Golf Rangefinders

what is a golf rangefinder?

So, in this post today, we are going to look at what a golf rangefinder is.

If you are new to the game of golf, you may probably not be familiar with some of the equipment used during the game and might be a little confused when you hear some being mentioned.

Today our focus is on the golf rangefinder, what is it and what it’s used for.

So, what on earth is a rangefinder?

Golf Rangefinder, what is it?

Golf rangefinders are devices used in estimating or measuring both the distance and accuracy of a shot.

This will help you determine whether to strike hard or not and whether your swing should be slow or powerful.

Modern golfers used rangefinders to determine the distance between them and where ever is their target was.

Range finders are also used in the military, as well as in other areas. There are also range finders in Hunting, etc, however, our focus in this post today is on the golf range finders.

Golf rangefinders, as a piece of technology, makes golf a little easier.

Instead of using your eyes to determine distances, you make use of a piece of technology. Golf rangefinders are, therefore, a necessary piece of technology that makes golfing easier.

Golf rangefinders are also used in gauging slope and wind on a golf course.


Types Of Golf Rangefinders.

There are about three basic types or classes of golf range finders.

  • GPS rangefinder.
  • Laser rangefinder.
  • Hybrid styled rangefinder.

GPS Enabled Rangefinders (Global Positioning System).

GPS rangefinders are designed to make use of a network of satellites to determine the distance between the device and the target area on the golf course.

The keyword here is the network of Satellites used by the GPS golf rangefinders, against the laser range versions used by a variety of other golfers.

With GPS, distances are determined by the GPS rangefinder getting a signal from the series of satellites and calculating where the GPS device is, and then extrapolating the distance to the targeted point.

To use GPS Rangefinder on any course, you need to have first all, download the entire map of the Course on your device. Luckily, some GPS rangefinders already have loads of pre-loaded maps of thousands of courses around while some will require you to have it downloaded from the courses’ website.

Few others require subscription fees to have access to course maps.

Laser Rangefinders.

Laser rangefinders are designed to use a laser beam to determine the distance between the range finder and the target area.

Here, the Laser is beamed at the target area and the time it took it to reflect back to the range finder is what is used in calculating the distance.

Many people argue the Laser rangefinder delivers more accurate results than the GPS rangefinder. While this might be true, some people actually prefer the GPS rangefinder to the laser type, and at the end of the day, it all boils down to individual preference.

Some Laser rangefinders have what is known as an internal ‘inclinometer’ to help determine the slope of the targeted area. Others have what is called the PinSeeker feature which is the ability to pinpoint or focus on the pin and not the background.

Some laser rangefinders are equipped with 5 times magnification lenses.

Unlike the GPS rangefinder, the laser rangefinder does require you to download the map of the Course before getting to use it.

As stated earlier, many people believe the laser rangefinders are more accurate than GPS rangefinders.


Hybrid Styled Rangefinders.

This class of rangefinders combined the best of GPS and Laser to determine the distance of the targeted area.

You have a full map of the course, as well as the laser range finders, feature helping you to combine both features to get a better result of what you want.

How Does A Golf RangeFinder Work?

Golf Rangefinders, just as the name suggests are used on the golf course to find targeted zones on the golf course.

Golf rangefinders are distance measuring devices that measure distances from the device to the target area on a golf course.

The most obviously used technology in a rangefinder is the PinSeeker.

The Pinseeker feature is used by most popular rangefinders like the Bushnell pronXL, to pick up the thin flags accurately against anything else in the background.

To determine the slope of the targeted area, some golf rangefinders use features like an inclinometer to do that.

Is it worth getting a rangefinder?

what is a golf rangefinder?

I would say if you really want to improve your game, it is not too much of a price to pay for getting a golf rangefinder because of its many benefits.

Technology is here to help anyone enjoy the game of golf, and in the area of rangefinders, using one’s eye to measure distances can not give as much accuracy as using a piece of technology.

Golf rangefinders helps also in speeding up the game, which is the reason why some people are calling for it to be widely accepted during tournaments.

What is the cost of a Golf Rangefinder?

The cost of obtaining a golf rangefinder varies depending on several factors including the make and brand.

There are golf rangefinders of up to $1000 and there are also some that cost as little as $80.

Here is a review I and my Team did listing out the top-rated golf rangefinders under $200, so if you are on a tight budget and you are looking at budget-friendly golf rangefinders, you can check out the review here, and check out also other reviews including the top 20 best golf rangefinder reviewed HERE.

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