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Cobra KING Tour Irons Review

Welcome to the Cobra KING Tour Irons Review.

In this review, I will take you through the entire setup of the Cobra King Tour Irons, the technology, the amount of forgiveness if there is any, and who the irons are meant for.

I will also share with you some feedback from those who have been playing the Cobra King Tour Irons.

So, if you are in the market to replace your irons or just want to add a few irons to your collections and you are looking at the Cobra King Tour Irons as a viable option, then this review will help you arrive at a better decision.


Cobra KING Tour Irons review – Introduction.

The Cobra King Tour Irons are designed with  Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Technology to create a soft feel and precision, better than the forged Irons.

From the name, Cobra King Tour Irons, one could easily notice the Irons are not meant to be played by everyone especially newbies and high handicappers.

This is because Cobra King Tour Irons are designed as better players Irons. Better players are skilled players with Zero to single-digit digit handicaps.

The Cobra King Tour Irons are designed using a mim technology to give it the precise and intricate shape it has.

It delivers a great feeling and offers forgiveness with the tungsten weighting precisely placing the CG behind the hitting zone to generate precise shots and more stability.

 Cobra KING Tour Irons review – Basic Features.


The Cobra King Tour Irons are packed with technology to create the amazing features powering these irons.

For example, the Mimi technology creates more precision, better sound, and stability, a high-density tungsten-infused positioning of the CG


Standard Specification.

Cobra Golf uses a KBS $ Taper 120 as the standard shaft, and Lamkin Crossline Connect – Black as the standard Grip.


Club Loft Lie Angle Offset
Standard Length
Swing Weight
Steel Shaft
3 20.0° 60.50° 3.8 39.50″ 39.25″ D2 S, R RH
4 23.0° 61.00° 3.4 39.00″ 38.75″ D2 S, R RH
5 26.0° 61.50° 3.1 38.50″ 38.25″ D2 S, R RH
6 29.0° 62.00° 2.9 38.00″ 37.75″ D2 S, R RH
7 33.0° 62.50° 2.5 37.50″ 37.25″ D2 S, R RH
8 37.0° 63.00° 2.3 37.00″ 36.75″ D2 S, R RH
9 41.0° 63.50° 2.1 36.50″ 36.25″ D2 S, R RH
PW 45.0° 64.00° 1.9 36.25″ 36.00″ D3 S, R RH
GW 50.0° 64.0° 1.9 36.00″ 35.75″ D3 S, R RH



The Cobra King Tour Irons are not forged or cast, they are molded using a special technology called MIM(Metal Injection Molding). The design structure of the Cobra King Tour Irons makes them look very classic with a compact shape, a sleek topline, clean lines, and looks clean finish.

You may notice the Club heel is positioned a bit higher than others in this same range.


The Cobra King Tour Irons actually performs extremely well for a club within this range, and it has a level of forgiveness even though it’s a better players club.



Given the fact the Cobra King Tour Irons are not game improvement Irons but Tour Irons, one would expect nothing in terms of forgiveness but alas, the King Tours Irons are actually forgiving.

You might not get the level of forgiveness you get in a Game Improvement Irons but a player’s Iron is concerned, the Cobra King Irons are forgiving.


Feel & Sound.

The mini technology in the Cobra King Tour Irons is able to give it an amazing feel with stability. Off-center shots feel like any shot.

Unwanted sound and harsh Vibration are effectively controlled with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insert positioned behind the hitting zone.

At impact, you get that buttery soft, and pure feel, thanks to the MIM stainless steel construction.


Speeds & Distance

Talking about the ball speeds, expect to get a ball speed of about 109.92mph which is appropriate for a club in this class, and a slightly higher spin, and with that, you expect a great distance.

By and large, the Cobra King Tour Iron performs well in this speed and distance rating.


What are others saying about the Cobra King Tour Irons?

As expected, there have been tons of reactions from Cobra golf club lovers and people who have played the King Tour Irons.

Although there are a few negative thoughts on the Club, the majority of reviews are positive and many say they recommend the Clubs.

The feedback I got from most of the people I interacted with is crazy. Most ratings are in the region of 5 stars rating. Most people are impressed with the level of forgiveness in the Cobra King Tour Iron because you don’t always come across Tour Irons that are as forgiving as the King Tour Irons.



  • Great Iron for a
  • Deliver great distance
  • Forgiving


  • Not for a newbie and high handicap players.


Who Can Play The Cobra King Tour Irons?

So, as you might already have known, the Cobra King Tour Irons are designed to fit the playing style of the skilled players; a majority of whom have no problem with the common challenges faced by high handicappers.

So, if you are a high handicapper, an amateur golfer, or just starting off in golf, you might find it a little difficult playing a Tour Iron.

Clearly, this Club could only be enjoyed by players who have some level of skill and are looking to leverage the technology in the Cobra King Tour Irons to improve their games.

Where to buy the Cobra King Tour Irons

There are good places you can get your Cobra King Tour Irons including visiting a physical store nearby.

You can also check the Cobra Golf online shop for your King Tour Irons.

For convenience’s sake, I recommend you buy at


To round up, the Cobra King Tour Irons are a great set to add to or replace your aging Irons.

It is not often you come across Tour Irons that offers forgiveness without sacrificing any functionality.

So, if stability, precision, and forgiveness interest you in a player’s Irons, then you might want to go with the Cobra King Tour Iron.

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