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Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of female golfers, and the numbers keep going up. Petite Women’s Golf Clubs have become more popular.

As opposed to times when we had few females playing golf, we now have several golf club sets made specifically for the fairer sex.

However, petite women who play golf still find it challenging to get the best set of Petite Women’s golf clubs for good gameplay.

The predominance of the challenge mentioned above is the reason behind this article. We have gone through the trouble of finding some of the best Petite Women’s golf clubs for female golfers.

All the club sets in this article were chosen based on quality, performance, and customer preference.


What Qualifies A Golf Club Set To Be Called Petite?


This question is something you must have asked yourself if you are not aware. How do you define a petite golf club? First of all, it is general knowledge that petite women are about 4 feet 11 inches and five feet three inches.


Whether or not a golf club is meant for females or males, they all conform to a standard length.

For any golf club to be considered as petite every club in your golf bag should be shorter than regular golf clubs with at least an inch.

It is common to see petite ladies with a smaller arc. The golf clubs of petite women usually have graphite shafts and extra flex.

This aids in the provision of extra speed for the club-head.



1.Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set

This golf club set is suitable for players who have a strict budget but still need top quality.

The Wilson Golf Petite SGI Women’s Club Set is great for you if you are just starting and do not play constantly.

If your height is between five feet ten inches and five feet four inches, then this is the club set for you.


The shafts on this set come in ladies’ flex and standard lightweight graphite.

You find soft grips t the top of the shafts that are smaller than what you find on standard clubs.

The driver has a higher loft and ameliorates lower swing speeds. A large sweet spot enhances distance and forgiveness.

The 6-9 irons have perimeter weighting; the deep back cavity design ensures greater accuracy and stability. The putter in this set has a rubber face that enhances the feel you get on puts.


The beautiful teal color used in the design of this golf set and the bag is visually appealing.

The large sweet spot ensures incredible distance and trajectory, and it couples with the low center of gravity found on the irons which ensure impeccable accuracy when you play.

The impressive combination of game improvement irons and high loft driver would give rookie layers and irregular players the consistency they need.



  • Game improvement irons’.
  • Has impeccable driver


  • The putter leaves a lot to be desired


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2. Cobra Golf XL Speed Club For Petite Women

Cobra is one of the best brands as far as golf clubs are concerned. This club set is for pro petite golfers.

The shafts on this set are flexed for ladies and manufactured from graphite. The driver of this set has a titanium head which comes with 460cc capacity accompanied by weight towards the back and low center of gravity to ensure distance and forgiveness.

The irons have cavity backs, and you also have a putter with a machined face for impeccable control while on the course.


The golf bag and the golf clubs have a color combination of mint and black with pink and black also added.

The club’s technology makes it easy for you to enjoy your gameplay as it ensures forgiveness, distance, accuracy, and everything you need while on the course.

This club set is reliable, stylish, and efficient, and a female golfer could not ask for anything more.



  • Top class irons
  • The best of golf technology


  • It is quite expensive


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3. Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

The name of this club set is intentional; every female golfer who makes use of this ends up believing more in themselves.

This golf club set is built and designed with game improvement technology targeted at letting you perform at the highest possible level.

This set gives you access to the tools you will need regardless of the situation you find yourself on the course.

Functionality and size are perfect for petite women. The shafts of this set come in ladies’ flex and are made from lightweight graphite.

The driver’s head has an extra-large face, and with less effort, it helps in the generation of extra distance.


The beautifully designed set comes in a purple bag. The soles have a pink ribbon that reminds the players and everyone on the course of the never-ending battle against breast cancer all over the world.

The game improvement technology on this set makes it less challenging for you to properly strike the ball.

The wider soles on the irons ensure improved turf interaction. You get awesome forgiveness and more distance with the Believe Complete Golf Set.

This golf club set will make you believe in your innate abilities and improve your gameplay. If you are a rookie golfer, this club set is highly recommended.



  • Reasonable price
  • The irons have wide sole
  • The toe weights and heel improve the stability of the putter
  • 460cc driver head
  • Impeccable feel and impact



  • The bag has no built-in stand



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4. Precise NX460 Golf Set

The Precise NX460 Golf Set comes in two sizes, which makes it a great choice for petite women.

The first set of this golf club was specifically designed with women around 5 feet 3 inches and women around 5 feet 9 inches.

If you do not fall into this category, you can opt for the other set which is aimed at women under the height of 5 feet and 3 inches.

The Precise Golf Set has eight clubs and a combination of 8/9 irons and 6/7 irons.


One advantage of the feature mentioned above is that very few clubs are available to confuse if you are a pro; this is of no consequence, but beginners will find this very helpful.

If you are just getting to know the golf course, this set is highly recommended. The Precise NX460 is one of the most affordable golf club sets for petite women on this list.

The shafts on this club are ultralight high modulus graphite. Increased speed is ensured by the deeper face and convex crown of the clubhead. A shiny blue tint is used to embellish the range, the neatly defined clubhead shape of the woods enhance accuracy and speed that is gotten when contact is made with the ball.

The irons give players a heightened trajectory during launch and the 8/7 and 6)7 combination ensures players find short shots easy to make.


The Precise golf set gives you value for your money. They are not the best out there, but they ensure beginners get the best performance.



  • Affordable
  • Beautifully designed set for petite women



  • Pro golfers may find this set lagging


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5. Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set

When it comes to Petite Women’s golf clubs, Callaway is one of the best manufacturers. Callaway has a lot of petite golf clubs dedicated to their female clients, and if that does not scream attention to detail, I don’t know what does.

The Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set is specifically designed for ladies around 5 feet and 5 feet 4 inches.

However, beginners should stay away from this set.


The quality of workmanship and technology utilized in the creation of this product is top-notch.

The company went through a lot of research to ensure the Women’s Solaire comes out perfectly. The shafts of this club set are made of graphite shaft and come in ladies flex.

The putter shaft is made of steel. The hybrid clubs and woods have slender faces, and weight is distributed to the rear to ensure forgiveness is promoted via a low center of gravity.

The hybrid clubs have redesigned heads that improve the gameplay regardless of the state of the course.


The set comes with a visually appealing cart bag with enough storage space. The bag also has a sturdy strap for easy carriage.

The Callaway Solaire Women’s Complete Golf Set has a lovely color combination; (cherry blossom, Blue, Black, and Champagne) make it visually appealing and will make you smile while you play on the course.

This golf club set ensures players get straight and long-distance shots, the lofts ensure distance and height is maximized for female golfers.



  • Enhanced cavity back design
  • The design is energy efficient
  • Great for petite golfers
  • The visually appealing color combination
  • Spacious and high-quality lightweight bag with enough space for storage


  • Might be a little too pricey for some people.


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How You Can Choose Petite Women’s Golf Clubs As A Woman


You can be a man who wants to shop for golf set for a female friend or partner, or you are a lady who is seeking for a suitable club set for you.

There are certain things you need to think about first. You have to purchase high quality, and solid Petite Women’s golf clubs set that will not put a dent in your bank account.

This list of the five best Petite Women’s golf clubs for petite women will guide you and ensure you end up with the best according to your skill level.

In case you still find it difficult to ascertain a petite golf club set, or you need personal knowledge to avoid being dependent on salespersons (some of them will lie to you just to make you buy).

Here are four simple steps you should follow to get the appropriate measurement.


First Step

To ascertain a concise and correct measurement, do not carry out the measurements yourself, ask someone else to help you do it. Measure your height standing in socks


Second Step


When you stand, ensure your hands are loose by your side. Have your measurement taken from where your wrists hinge to the floor. This will help you ascertain your wrist to floor measurement.


Third Step


Consult a guide for golf club measurement to get the appropriate row on the measurement chart for the matching distance for your wrist to ground measurement. Search the row until the column for your height is found. The value you encounter in this cell is the number for the required shaft length that you need to subtract or add to the size of your body. This chart is applicable to both make and female golfers.


Fourth Step


Now search for the section titled “flex determination” to help you ascertain the sort of flex you need to buy for the shafting of your clubs. The ladies flex the best one to buy if you drive your ball below 180 yards with your driver during gameplay.




If your height is below the one found on the measurement guide, it is advisable to buy petite or ladies’ junior golf clubs.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Golf Club For Women


There are certain things you must consider before purchasing a golf club for a woman; they include the following;

Petite Women's Golf Clubs




Since we are talking about petite women, let us discuss clubs that are best for them, these are clubs within the 4’10 and 5’6 range. If your height is within this range, then shorter shafts that come in petite golf club sets are your best bet.




The shaft of a petite woman should be a little bit shorter than the standard shaft of a club. Additionally, weight and flex should also greatly influence your decision. I’d you have a lightweight shaft with the appropriate flex; this will improve your swing speed and affect your overall performance.


Club Weight


If you have light flex and shaft, it is recommended that you go for lighter clubs. The lighter clubs ensure distance. If you are a senior lady petite golfers, you should not overlook this.


How Much You Are Willing To Spend?


The elephant in the room is one of the most important issues to address, and that is your budget. Your budget determines the club that you eventually end up with.

Some of the clubs on this list overshoot your budget, while others are spot-on or slightly beneath it.

Before you make your final decision, it is recommended that you see if a club does everything that you require Before paying, especially when you intend to settle for a premium-priced club. This observation ensures that you get value for money.


Your Preferred Style


This is an article for lady golfers which naturally means that most ladies will look out for something stylish as much as they look out something with good quality and ensures performance.

Golf club manufacturers are aware of the fact that ladies pay attention to the appearance of their clubs and they have incorporated this into the production of golf clubs for women.

Manufacturers produce different options so that women with a variety of style preferences can all find their choice.


What Your Club Set Comprises Of 


This is one of the most important points here, the composition of your club set ensures that you are ready for any scenario that you don’t usually play.

The maximum size of the head of a driver should have 460cc, and you should avoid going for a smaller head under any circumstances because they lack forgiveness which causes a player to lose confidence in their game after a period of underwhelming performances.

You get more distance from woods as opposed to irons which is an essential thing to note. Recently, a lot of people replace irons with hybrids and with good reason too.

A plethora of producers focus on creating oversized heads. If you need clubs that endure your score, then wedges are a no-brainer, do not forget to carry a few of them on your trip to the course.


Final Thoughts.

As I mentioned in the opening part of this article, more women are getting involved in the game of golf, and the game has seen a ride of petite pro female golfers which means that there is a high demand for petite golf sets.


While there are a plethora of golf club sets for petite women in the market today, the five we have reviewed in this article are some of the best you can find right now.

These Petite Women’s golf clubs are of high quality and ensure your game is improved over time. These clubs are specifically designed for the improvement and convenience of the petite lady golfers.

Do not forget to put your budget into consideration when making your decision.



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