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TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoe Review.

Welcome to the review TRUE Linkswear All-day Ripstop shoe.

The All-day Ripstop can easily be used during a round of golf and for casual purposes as they feel comfortable enough to be worn all day.

These shoes are spike-less and great for those crazy about spikeless shoes and have a beautiful, modern sneaker style that can pass for casual wear.

So, if you need a golf shoe that can fit well as casual wear on a good day, you might want to look at the True Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoe. But, don’t take my word for it, check out this review before deciding.

TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoe Review-Introduction.

True Linkswear All Day Ripstop golg shoes review

TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoe is the latest addition to the TRUE Linkswears golf shoe family. It is a shoe that can fit well in any kind of weather.

One of the many things unique about this particular unit is, that it can actually be used outside of the golfing community.



The TRUE Linkswears All Day Ripstop Shoe looks great and comes in different colors, about six different shades, Black, Charcoal, Deep Sea, Cloud White, olive and Steele St. Grey colors, providing options for different people to choose from.

The design itself looks similar to the Knit I and Knit II shoes, offers similar style, from the sole, and even gives similar comfort. What looks like the major difference is in the material used.

The ladies option also comes in different colors and ladies sizes and is designed with same materials.



What’s the beauty of a shoe without corresponding performance?

True Linkswera All-day Ripstop shoes are designed to offer maximum comfort on the golf course.

The material used most is a renewable material, the Liner wool is temperature-regulated and offers great comfort even in harsh or warm weather, this way, you won’t feel much discomfort golfing when the weather is a little too warm.

Also, I feel these shoes a comfortably light on the feet and I could actually wear them all day without experiencing tiredness or something. You know how some golf shoes get so heavy on your feet especially when you feel you are having a bad day on the golf course?



Once on your feet, the TRUE Linkswears All-day Ripstop Shoe delivers the maximum comfort you can imagine due to the material used.

Many people don’t have a golf cart so they resolve to walk around the expansive area of the golf course and imagine walking the whole 18 holes duration in uncomfortable shoes.

The True Linkswears All Day Ripstop Shoe gives you the comfort you need.

For example, the feet bed is comfortably soft, and the inner liner is made of wool to keep the feet comfortable all day.


  • Feels comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Made up of 100% renewable materials.
  • Weather resistance means it can be comfortable even in harsh weather.
  • Very light on the feet.
  • It can be one all day, anywhere.


  • At $150, TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoe is pretty pricey.



Where To Buy The TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoe.

There are tons of places you can buy your True Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoes including on the True Wears online shore.

But for convenience and the best shopping experience, my best and no 1 recommended place is



TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop Shoe looks a perfect fit for your comfort during a golfing session and even after that.

Plus, the price is reasonably right for a product of such.

I feel this unit is the better version of the All-Day Knit I and Knit II, especially with the additional weather and water resistance feature.

So, if you are looking for something that is reasonably priced and delivers comfort even in harsh weather, then this might be a perfect fit for you.

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