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FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoe Review

Welcome to the FootJoy Fuel Golf shoe review.

If you are in the market for Athletic, spikeless shoes and you’re looking at the Footjoy Fuel Golf Shoe as a viable option, this review will help you make an easier and more informed decision.

The FootJoy Fuel golf shoes look attractive visually, but you know look alone can sometimes be very deceptive.

In this review, We’ll take a closer look at the FootJoy Fuel golf shoe to see if it offers more than just the look.

Does the FootJoy fuel golf shoe provide greater traction, stability, and balance than the previous model and other similar models in the market?

FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoe Review- Introduction.

In 2022, FootJoy released the Footjoy Fuel golf shoe, and unlike the Premiere Series, which was released last year, the FootJoy fuel shoes are completely a new line from FootJoy and are designed to accommodate golfers who desire something more modern.

If you can look around your local golf course, you would see most golfers especially the younger ones going for shoes with modern design, and FootJoy, not wanting to fall out, decided to design the Fuel shoe apparently in response to the desires of the modern golfer.


The FootJoy fuel golf Shoe in 2022 looks sleeker, sneaker-like, and modern, exactly what the modern man wants.

Beyond the sneaky and modern look, any golf show worth its salt should provide great traction, stability, and balance for the golfer to play better golf with better drive, accuracy, and shots.

By and large, the FootJoy Fuel golf shoe features:

  • Stratolite Foam
  • Power Stabilizer – This is to provide optimal support and control during a round of games.
  • Flex Last – Athletic profile with a full rounded toe character, full fit across forefoot and instep, and a slightly narrow heel providing added toe spring for maximum performance.
  • Tour-Proven Traction


The FootJoy Fuel golf shoe looks quite Clean and attractive, with an Athletic look, more like a pair of running sneakers, but is specifically designed for golf.

Looking closely at the outsole of the FootJoy Fuel shoe, you can see a close resemblance with the Pro SL Range of the FootJoy Golf Shoe.

Turning around at the bottom, you could see an orange color in the middle regarded as the stability bride, its work is to help the shoe from twisting too much during a gold swing.

Turning over the heel, you could a large FJ logo in the back heel section to stamp the FootJoy signature



So, the performance of any golf shoe is mostly dependent on how much comfort it gives during a round of golf games.

The FootJoy Fuel shoe provides soft cushioning and stability during play, a perfect preference for most golfers.




To enjoy your round of games on the course, you need to be in a shoe that would provide maximum comfort, that’s what FootJoy Fuel shoes are designed to achieve, great feel and comfort.

Just like the StratoFoam in the FootJoy Hyperflex, the FootJoy Fuel is powered by StratoLite to help absorb shock for walking Comfort as well as to maximize energy return to reduce walking fatigue.

By and large, you need to pull on the fuel golf shoe from FootJoy to better appreciate how comfortable it feels.


What People Are Saying About The FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoe.

So, the FootJoy Fuel golf shoe is a new model released for 2022, and so, there are just a handful of reactions from the golfing world.

Hopefully, more reactions and feedback will drop by as time goes on.

Meanwhile, the majority of the feedback and reactions so far are all positive.

The pros and cons tell you what people like and what they don’t like.


  • Provide maximum comfort and stability.
  • Lot of traction and its waterproof, offering protection against moisture.
  • Modern design with Athletic layout.


  • Not enough room in the toe box.
  • More padding at the upper end would have turned out better for added comfort.


Where To Buy Your FootJoy Fuel Shoe.

Next is, the best place to buy your FootJoy Fuel golf shoe.

In my opinion, you can buy your FootJoy Fuel shoes from very popular stores that sell golf equipment including on the FootJoy website itself.

However, for convenience sake, my best-recommended place remains on



One least worry any golfer should be confronted with should be an uncomfortable shoe distracting you from having a great round of golf game.

The FootJoy Fuel shoe is spikeless, looks Athletic with a comfortable feel, has lots of room in the toe box for your feet, and feels firmer on your feet.

You won’t have any worries wearing them all through the 18 holes round and afterward, you can walk in them comfortably.

This represents a great improvement from the FootJoy previous models.

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