Cobra king LTDx Irons review

Welcome to the Cobra King LTDx Irons review.

It’s a new year and a time when Top golf equipment manufacturers release their latest golf equipment.

In Today’s Cobra King LTDx Irons, I intend to look at the Features, including the technology, the performance, and what others are saying about these latest Cobra King LTDx irons.

In the end, you will be able to tell if these irons can be a good fit for your game and if they will help you play a better game.

Cobra King LTDx Irons review-Features/Technology.

The Cobra King LTDx Irons features three key, technologies to bring the Irons to its performance level.


This is a multi-layer PWR-COR weighing system that features a steel core bar that is suspended within a polymer-injected casing.

This engineering promotes maximum flex of the body, face, and sole at impact, creating an Elastic rebound effect that sends the ball flying at a faster pace than previous iron models-Talking about ball speed.


Next is the PWRSHELL FACE DESIGN which is a Forged face design to increase ball speed across a wider area on the face and provide that superb feel at impact that every golfer would be proud of.

Lastly, there is the SPEED TUNED WEIGHT.

This is made up of an 8gram toe weight and it enhances stability and can be adjusted down to 2g and up to 14g to dial in swing weighting for custom builds.

Standard Specification.

Cobra King Golf is using the KBS PGI 85(85g)-Stiff, the KBS PGI 75(75g)-Regular, and the KBS PGI 65(65g)-Lite and the standard stock Shaft Graphite, while the KBS TOUR 90 (102g) – Stiff and the KBS TOUR 90 (95g)- Regular serve as their standard stock steel.

For the Grip, Cobra King is using the Lamkin crossline 360 (58R) Black, 48.5g as their standard stock grip.

You have an option to request a costume made and you will be presented with one based on your want.


Complete Stock Set specification from the #4 irons down to the #9 irons and the PW -SW.

4 18.5° 62.00° 5.4 39.25” D0 (S), C9 (R), C8 (A) D0 (S), D0 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
5 20.5° 62.50° 4.6 38.5” D0 (S), C9 (R), C8 (A) D0 (S), D0 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
6 23.5° 63.00° 3.9 37.75” D0 (S), C9 (R), C8 (A) D0 (S), D0 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
7 26.5° 63.50° 3.2 37.25” D0 (S), C9 (R), C8 (A) D0 (S), D0 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
8 31.0° 64.00° 2.6 36.75” D0 (S), C9 (R), C8 (A) D0 (S), D0 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
9 36.0° 64.50° 2 36.25” D0 (S), C9 (R), C8 (A) D0 (S), D0 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
PW 41.5° 65.00° 1.5 36.00” D1 (S), D0 (R), C9 (A) D1 (S), D1 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
GW 47.5° 65.00° 1 35.75” D2 (S), D1 (R), D0 (A) D2 (S), D2 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH
SW 54.0° 65.00° 1 35.50” D2 (S), D1 (R), D0 (A) D2 (S), D2 (R) S, R, A S, R RH/LH




The Cobra King LTDx irons look beautiful, to be honest, and at the address, you could see it has a bit of a thicker topline and in the longer irons, you could see the cavity sticks out behind the blade.

Overall, the Cobra King LTDx irons are designed with a sleeker shape that is aesthetically pleasing.


The overall performance of the Cobra king LTDx irons is great, from forgiveness, feel and sound, speed, and Distance, the LTDx irons are powerful to the Core.



These Irons, by their design, are pretty forgiving.

Cobra King engineers were able to move mass from the ineffective area of the body to the heel and toe to improve stability and increase forgiveness.


Speeds & Distance

The Cobra King LTDx Irons are optimized for super speeds and maximum Distance.

To achieve a longer distance and higher launch, Cobra king deployed the  PWRSHELL Face designed to feature a 23% larger thin area to increase speed away from the center and wraps further onto the sole to promote a higher ball flight


Feel & Sounds- cobra king ltdx irons review

The Cobra King LTDx irons deliver a pure and solid feel at impact, comparable to the forged irons, and deliver great and clean turf interaction.

Using the PWR-COR system, Cobra King is able to position the CG behind the hitting zone, the result is the massive transfer of energy to the ball at impact. This sends the ball flying fast.

The Cor bar is suspended using a soft polymer, allowing the sole and the face to flex freely without sacrificing the exceptional feel.


What People Are Saying About The LTDx Irons?

There are few reactions from the golfing world about the Cobra King LTDx are mostly from reviewers like me, as the Irons are relatively new and not widely circulated yet.

In the coming days, hopefully, We’ll be getting more reactions from the golfing populace.

Be that as it may, a few reactions and feedback from people who have played the LTDx Irons are mostly positive.

Lots of people like the fact these irons are very forgiving deliver explosive speeds and add more yardage to those who struggle with it.




  • Very Forgiving.
  • Optimized for more ball speed and Distance.
  • Easy to launch.
  • They are game improvement irons and so, it’s a massive deal for mid-high handicappers.



  • Pro and skilled players might not enjoy it much because of how near impossible it is to control your swing with a club designed to automate some actions.

Who Can Play The Cobra King LTDx Irons?

The LTDx irons are Game improvement irons, designed for players seeking maximum distance and forgiveness in their irons.

Mid-high handicappers, as well as recreational/weekend golfers, are mostly the kind of players that needs more forgiving irons to help with their game.

Pros and low handicap players might want to keep one of the Cobra Kings LTDx irons in their bag but they shouldn’t expect the kind of workability found in Tour Irons.

Where To Buy Your LTDx Irons.

Here we are looking at the best possible place to order for your Cobra King LTDx irons.

There are lots of options when it comes to where to shop for your golf clubs.

These options include walking into a physical golf equipment store nearest to you.

If you choose the latter route, make sure you test out the Clubs to ensure you are paying for the right set.

However, for convenience’s sake, my best-recommended place remains on

Conclusion about cobra king ltdx irons review.

Conclusively, if your handicap level is between mid-high and you want irons that are built for maximum distance and forgiveness, the LTDx irons from Cobra King might just want you to need.

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