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Mizuno pro 221 review

Welcome to the Mizuno Pro 221 review.

Technology has come to change the way sport and golf, in particular, are played. Golf equipment manufacturers are leaning towards technology to build their equipment to conform with the changes.

In this review, I am going to look at how much influence technology has on Mizuno in designing their new line of Mizuno Pro irons, particularly the Pro 221 Irons as it is my main focus in this particular post.

So, if you have been wanting to get these new irons from Mizuno, then this review is exactly what you need to make a better and more informed decision.

Mizuno Pro 221 review – Introduction.

Mizuno pro 221 irons review

The Mizuno Pro 221 iron is one of the 3 versions of the Mizuno Pro Line of Irons recently released by Mizuno.

The Mizuno Pro 221 is forged from a single bar of 1025E mild carbon steel, with every head in the lineup undergoing a forging process that keeps the grain, from the club heel to toe intact. This, together with thin layers of copper behind the carbon steel, creates an amazing feel at impact.

The Pro 221 Irons are designed to accommodate better players who appreciate the look, the feel, the sound, and of course the workability of the traditional Mizuno blade.

The design structure of the Pro 221 creates a good strike but can only be appreciated by better players with great striking skills.

It’s one of the least forgiving of the 3 versions of the Mizuno Pro comprising also of the Pro 223 and 225.


Mizuno Pro 221 review – Basic Features.

The new Mizuno Pro 221 Irons features a lot of technology to bring it to the state it is now.

It starts with the refining process that has the mass moved from heel and toe to the back of the sole, making it a bit bulky, for an improved feel.

Standard Specifications.

The Mizuno Pro 221 Irons uses the Project X SL 6.0 as the standard stock steel shaft, and the Z-Grip full cord 60R as the standard stock grip.


Table showing The PRO 221 Specification, from 3-Iron down to the PW.

Club # Loft ┬░ Lie Angle Offset (inch) Length (inch)
3 21 59 0.102 39
4 24 60 0.098 38.5
5 27 60.5 0.094 38
6 30 61 0.091 37.5
7 34 61.5 0.087 37
8 38 62 0.083 36.5
9 42 62.5 0.079 36
PW 46 63 0.075 35.5


The Pro 221 Irons look Classic with a logo on the club head, a shorter face profile, and narrower top line, a thinner top edge, and shorter head length, without losing playability, and of course without losing out of mass in the upper blade.

A chunk of the mass has been moved from the heel and toe to thicken the back of the head, at the impact position to create a great feel through the impact.


No matter how good a club looks in the bag, what every golfer looks forward to is to see it perform.

The Pro 221 Irons delivers a great feel at impact although not much improvement from the Mizuno M-20 irons.

There is certainly some extra yardage, with great sound and playability but not much from forgiveness, and it’s quite cool as the Irons isn’t targeted at players looking for forgiveness but control and playability.


The Mizuno Pro 221 Irons delivers a great striking experience for the better players and creates amazing sound but when looking at forgiveness, the Pro 221 irons are the least forgiving of the Mizuno Pro line.



Feel & Sound.

How do the Mizuno Pro 221 Irons feel at impact?

There is no sacrificing the traditional classic Mizuno feel with the Pro 221 for other functionalities as you still get the same exceptional feel Mizuno irons are known with.


Speeds & Distance.

With all-new technology, the ball speeds of the Mizuno Pro 221 Irons are pretty fair, though not as much as the Pro 225 or even the Pro 223, narrowing its usage to a narrow group of skill players who don’t need much help taking the ball far.


What Others are Saying About The New Mizuno Pro 221 Iron.

Reactions and feedback are already tripping in numbers and here, as golfers are revving up with excitement.

We went to town to talk to a couple of people we know who got the Pro 221 Irons from Mizuno to hear their opinion of the new Irons in town.

Lots of positives come from the fact that the ball flight is amazing and the ball striking experience is incomparable to none.

Not much help in terms of forgiveness but lots of positives on the ball strike and workability.



  • Exceptional sound and feel as a result of the thicker muscles placed behind the sweet spot.
  • Great ball striking experience.
  • Compared to the MP20, the Pro 221 irons appear more solid.


  • You may be disappointed if you are expecting some forgiveness as the Pro 221 Irons is the least forgiving of the 3 Pro lineup.
  • As a better player Irons, high handicap players who may not have success playing the Pro 221 irons.

Who Can Play The New Mizuno Pro Irons?

So, who should play this pro 221 irons from Mizuno?

The Mizuno Pro 221 irons are a great choice for Tour or low handicap players as they don’t offer much help in the area of forgiveness. The ball-strike experience might be great but can only be appreciated by players with consistency in ball swing.


Where To Buy The Mizuno Pro Irons.

So, having read all and you think this iron might fit your game, where is the best place to buy the Mizuno Pro 221 irons?

There are tons of places you can get your Mizuno Pro 221 Irons, and this includes visiting the local golf store nearest to you.

For convenience’s sake, you may want to check the Mizuno Website to place your order.

My next recommended place, as always is to order from the Amazon store for a better shopping experience.

Conclusion about Mizuno pro 221 review.

Conclusively, the Mizuno Pro 221 Irons are a great choice for those looking to experience the Mizuno look, feel, sound, and workable.

Although in comparison to other Pro Irons, it might not offer much in terms of forgiveness and other features for the high handicapper, it is, however, a great option for the better player who doesn’t need much getting the ball high and far.

By and large, better players might have more fun and success playing the Pro 221 irons than the mid and high handicapper.

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