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Cobra LTDx Max Fairway wood Review.

Welcome to the Cobra LTDx Max Fairway wood Reviews.

The LTDx Max is one of the 3 Clubs in the Cobra LTDx fairway wood line.

In our review, we look at the kind of performance to expect from the Cobra LTDx fairway wood, touching also on some of the key features and technologies deployed in this Club. We’ll also look at what type of player this Club can accommodate.

This should help you decide if this Club will be a good fit for your game.

Cobra LTDx Max Fairway wood Review-Introduction.

The LTDx Max Fairway wood is obviously the most forgiving of the 3 Clubs in the LTDx fairway wood line.

Other Fairway Woods Clubs in the lineup are the LTDx LS fairway wood which is the low-spin option for highly skilled players, the LTDx fairway wood which is the ultimate distance, review Here.

Cobra LTDx Max Fairway wood Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

There are 5 key features/Technologies that go into this Club.

First, we look at the PWR-COR Technology which is simply a multi-material weighting system that allows substantial weight to be positioned low and forward to combine with low spin and faster ball speeds to generate more distance.

Featuring also is the Cobras new H.O.T Face technology which simply is an Artificial Intelligence technology that creates a variable thickness that creates 15 different Hot zones on the Clubface making the sweetspot zone larger for increased ball speeds and forgiveness.

Also, the LTDx Max fairway wood come with an adjustable weighting system that contains 12 gram and 3 gram weights that can be interchanged to promote more or less dra bias.

Just like the standard LTDx Fairway wood, the LTDx Max fairway wood has a progressive Rail system where the 3-Wood which promote a sweeping shallow swing features no Rail, but as you progress through the 5-wood to the 7-woods, you notice a pronounced Rail to hep with good turf interaction.

Finally, there is a new tech on the block, the new Cobra lightweight carbon crown that allows weight to be repositioned within the head for maximum speed and stability.


Standard Specifications.

There are 3 loft options available in the New Cobra LTDx Max Fairway wood for both left and right-handed golfers.

Each of them can be adjusted to upto 8 different settings for loft and lie.

Cobra is using the project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 60 (Mid/Mid): S 66g as the standard shaft in mid-Stiff Flex, while the UST Helium Nanocore 5F2 55g in the regular and A (Senior) flex.

Lamkin Crossline 360 (58R) – Black/Silver is the standard stock grip.

-1.5° / -1° / -1° Draw / STD° / STD° Draw / +1° / +1° Draw / +1.5°
3W 14.0° / 14.5° / 14.5° Draw / 15.5° / 15.5° Draw / 16.5° / 16.5° Draw / 17.5° 162cc 59.00° 43.00″ iM10: D1 Helium: C9.5 S, R, A RH/LH
5W 17° / 17.5° / 17.5° Draw / 18.5° / 18.5° Draw / 19.5° / 19.5° Draw / 20° 155cc 59.75° 42.50″ iM10: D1 Helium: C9.5 S, R, A RH/LH
7W 21° / 21.5° / 21.5° Draw / 22.5° / 22.5° Draw / 23.5° / 23.5° Draw / 24° 152cc 60.50° 42.00″ iM10: D1 Helium: C9.5 S, R, A



Cobra LTDx Max Fairway

The new LTDx Max Fairway wood appears really clean in the bag and on address with a Matte-Black finish similar to the standard LTDx fairway wood.

It has a low and wide profile and basically has the same appearance as the standard LTDx Fairway wood earlier reviewed HERE.


Here, we look at the forgiveness level, the sound and Feel as well as Clubhead speeds and Distance.

The LTDx Max Fairway wood performs incredibly well looking at it from the angle of an improving player looking for more forgiveness, more speeds and Distance in a fairway wood.


The LTDx Max Fairway wood is the most forgiving of the 3 Fairway Clubs in the LTDx Lineup.

The H.O.T face design encourage more forgiveness by providing 15 different Hot zone on the Club face ultimately enlarging the sweetspot. This way, off-center hits are as good as a normal hit.

Speeds & Distance.

One of the most prominent features in the LTDx Max Fairway wood is the fast clubhead speed, and this is made possible by the a combination of technologies like the lightweight carbon crown that allows weight to be reposition low and forward within the head for maximum clunhead speeds and stability.

The H.O.T face design creates 15 hot zones on the club face enlarging the sweetspot zone for increased ball speeds even on off-center hits.

Our In house pros who tested this Club on the range and on the course confirm the explosive speeds some added distance.


What others Are Saying About The LTDx Fairway wood.

Most of the reactions so far have been all positive with people rating as high as 5 stars on popular vendor stores and some review sites.

What we are able to gather from the people playing the LTDx Max fairway wood is that, they


  • Clubhead speeds is explosive, and so is Distnace.
  • Extremely fogiving.
  • Looks is classic.


  • Highly skilled players might not enjoy playing the LTDx Max fairway wood because of lack of Workability.

Who Can Play The LTDx Max Fairway wood?

So, basically, any golfers can play the LTDx Max fairway wood but the people this Club is most suitable for all the players looking for more outstanding distance performance with the high launch to add more clubhead speeds and forgiveness in their game.

Where To Buy The LTDx Max Fairway wood.

Again, you’ve got several options to choose from when it comes to buying your favorite golf equipment.

You’ve got online vendors and the Cobra shop to choose from.

For convenience sake, and for the best shopping experience, my best-recommended place is on the Cobra store on Amazon.com.



SO, if you are player looking for more ball speed and distance in your fairway , you might want to try out the new Cobra LTDx Max fairway wood.

It is more forgiving than both the LTDx LS and the standard LTDx Fairway woods and a great choice for an improving player.

Skilled players will do better playing the Low spin option reviewed HERE.

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