PXG 0811 XT Gen4 Drivers Review.

Welcome to the PXG 0811 XT Gen4 drivers review.

The 0811 XT is the Tour version of the 0811 Gen4 drivers by PXG, with the XT standing for Xtreme Tour.

There are 3 drivers in the Gen4 models, the 0811 X Gen4 derived, the 0811 XF Gen4 model which is the Extreme forgiveness model, and one, the 0811 XT Gen4 meant for the Tour Players.

In this review, we’ll be looking at the setup of the 0811 XT Gen4 driver, touching on some of the key features and Technologies deployed by PXG, and then we’ll be looking at who this driver can accommodate.

PXG 0811 XT Gen4 Review – Introduction.

The 0811 XT Gen4 is designed to accommodate the more skilled Tour Platers, and the XT here stands for Xtreme Tour and is a tour-inspired teardrop head shape designed to help to improve aerodynamics for faster clubhead speeds that leads to fastball speeds.

Just like the other two versions, the XT Model also has 3 weight ports that allow golfers to adjust to their preferred launch and spin. Here, golfers can put weight to the back, shifting the CG a little further to the back, and that allows the ball to get a little higher in the air, or if they want more weight near the face for low spin, they can adjust so accordingly

PXG 0811 XT Gen4 Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

The entire lineup of the Gen4 drivers uses similar features and technologies.

Starting off with the Hybrid Crown construction which is designed and empowered to lower the CG while increasing the MOI for fastball speed and added distance.

There is also the precision weighting system that adds three weight ports to the sole of the club to create adjustability to allow golfers to fine-tune their spin and bias.

The innovative head design creates a shallow Face with a parallel crown and sole for increased ball speed performance in the 0811 XT Gen4 driver.

Still, on the head design, the 0811 XT Gen4 driver features a much smaller, head-to-toe, and shallower face to reduce drag force and improve ball speeds performance for players with fast swings speed.

Other technologies featured in the 0811 XT Gen4 drivers includes the Aluminum Vapor technology which helps to increase stiffness and stability of the carbon fiber.

There is also the HoneyComb TPE Insert, which is a high performing vibration dampening polymer engineered to help improve the feel and sound at impact. It is positioned at the sole of the Clubhead and also help to optimized the CG for better and more efficient performance.

Also, for faster ball speed, PXG deployed a high strenght Ti412 titanium alloy to design a high speed face that support significant face deflection and spring to create faster ball speed.

Finally, there is the Robotic Polishing that helps to create a curve like shape on the Club face to help corrects shorts hits off-center and encourage more ball flight.


Standard Specification.

The 0811 XT Gen4 Driver offers 3 different loft options.

PXG provides different options for both standard stock shaft and grips at purchase. There is Project X and the Evenflow riptide CB 50g as the Standard stock shaft for both Senior, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff flex.

PXG is using the pxg z5 high-performance grip as the standard stock grip.

Club Lofts Lie Length (Inches) Head Mass
0811 XT GEN4 7.5°, 9°, 10.5° 60° 45.5″ 201g


PXG 0811 XT Gen4

Just like the other models in the Gen4 driver’s lineup, the 0811 XT Gen4 looks really appealing with a Tour-inspired, teardrop head design that has a slightly lower profile from top to bottom.

This Clubhead profile helps to reduce the drag and increase the aerodynamics as well as increase the Clubhead speeds. An increased clubhead speed is indirectly an increase in the ball speeds that will in turn add to more distance.



This Club is built to deliver outstanding performance, and of course, the entire lineup of the Gen4 drivers is built for Xtreme Performance.

One of the things you probably shouldn’t expect from this Club is probably forgiveness, though it contains one or two features that deliver forgiveness but not as much as both the 0811 X Gen4 and the 0811 XF Gen4 drivers which are more of game improvement clubs.


The 0811 XT Gen4 driver is a Tour performance Club and so doesn’t offer much help to an average golfer looking for forgiveness in their drive.

As stated before, this Club is geared towards the skilled player who may or may not need mich forgiveness in their drive.

By and large, this Club offers great performance, adjustable hosel to adjust your loft but not much in other areas, especially for less experienced players.


Speeds & Distance.

One of the very top qualities of the 0811 XT Gen4 driver over the rest of the other models in the GEN4 Drivers is that this Club has the fastest Clubhead speed.

Others in the lineup might be more forgiving but the XT delivers more Clubhead speed leading to more ball speed and distance, in my opinion, and a lot of people agree with this.

What Others Are Saying About The 0811 XT Gen4 Driver.

Lots of professional players love this Club as, according to the major feedback from the people out there, this Club delivers amazing ball speed and generates extra yardage, and I personally noticed I got some extra distance, swing my normal 94mph, maybe not much but is definitely worth celebrating.


  • Outstanding ball speeds and Distance.
  • Forgiveness.
  • High MOI.
  • Great sound and feel.
  • Optimal Trajectory.


  • Not suitable for inexperienced golfers.

Who Can Play The 0811 XT Gen4 Driver?

The PXG 0811 XT Gen4 Drivers are best suited for players with a little bit of experience, as the Club does not offer much help in terms of forgiveness for an average golfer to play better golf.

players just starting off might do better playing the standard 0811 X Gen4 driver, or the more forgiving 0811 XF gen4 driver as these two offer more forgiveness.

Where To Buy The 0811 XT Gen4 Driver.

There are a number of places one can easily get this Club, and indeed other golf Clubs of your choice but for convenience’s sake, and for the best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place is to check the PXG Store on


Conclusively, the 0811 XT Gen Driver has a Tour-inspired design and can be a suitable option for players with more experience.

Less experienced players who need more forgiveness might want to check the 0811 XF Gen4 model as it offers more help for an average player.

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