What are the best hybrid golf clubs

The times when hybrids clubs were optional for rookie players are far behind us as most golfers are replacing their 2-irons,3-irons, even 5-wood with hybrids Clubs. This is why it is highly imperative to know what are the best hybrid golf clubs now, especially as it seems to offer more forgiveness.

As always, we have gone through meticulous research to bring you the top ten best hybrid golf clubs. These clubs were chosen based on client preference, performance, and quality.

1. The Cobra F9 Speedback.


The Cobra brand is prominent for making impeccable clubs, and they continue this trait with the F9 Speedback. This hybrid’s baffler rails have been previously utilized and perform greatly to our surprise. The baffler rails run parallel to one another on the club’s sole and they are meant to glide smoothly through the golf course to avoid digging the ground with your club.
The aforementioned feature is amazing news for players who find taking tee shots tricky. The speed back is a suitable alternative for utilizing an iron as it glides effortlessly through tall grasses as opposed to getting stuck.


Provide good results despite striking low in the face
Duff is prevented by baffler rails below the clubhead
Excellent from soggy lies, bare lies, and even tight lies
A reasonable distance is guaranteed by off-center



Loft settings cannot be adjusted.


2. Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum.

what is the best hybrid golf clubs 2020

The Bazooka Platinum by Tour Edge is an amazing hybrid golf club that ranges from 18 degrees to a whopping 50 degrees.

Tour Edge is renowned for manufacturing top player performance gear specifically in the hybrid and fairway wood section. These hybrids ensure a soft landing and accurate traveling ball without having to dig the course just like a true expert. You will love these if you prefer sweeping the ball and struggle with arthritic hands.

One thing you should keep at the back of your mind is that throughout the head shape is pretty much uniform which makes the shorter hybrids protuberant. This does not affect your gameplay but kind of looks strange. The bazookas ensure great distance on virtually every shot even off hits.



It is quite affordable
Every club improves distance as opposed to normal irons’
Perfect for golfers suffering from arthritis and enjoy cleanly sweeping the ball as opposed to taking a divot


Not easy to control on greenside chips
Not as visually appealing as more expensive clubs.


3. The Cobra Golf F – Max.


Cobra strategically designed the F-Max to make it light but had an internal weight pad placed in the back just around its heel to enable accurate shot and higher launch. The F-Max is forgiving and accurate right off the tee. The most exciting aspect of these clubs is that they come in several lofts; you can get 31, 28, 25, 22, and 19-degree hybrids which are great substitutes for irons from 3 to 7.

The club has a simple design with the cobra logo painted on the crown-making it simple to place the ball right on the sweet spot; it has a classic look without too many embellishments. The light nature of this club allows golfers to have quicker swings without adding any more effort than they are used to.

Can easily glide through the turf with little or no digging because of the smooth rounded face
You are ensured good distance off the tee
Easy alignment to your target is ensured by cobra badge on the crown

Tech is pretty much the same as previous models.


4. Wilson Staff C300 Hybrid.

what is the best hybrid golf clubs 2020

The Wilson Staff C300 Hybrid is perfect for you if you want to have the feeling of nailing every shot. It is difficult to differentiate a bad and good strike with a variety of 23, 20, and 17 degrees there is an easy and forgiving solution for any golfer. The Wilson Staff C300 has a very large crown with a visually appealing matte red satin finish that gives you certain confidence as you take a position on the course.

The beautifully designed sole has special holes around it and accentuates the flex generating quicker ball speed on the first contact. The C300 is a low spinning hybrid meant for higher handicappers, which connotes that longer shots with less back-spin and more rollout are required to hold greens, but you are going to love this club if you play for the extra roll. The lofts can be adjusted at the hosel.


Comes with top-class shaft
High ball speeds and low spin rates speed off the face for the best distance
Hybrid can be adjusted
Incredibly forgiving, the ball simply travels accurately and to a far distance


  • Some users complain it Sounds too loud at impact.


5. TaylorMade M2 Rescue.

The TaylorMade M2 Rescue is the best hybrid for you if you strike your ball around the heel area. The large sweet spot on the M2 is set around the heel area. The M2 covers the complete range of lofts required if you have difficulty with mid and long irons.

Apart from the extra distance it offers, the club helps to eradicate slices. If you appreciate a quicker swing speed, you will get maximum speed from these clubs. The sweet spot on the TaylorMade M2 Rescue seems a little bit smaller as opposed to other hybrids but generally it offers moderate forgiveness and improves the game of the golfer who wields it.

For all its many positive qualities, the M2 has a minus which is the club’s sound. When you make the face flex for extra distance the sound comes across muted and subtle. If you are not bothered by that little hitch, then the TaylorMade M2 is a perfect choice.



It is one of the longest hybrids available when struck out of the sweet spot
Easy to hit regardless of the lies
Its draw bias can help get rid a slice



The lackluster sound does not match the strike
It cannot be adjusted.


6. Cleveland launcher HB Hybrid Irons.

This would not be the first time Cleveland has manufactured this type of strange-looking golf club. Previous models from the world-renowned golf club brand won the admiration and patronage of golf players with their consistent ball flight and forgiveness. This design of advanced iron and hybrid combination set is very easy to hit and the only hindrance stopping players from subscribing to them is their ego. Most players want to be perceived as professionals that is why they wield standard looking irons. These clubs could give your entire golf experience a facelift if you are having difficulties getting the ball to reach long distances.

The hybrid design of the irons has a thick sole that makes them easy-to-hit regardless of the lie. We can never overemphasize how easy-to-hit they are. The clubs have an elegant black finish to tone down its appearance and make it less distracting for players accustomed to standard irons. Give the Cleveland launcher HB Hybrid Irons a try and discover how forgiving they can be.



Easy movement through turf is enhanced by wide sole
Incredibly and consistently easy-to-hit
It comes with a flat face as opposed to most hybrids which are rounded


Sand wedge is absent
The design may take some getting used to
Some may find the hybrid appearance on the clubs unappealing.


7. The Callaway Rogue.

Callaway utilizes the jailbreak technology to stiffen the body of the Callaway Rogue via two steel bars linking the sole and crown of the clubhead. This adds to the clubface’s load to improve ball speeds both on off-center and center strikes.

Additionally, an ultra-thin face combined with Callaway’s face cup technology is included in the rogue hybrid to enhance the flex of the face for improved ball speeds. The 455 steel face packs great speed singlehandedly but these added techs enhance the hybrid’s distance.

The aerodynamics of the Callaway rogue is enhanced by the new speed step technology, it also enhances the speed of the clubs by the reduction of wind resistance and drag. The design and tech of the Callaway Rogue were inspired by Boeing.



Large sweet spot
Big distance increase is enhanced by the tech combinations
The clubhead speed is increased by speed step technology
The easier launch is ensured by the low center of gravity
The first time a hybrid club has jailbreak technology


Several players tend to get too much loft on this club.

8. The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids.

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids are one of the most affordable clubs on this list, it comes with a distinct clubhead design to help players regardless of the terrain giving you the same performance on both fairway and rough turf golf shots. The sole is railed and glides smoothly across different terrain types to improve the sturdiness of impact notwithstanding the sort of lie you come across.

The Excel EGI Hybrids offer golfers several loft options allowing you to replace your old iron set if you deem it fit. These hybrids are produced from the 3 iron to a pitching wedge for both left and right-handed players. One extra feature is that each club comes with a headcover. Pinemeadow went all out on this one.



Great value for money
The clubface is incredibly forgiving
Striking is enhanced by face flex technology
The combined techs help to gain great distance


Some players may find the graphite shaft heavy.


9. The TaylorMade M3 Hybrid

TaylorMade makes another appearance on our list with the M3 Hybrid. This hybrid has a plethora of distinct qualities like the speed pocket technology, a two-tone crown, and the adjustable sliding weight. The adjustable sliding weight allows you to manipulate the settings to fit your preference. The M3 also has fade bias settings to help put the swing tendencies of players in check; this will have your wing straightened out by having the club adjusted instead of adjusting your swing.

Behind the clubface you will find the speed pocket technology; it is an opening placed on the club’s sole. The design of this technology gives the club heightened flexibility that causes more distance and increased ball speed. This quality is mostly useful on hits that are low on the clubface that delineates in speed without the help of the speed pocket tech to hinder it.

Better alignment of the golf ball and target to the clubface is aided by the two-tone crown feature. This feature ameliorates your alignment and can increase the accuracy of your shots. It is so named because the crown of the clubhead has two colors (black and silver), and the paint is so designed that it has lines that veer away from the vertical line that helps to align the center face of your golf ball.


The Double crown technology aids the alignment.
Distance and speed is increased by speed pocket technology
Ball flight is controlled by adjustable weight


Some users consider it heavy as opposed to most hybrids


1O. Titleist 818 Hybrid

One of the features we will talk about in the Titleist 818 Hybrid is the active recoil technology. It is a closed slot placed at the back of the clubface on its sole to enhance quicker rebound for increased speed of balls. This technology can be likened to the aforementioned TaylorMade’s speed pocket technology, but this one is not an open pocket slit.

The Titleist additionally has a cylindrical weight that swoops into a tube at the hybrid’s sole. Titleist calls this adjustable weight the Surefit CG. The Surefit CG allows you to get the club’s weight changed, and also get the center of gravity changed to get the hybrid’s launch adjusted.



Forgiveness and stability is improved by the deep center of gravity
The launch is enhanced by the weight’s adjustability
Active Recoil Technology improves ball speed


Specifically designed with low handicappers in mind
A professional is needed to fit the adjustable hosel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Gold Clubs:


When Do I Need A Hybrid?

You should opt for hybrids if you:

Are unable to attain part 3’s with your present iron
Own a 5 wood but you do not need a 9 or 7 wood
Require constant tee shot that can reach the fairway on tight holes
Hit several irons very poorly from the rough
Cannot hit a 3, 4, or 5 iron but can hit a fairway wood

Why Are Hybrids Recommended Over Irons?

The most difficult golf clubs to hit for amateurs and rookie golfers are mostly the lengthy irons (2, 3, 4, and 5). Hybrids are manufactured with the exact loft as irons but several beginners find their clubhead easier to swing and consistently hit the ball.

Hybrids help beginners who have difficulty in launching balls with irons from thick grass. Hybrids can do help beginners achieve this because they are easier to hit and forgiving. It is really up to you, but if you have difficulties with your long irons then it will be a smart move to try hybrids out, they will make a huge difference in your gameplay.

What Are The Key Features Of Hybrid Clubs That Make Them Stand Out?

High Launch: Several hybrids have a low center of gravity. This low gravity center makes it easier for the ball to take flight. A higher trajectory shot with softer landing, as opposed to long irons, is mostly produced by hybrids.

Sole Is Wide: An hybrid has a sole that is as wide as a fairway wood and even wider than an iron’s thin blade sole. This wide sole gives a golfer more confidence and rookie golfers will find this sole more forgiving than the thin sole of a blade iron when it touches the ground.

Face Is hard And Flat: The hybrid generally features a flat face just like iron as opposed to drivers and woods that feature round faces. However, just like the face on drivers and woods the face of the Hybrid is also hard and can help to give slower swinging golfers lengthier golf shots.

Final Thoughts.

After going through our meticulously researched list of the best hybrid golf clubs, you should be able to properly comprehend the components that a hybrid comprises of and the different technologies used in crafting these masterpieces and how they do a great deal of good to the overall performance and efficiency of the golf club.

We have given you the top ten best hybrid golf clubs which are suitable for a vast range of players from rookies to more experienced golf players along with some of the best choices for players with affordable brands and models in mind. With this list; everybody wins, so get out there and wield that hybrid and watch your game take a turn for the better.

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