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What are the best golf clubs for senior women?

Today’s post is going to focus on highlighting the best golf clubs for senior women.

Of course, you understand perfectly that in the game of golf, there is no age limit as long as your body can carry you.

And for the retired senior ladies who are mostly 60-65 years and above, getting into the mix on the golf course can be a great way to keep the body fit and the mental health sharp and focused.

And with the right equipment, there is likely nothing stopping you from expressing yourself on the golf course.

 what is the best golf clubs for senior women

Talking about golf equipment for senior women and especially golf club sets for senior women, there seem to be loads of it available to choose from.

On the surface, one would think there won’t be clubs designed for these categories of people but hey no, there are loads of them available, the same way there are golf clubs for senior men, even golf clubs for seniors over 70 years old.

As much as they are lots of option for golf clubs for senior women to choose from, it is important to choose carefully putting in mind certain factors.


Things to Consider When Choosing the best golf clubs for senior women

So here are some basic things to consider before pulling out your Credit card for that fancy golf clubs on the shelf.

Considering the age category of senior women in golf, you might want to look at the following considerations before settling for whatever golf club you want.


  1. Weight of the clubhead.

Every senior woman, especially those that are a little advanced in age should consider the weight of the clubheads before buying.

Generally, as age sets in, the strength level decreases and so does the ability to swing, hence most older golfers have very low swings.

However, it is argued in some quarters that clubs with lighter clubheads don’t perform well when it comes to swing speed compared to clubs with bigger and heavy clubheads.

The weight on big-headed clubs helps in adding more power to the swing, but aged women golfers, may need to go for golf clubs, with slightly lighter clubheads because of their strength level and the general change occasioned by age.


2.The shaft.

When choosing golf clubs especially the irons for senior women, one of the most critical things to look out for is the shaft made.

Shafts made from stainless steel are great but as a senior woman and indeed for most ladies, the preference should always be the graphite shaft.

Most senior women have a low swing speed and graphite shafts are a little lighter and can increase the speed of the swing.

Another angle to look at is the flexibility of the shift. this has to do with how much bend can be achieved during a swing, as this indeed can assist in generating more power and speed. There are shafts designed to suit the senior women, to help achieve some desired level of improvement.


3. Forgiveness.

For senior women into golf, one critical point to consider when parting with your cash for a set of golf clubs is the features of the golf club such as forgiveness.

Unless you have been a consistent top performer on the golf course, most senior golfers who play for recreation have high handicap levels. In other to make up for the low skill level and to have fun on the golf course, senior ladies should go for golf clubs that are more forgiving.


4. Hybrids 

Consider going for hybrids irons instead of the non-hybrids.

Of course, you understand at this point that hybrids clubs are a fusion of both irons and drivers, and for the most part, can actually serve as a worthy substitute for irons and drivers. Added to that is the fact that, hybrids clubs are known to come with game improvement features making lots of people including most senior ladies in golf to choose hybrids clubs ahead of non-hybrids.

Besides, isn’t it better to go for clubs that would make for an easier hit, yet fly high and land softer, than choosing the regular long irons that would make life a bit frustrating, as irons are known to be?


5. Price.

While it is a great idea to invest in fitting golf clubs especially if you are a constant player, however for most senior women who probably play for recreation or once-a-week players, it makes more economic sense to go for a budget-friendly set of golf clubs.



What are the best golf clubs for senior women and Senior Ladies?

Instead of Pitching a single set of golf clubs to you in the name of the best golf clubs for senior women or senior ladies, we have decided, after thoroughly going through loads of options and talking to users, we have highlighted 5 top-rated golf clubs for senior women.

This, we are convinced would provide an open option for the senior woman looking to acquire a new set of golf equipment.

Take note; the numbering is done randomly, and not based on higher ratings-Meaning the last item on the list is not the least recommended item.



1. Senior Ladies Golf Clubs All Hybrid Set 55+


 This definitely is an awesome addition to the senior ladies’ collection of golf irons.

And for the senior women who obviously might not be interested in competing for any prize on the golf course but just having fun, maybe on weekends with friends, to keep fit and healthy, this club set is a must-have for all.

Majek Senior ladies’ golf clubs are truly hybrids and come in a complete set of irons, from #3 through to #9. Also included is a PW to complete the set.

These golf sets are constructed to suit the golfing need of the senior lady, with Flex Velocity Graphite Shafts, every senior lady should get these sets of hybrid clubs for their use.



  • Hybrids clubs with Ultra forgiving features.
  • Flex Velocity Graphite Shafts.
  • Designed specifically for senior ladies or women, 55 years and above.
  • Great for all senior women, including beginner golfers.



  • No headcovers, you will need to buy one to keep the clubs looking neat.
  • You might need to look for a putter elsewhere as this set is without one.


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2. Senior Women’s Golf Clubs All Ladies iDrive Hybrid Set

Looking for that perfect golf club set for the senior woman who doesn’t just want to play on the course, but wants to have fun while doing so, then here is a great set of hybrids clubs to go for.

This set is specially designed for senior ladies 60 years and above and comes with a host of features that will make golfing at this age fun and exciting.

The iDrive all hybrid iron set gives offers you an experience like never before with Aerodynamic Design to minimize drag leading to Higher Club Head Speeds.

Not only that, the iDrive all hybrids iron set has Lightweight Premium Graphite Shafts that enables faster swing speed leading to a greater distance.

This club set is simply a wonder to behold and for senior women thinking of changing their irons sets, it won’t be a bad idea to make the iDrive all hybrids irons set your preferred choice.



  • Hybrids and very forgiving.
  • Designed specifically for the senior women/lady, 60 years and above.
  • Flex Velocity Graphite Shafts which is exactly what the senior Ladies need.
  • Grips designed to have a very comforting feel.


  • The absence of a putter means you may need to get it elsewhere.
  • No golf bag, and certainly no overheads.


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3. Majek Senior Ladies (55+ Years) Golf Clubs.

As a senior woman still involved in golf, the best golf clubs to acquire probably should be the Majek K5 all hybrid iron sets.

Majek Senior Ladies golf clubs are made for senior ladies 55 years and above who are mostly playing for the fun of it but having difficulties with their irons.

This set comes loaded with easy-to-hit hybrid irons from #3 through to # 9, and 45-degree loft, 35 inches PW that is easy to swing.

Of course, you understand that irons are the most difficult sets of golf clubs to use and for senior ladies, it could be really frustrating trying to take a short with a non-hybrid iron.

But with the major golf seniors all hybrids clubs, you will enjoy a better control as well as take an effortlessly long-distance shot.



  • Designed specifically for senior ladies.
  • All hybrids clubs with game-improvement features.
  • Very forgiving.
  • Aerodynamic Design creates a reduction in drag leading to higher clubhead speed. This is a big plus for the majek brand of golf clubs.
  • Shafts are made from premium graphites which promotes faster swing speed, exactly what every senior woman golfer needs.
  • Every order comes with headcovers for the hybrid clubs.


  • Best suited for left-handed senior women only.
  • No putter meaning you will have to get it elsewhere.


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4.Extreme 5X wide solE iBID senior women iron set.

These iron sets are designed with the senior woman in mind as they offer every feature that makes playing golf a comfort for the senior woman looking

to have a nice time on the golf course.

Of course, you understand due to the peculiar nature of senior women, clubs manufactured to serve them must include some special features that would make them enjoy their games.

Extreme X5 clubs are designed to offer style and comfort while promoting a low Center of Gravity and high MOI(Moment of Inertia).

Not only that, but the design also offers premium forgiveness, more accuracy, and a straighter and longer hit, a perfect fit for the senior woman.

The contents of this set include irons #4 through to #9, a 34.5-inch PW with 44 degrees loft, as well as a 34.25 inches SW with a loft of 54 degrees.

Extreme X5 golf clubs is exactly what every senior woman should have in their golf bags.



  • Made for the senior woman.
  • Premium Arthritic Golf Grip which promotes a good feel.
  • Offers maximum forgiveness.
  • Great for both beginners, intermediate and regular golfers.


  • Looks like left-handed senior women may need to look for another one as this is clearly meant for right-handed ladies only.

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5. Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set

This is one of the best options for senior women to consider when looking at golf clubs that fit in perfectly with their age group.

This particular golf club set comes from a renowned brand, Callaway, and is beautifully designed with every feature that would make a senior lady enjoy her time on the golf course.

This  11 piece golf set comes with a beautiful golf bag and has a complete set of clubs unlike all the ones listed above.

With game improvement features and maximum forgiveness, the Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set is a perfect fit for senior ladies looking to have fun on the golf course.


  • Offers maximum forgiveness.
  • Graphite shafts are perfect for senior ladies.
  • Comes with a bag and headcovers so you don’t need to buy it separately.
  • Perfect fit for even younger ladies.


  • Might look a little pricey for the average person on a tight budget.


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Final Thoughts about best golf clubs for senior women

If you are looking for a beneficial golf club for the senior woman or senior lady, this is probably the best list you should be looking at.

There are loads of golf clubs for the senior women out there to choose from, so much so that, making up one’s mind on which to go for is always a big issue.

With our top 5 picks for the best golf clubs for senior women, the issue of which club to choose is literally settled.

In writing this post, we are aware there may be some club sets that may not be included in this list and that is for lack of satisfactory information.

we shall be updating this list from time to time as we gather more information about other club sets.

Let us know if you have used any club set listed here and how you fare with it.


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