeatable price.


  • Not physically appealing, in my opinion.



7. Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe.

Women love style and comfort and that is no different when looking for sporting gear.

For less than $100, you could get this stylishly designed Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe that is designed to deliver ultimate style, and comfort on and off the golf course.

It features synthetic leather construction with a rubber sole to provide more traction and a Padded collar and tongue. Also, there is the Breathable Dri-Lex moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet both dry and cool in wet and warmer conditions.

Featured also is the ULTRA FLIGHT midsole which is lightweight yet dense and responsive cushioning, responsible for maintaining ultimate comfort for your feet.

Pros/Reasons to buy:

  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Lightweight so you can wear them for as long as you want.
  • Very stylish and appealing to the eyes.


  • Might not be suitable for ladies with wider feet.


FAQ On Spikeless Golf Shoes.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on spikeless golf shoes.

Here, I tried as much as I can to provide an answer the best I can to some of the questions frequently asked by new golfers.

Q: What’s the difference between spikeless golf shoes and spiked golf shoes?

The major difference between the two types of golf shoes stems from the way the outsole is designed.

The Spiked golf shoes have spikes or cleats embedded on the outsole, while the spikeless, as the name suggests, have no spikes or cleats. That’s the simple explanation.

Here is a more details post explaining the difference between the two, Here.

Q: Do pro golfers wear spikeless shoes?

Yes, absolutely.

Tour players wear spikeless golf shoes although the majority of pro golfers during tournaments prefer to go with spiked shoes in order to have more stability during the swing.

Q: Can you wear spikeless golf shoes in winter?

Absolutely, you can wear spikeless golf shoes in any weather condition, winter, summer, etc.

Modern spikeless golf shoes perform as much as shoes with spikes and can even do well on hilly courses and slippery courses as most have features with the outsole that helps with traction.

Q: Are low-cost spikeless golf shoes worth buying?

I have used a $45 spikeless golf shoe that is to this day laying somewhere in my closet and still as perfect as when I first bought it and it’s been 5 years already.

From this experience, I would say if you don’t have the budget to go for a high-end spikeless golf shoe, a less-priced shoe would serve just fine.



You don’t need to punch a hole in your budget to enjoy a round of golf in some cool-looking spikeless golf shoes and this shows you some of the best-rated spikeless golf shoes priced under $100.

So, if you are in the market for spikeless golf shoes for ladies/women under $100, this post has the solution you want.


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