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What are The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Women?

One thing female golfers go through is finding a golf club that suits them, but one overlooked situation is what a tall female golfer must be going through.  Best Golf Clubs For Tall Woman are mostly made for a certain height range, but there are a few specifically made for very tall women.

When putting a set of best golf clubs for tall women into consideration, size, and height are some of the most important things to observe.

Most clubs are built for short, tall, or moderately height persons, as this text proceeds, you will see the best golf clubs tall women can use to have a great game on the course.

As a tall lady golfer, you must take your height into consideration when choosing a golf club.

This observation is vital in helping you come up with the one that fits perfectly.

A plethora of female golfers choose wrongly when they pick clubs, and this affects their performance.

If you do not consider your size and height, you may end up picking a golf club that is too short for you.

On the other hand, some golfers are of average height or short or tall, and these height differences are the reason one must consider her height in the bid to select the appropriate golf clubs.



If you are short or of average height, you need to go for a golf club that has an average length.

A tall golfer should naturally go for taller golf clubs.

As I mentioned earlier, in this article, we will help you find the Best Golf Clubs For Tall Woman

These golf clubs will fit a tall woman perfectly and ameliorate her gameplay.

As always, this list has been compiled based on quality, performance, and, most importantly, customer preference; let us proceed.

 1. Palm Spring Golf Visa Lady All Graphite

The Palm Springs golf visa lady all graphite is built for accuracy and ultimate speed delivery, which every user will enjoy to the fullest.

This set of clubs allows you to hit fast-range shots with unparalleled accuracy. This well-designed club will give you the best performance because of its ability for ultimate durability.

The Palm springs are easy to hit and lightweight, which gives you the best response and feedback in real-time.

If your swing is poor and want it to improve and become quicker and faster, this is the golf set you have been waiting for.

They are designed with amazing alignment features that help you line up easily and perfectly for the improvement of your game.

The clubs in this golf set have matching headcovers, which have a few zippered pockets to store other golf equipment.

This set of clubs has perfect weight distribution, which makes it easy to hit and amazingly responsive.


• Perfect distribution of balance and weight that ensures maximum control of the ball.

• This set of clubs has matching headcovers.

• Highly responsive and easy to hit.

• Comes with a quality stand bag.

• The golf clubs are attractive and lightweight.

• The clubs are durable.


• Best only for Tall women.


2. The Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package.

This set is the best golf club for you if you are tall, the Wilson golf women’s ultra-package is built for hit accuracy and the best ball control which makes golfers happy.

The golf bags are lightweight, and there is enough space for storage, which is very important and equally convenient. This set of golf clubs is amazing for intermediate and rookie golfers.

If you are a left-handed golfer, this is the perfect club for you; they are designed with great equipment that ensures they are easy to hit and last long.

This club has amazing technology that is great for forgiveness and responsiveness, enhancing your drive and putting driving to another height with this club in your possession.

The Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package has a matching head-cover for club protection; players love the beautifully designed bag with a lot of storage space for extra equipment.


• This club set is a high-quality golf set.

• Has maximum feedback and feel and is very responsive.

• Forgiving clubs that are easy to hit.

• Clubs have matching head-cover.

• The price is worth it.

• Properly built and a soft grip.


• Some users do not like the color.

• Right-Hand orientation.

3. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women Complete Golf Set

If you are a tall woman looking for a golf club that is not just suitable for tall women, but you also need a set of golf clubs that have a great and perfect fit, then the Wilson Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set is your best bet.

These golf clubs are easy to hit, highly responsive, and very forgiving.

They are made of lightweight graphite, which makes them easy to hit and very light, but they are still forgiving and give the best of control and feedback.

A large sweet spot comes with the high lofted driver that is imperative in the improvement and increment of the distance of your ball with the desired accuracy.

The Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set comes with a well-built-in and quality stand bag with enough pockets for the storage of your golfing equipment.

Enjoy the best gameplay and overall performance on the golf course, improve your golfing skills, and become a master of the course with this beautifully built quality set of golf clubs.

This club set has the latest golfing technology for better control and ball speed.


• This golf set is worth every penny.

• This golf set is perfect for intermediate and rookie golfers.

• Exceptionally forgiving and easy to hit.

• Incredibly responsive and lightweight.

• It has a wide sole and low weighting and has easy to launch sand wedge.

• The clubs are of impeccable quality and are durable.


• Nothing yet but our eyes are on it and will update as soon as we found something negative.


4. Wilson Luxe Golf Complete Women’s Set

 What Is The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Women?

The Wilson Luxe Golf Complete Women’s Set is the best on this list; it is better than you would ever anticipate.

If you need the best golf club set that is forgiving and easy to hit, this golf club set is perfect for the tall woman, and a plethora of users believe that this club set works like a charm.

The Wilson Luxe Golf Complete Women’s set is quality, and the weight is evenly distributed for better feedback on hit and feel.

The putter found on this set is one of the things that stand out because they are aligned for the best of accurate and accurate putts. These highly responsive golf clubs will up your gameplay to the best level.

The clubs are made of lightweight graphite, which makes them incredibly easier to hit.

The Wilson Luxe Golf Complete Women’s set also comes with a well-designed bag with enough storage space for your equipment.


• The clubs are forgiving and easy to hit.

• The high-lofted driver ensures accurate and better ball speed and flight.

• Well-structured and designed grip to ensure comfortability when you hit the ball.

• This club set is of high quality.

• The club set has a technology that improves your gameplay and ensures a better feel and ball control.

• The golf bag is padded and lightweight with a rugged handle top and a fleece-lined valuable pocket.

• Major clubs on this set have matching head-covers.


• Golf Bag has no stands, take note.


5. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set


The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is great for rookie golfers. With this golf set, your game is enhanced to the next level because of how easy to hit and forgiving this set is.

The clubs on this set are very responsive and easy to hit; they ensure you sink more putts and drive accurate and longer-range shots.

The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is built for ultimate performance and distance with advanced golf technology.

The iron on this set is built with the best golf flight technology to ensure the accurate flight of the ball.

The putter club’s precise face milling makes them accurate and great for the best of putts, if you need the perfect ball set for more distance and ball control, then the Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf set is your best bet.


• These clubs are highly responsive and very forgiving.

• The clubs in this set are built of quality.

• The rolls are improved with better technology.

• The grip is properly built and also flexible to ensure convenience and comfort.

• The best of accurate flight is ensured by flight technology on iron.

• Has maximum feedback and is easy to hit.


• Specifically Built With right-handed players in mind.

Wilson magnolia golf set

Wilson magnolia women’s package set is an excellent starter set for golfers looking to upgrade their game. Featuring quality clubs that are designed to perform, this complete set has everything you need to hit the course with confidence. The wilson magnolia golf set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, and a putter, all packed into a sleek and stylish carrying bag. Made with quality materials, these clubs are designed to stand up to the wear-and-tear of regular play, so you can enjoy your game for years to come. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your existing set, the wilson magnolia golf set is an excellent choice.


  •  Includes all essential clubs (driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons and putter) for women’s playing characteristics in a complete set
  • Beautifully crafted with quality materials designed to stand up to the wear-and-tear of regular play
  •  Sleek and stylish carrying bag makes it easy to transport your golf set
  •  Excellent starter set for golfers looking to upgrade their game
  •  Designed specifically with women’s playing characteristics in mind
  •  Golf Clubs are light weight which gives you more control over the ball when swinging


  • Not suitable for professional or tournament use
  • Clubs may be too lightweight for some players 

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Wilson platinum golf set

Wilson Platinum Golf Set is an excellent choice for ladies who are looking for a complete set of quality clubs to elevate their game. This beautifully crafted set has everything you need to take your golfing experience to the next level. Featuring clubs constructed from only the highest quality materials, each club is designed with ladies in mind. The deep center of gravity on the oversized driver and fairway woods will increase stability and accuracy, while the progressive ladies flex graphite shafts make every shot smooth and effortless. With this complete set of ladies golf clubs, you’ll be ready to take your game to a whole new level!


  • Ladies beautifully crafted and designed clubs
  • Includes a complete set of quality clubs for ladies
  • Driver and fairway woods feature a deep center of gravity to increase stability and accuracy
  • Graphite shafts provide an effortless, smooth swing
  • Ideal choice to elevate your golfing experience to the next level


  • The deep center of gravity can cause the ball to slice more than expected
  • Progressive ladies flex graphite shafts might not offer enough flexibility or control when hitting the ball
  • Not suitable for all levels of golfers as it is made specifically for ladies who want to take their game to the next level

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As A Tall Lady Golfer, How Tall Should My Golf Set Be?

There are a plethora of options to choose from when picking the right golf clubs for lady golfers.

The entirety of choice relies on the weaknesses and strengths of the player’s game and whether or not you are okay with hitting one club as opposed to another.

For example, you may be used to a hybrid club as opposed to long iron. Or you may lack the skills required to use a lob wedge, which makes you prefer a more orthodox shot.

Go for the correct stiffness and shafts according to your abilities. Shafts come in five grades of stiffness or are made of graphite.

Clubs built with steel shafts are usually easy to hit and have more weight than clubs made of graphite.

Additionally, if the golf ball is hit short by a woman, it is recommended that she gets clubs with flexible shafts for her distance to be increased.

Ensure the lengths of the clubs are appropriate. As a tall woman, you need a club with tall lengths as opposed to a physically smaller woman.

Sporting goods stores and pro shops sell golf clubs that are suitable for about eighty-five percent of all golfers.

Ensure that the grips on the chosen golf clubs match your hands. If the clubs have a large grip, this may cause a restriction in your swing, which may cause the face to open at impact.

If the grips of the clubs are too slender, you will probably end up as a “hands player” instead of completing the appropriate body turn.

During your purchase, ensure you go for the appropriate amount of clubs according to your game strength.

If you are a rookie player, six or five clubs are okay, to begin with. More established players should go for other options, but it is recommended that you stay within fourteen clubs.

The height or length of your golf club is dependent on how tall you are and how long your arms are. I mean by this, some tall golfers have short arms regardless of their height, while others who are tall have equally long arms.

If you are a tall golfer who has equally long arms, you have an advantage as you can use golf clubs of any length, whether they are of standard length or they are tall.

This is possible because your long arms compliment how tall you are, which means that whatever club you use is always good.

On the other hand, tall golfers with short arms are mostly restrained to longer golf clubs because their arms do not do justice to their height.

However, if a club is not suitable for you, it is always good to go to a fitting center for clubs so that you can get clubs specifically designed according to your taste by paying a meager fee.

Can Female Golfers Use Men’s Golf Clubs?

There is nothing wrong with a woman using men’s golf clubs to play. A plethora of female golfers makes use of men’s clubs effectively.

Even though women can use men’s clubs, there are a few differences that make it challenging for women to use men’s clubs. If you are a tall woman, making use of a regular height men’s club will be okay if it fits perfectly to your height, fitness level, swing speed, and many other factors.

The best thing that you should do when making use of men’s clubs is to add a lighter shaft to the head of the club.

However, this does not always work. What happens after this application is that the heavier head makes the golf club unbalanced because of a lag in the lighter shaft.

What Are The Differences Between A Man’s Club And A Woman’s Club?

As I mentioned earlier, it is okay for a lady to make use of a men’s golf club, but it is not always the best option because of a few things that can put a dent in your game and overall performance.

• The loft of women’s drivers is about 12 degrees. This means it is easier for you to get the ball in the air as opposed to using men’s drivers, which makes it challenging because they have lower lofts.

• In the topic of irons, the irons of women’s clubs are usually a softer flex equipped with a heavier head. This setup is responsible for correcting a woman’s usually slower swing.

• The hands of women are usually smaller than men; this makes the grips of ladies smaller. This means that the extra grip room on men’s clubs makes lady’s hands slip when they play.

• The shafts of women’s clubs are lighter because they are graphite. On the other hand, the shafts of men’s clubs are typically heavier and more steel.

Final Thoughts about best golf clubs for tall ladies

Modern-day golfing has recognized that more women are taking up golf, which has caused club manufacturers to design the best golf clubs for tall women specifically for the fairer sex, and design them according to their sizes and heights as they do for men.

When selecting a golf club, you must endeavor to put your height into consideration to make the right choice.

Being a tall female golfer means you need a longer golf club. The reasoning behind a golf club of such length is that your gameplay will be off if you go for a short or average-height club, and you do not want that.

The different heights of golf clubs are either tall, short, or average because of the game’s different categories.

As a tall golfer, if you have been searching for the most suitable clubs for you, then your search is over as this list gives you all you need.

Getting one of these clubs will improve your gameplay and ensure you enjoy each time on the course.

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