TaylorMade Stealth Draw Driver review

Welcome to the Taylormade Stealth Draw Golf Driver review.

There has been lots of fanfare surrounding the release of Taylormade’s latest brand of clubs of which the Stealth Draw Driver is one.

In this review, we’ll be looking at the entire setup of the Driver, the technology that has gone into making the Driver, the level of forgiveness, and who is meant to play the Driver.

We’ll round up by sharing feedback so far from others playing the Driver and My Personal View on the Stealth Draw Driver.


TaylorMade Stealth Draw Driver review – Introduction.

The Taylormade Stealth Draw Driver is one of the 3 drivers in the Stealth lines recently released for 2022 by Taylormade.

The Stealth Draw Driver is an excellent choice for those who struggle with slices and has quite some similarities with the Sim Max Driver.

It is a 100% carbon driver that features a 60X Carbon Twist Face encased by a polyurethane cover, featuring a revolutionary new nanotexture technology.

The Stealth Line of drivers ushers in a new era for the driver market, the era of the Carbonwood, and Taylormade seem comfortable pioneering this era.

TaylorMade Stealth Draw Driver review – Basic Features.

image credit: Taylormade.
image credit: Taylormade.

Taylormade is spearheading a new era for the driver market with the introduction of the stealth line of drivers featuring 60X Carbon Twist Face, effectively dislodging the era of Titanium which has dominated the market in the last 2 decades or so.


Standard Specification.

Taylormade uses the Fujikura AIR SPEEDER 45 (A, R, S) as their standard Carbon Steel shaft and the LAMKIN CROSSLINE 360 BLACK/RED as their standard grip.

graphite shaft.

Listed below are all the specifications.

Stealth HD Driver RH/LH 56° – 60° 460CC 45.75″ D4/D5
Stealth HD Driver 10.5° RH/LH 56° – 60° 460CC 45.75″ D4/D5
Stealth HD Driver 12° RH 56° – 60° 460CC 45.75″ D4/D5



image credit: Taylormade.

The Stealth Draw Driver is made of 100% carbon fiber and features a sleek look an all-black crown and a red clubface making the Stealth Draw Driver look quite unique in the bag. It can’t be mistaken in the bag.




With the infusion of technology, you are expecting nothing short of premium performance.


Forgiveness is one of the major selling points of any club today and Taylormade understood this very well and has the features infused into the Stealth HD Driver to help reduce slices off the Tee.


Feel & Sound.

The Taylormade Stealth Draw Drivers feel and sound great contrary to the concern raised by some people because of the yet-to-be-tried carbon fiber featured in the clubhead.



Speeds & Distance.

The new Stealth HD Driver is designed to deliver explosive ball speed and distance across the entire face.

What Others Are Saying About The Stealth Draw Driver From Taylormade.

The world seems to be talking about the shift in technology in Driver production( From Titanium to carbon wood)being spearheaded by Taylormade.

This is just the start of it as more reactions will drop in as the Clubs become public in the coming days. For now, most of the reactions are from a few guys trying out the new Carbonwood Stealth draw drivers.

Even so, the feedback available is all good and positive, and the golfing community is eagerly waiting to have the stealth Draw Drivers in their bags.



  • I love the look of the Stealth Drivers, sleeky and Classic, and the color combination with the dominant red face.


  • Personally, the Stealth Draw(HD) Driver doesn’t inspire confidence in, like the previous version,

Who Can Play The New Stealth Draw Drivers From Taylormade?

Obviously, the new Stealth Draw Drivers ain’t made for every golfer out


Where To Buy The Stealth Draw Drivers?

So, where should you go to get the new Taylormade Stealth Draw Driver, what is the best place to buy it?

Well. at this very moment, it’s available for pre-order in almost all the popular stores that sell golf equipment.

It’s also available on Taylormade’s official website for pre-order. But my best-recommended place to place your order would be



Wrapping this up, the new Taylormade stealth Draw Golf Driver featuring Carbon Fibers is already generating lots of reactions as according to Taylormade, a new era of Carbonwood is here to replace the Titanium era which dominated in the last 20 years.

Having said all that, I think the Stealth HD Driver is on course to be one of the top-rated golf Drivers this year going by the technology infused in the body; the compact and aspirational aesthetics, along with the striking red face.

If you have been struggling with slicing off the Tee, the Stealth HD Driver can be a great choice for helping you experience better golfing.

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