Cobra King LTDx Drivers Review.

Welcome to Cobra King LTDx Drivers review.

In 2022, Cobra King golf released the LTDx line of drivers and in this review, I intend to go over the setup, the technology, the performance, etc. to see if this driver would be a good fit for you.

Distance and forgiveness are two core factors to consider as a handicapper when choosing what golf clubs to throw in your bag.

The 2022 models of drivers from Cobra King Golf seem to be centered around long-distance and forgiveness.

Cobra King LTDx Drivers Review – Introduction.

The 2022 Model of drivers from Cobra King Golf centers around more distance and more forgiveness for the average golfer.

Powered by the PWR-COR Technology, Cobra golf was able to achieve a zero CG( Center Of Gravity) and 5200 MOI for the very first time.

Zero CG means more ball speed and Distance.

The LTDx Drivers combines low spin, fastball speed, and extreme forgiveness to deliver the Longest Total Distance.

Cobra King LTDx Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technology.

The Cobra King LTDx Drivers features the PWR-CORE Technology which is a multi-material weighting system that repositions both internal and external weight as much as possible, low and forward.

A total of 19 grams of both internal and external weight is positioned right behind the hitting zone to transfer maximum speed to the ball at impact with reduced spin, and an additional 15g back weight to balance the spin for higher launch and extreme forgiveness for longer distance.


Featuring also the H.O.T face design which is engineered for increased speed across an expanded area of the Clubface using data collected from thousands of impact simulations to create 15 different zones with perfect thickness for an increased speed.

Also, there is the Fixed Back Weighting which combine 15 grams of back weighting comprising of 10 grams fixed weight and 5 grams of tungsten weight, for increased stability and to promote higher flight and maximum carry distance.

Finally, the LTDx standard driver features CNC Miiled Infinity Face which an updated CNC Infinity Face design for an increase in the zone of maximum ball speeds while improving the visual alignment via a traditional topline.



Standard Specification.

The Standard LTDx Drivers come in 3 different loft options, with each having 8 different settings with which you can fine-tune the loft and the lie that fits your game better.

Cobra King Golf offers several standard shaft options, the Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 -stiff flex, 66g, they’ve got the Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 – Regula flex, 65g.

There is also the Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX blue 60 -Extra Stiff 64g, and the UST Helium Nanocore 50, 55g.

Cobra is using the Lamkin Crossline (58R) – Black 48.5g as the standard stock grip.


Table showing the full Specifications.

-1.5° / -1° / -1° Draw / STD° / STD° Draw / +1° / +1° Draw / +1.5°
9.0° 7.5° / 8.0° / 8.0° Draw / 9.0° / 9.0° Draw / 10.0° / 10.0° Draw / 10.5° 57.50° FIXED BACK 45.50″ iM10: D4.0; RDX Blue: D2.5 (X), D2 (S) X, S, R RH/LH
10.5° 9.0° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw / 11.5° / 11.5° Draw / 12.0° 58.50° FIXED BACK 45.50″ iM10: D4.0; RDX Blue: D2.5 (X), D2 (S) X, S, R, A RH/LH
12.0° 10.5° / 11.0° / 11.0° Draw / 12.0° / 12.0° Draw / 13.0° / 13.0° Draw / 13.5°


The LTDx drivers wear that golden color on the sole and on the crown, with no electric rail, quite different in look from previous editions.



Looking at explosive speeds leading to long-distance and extreme forgiveness on whose premise the LTDx Drivers stands, one can tell that the LTDx Drivers delivers great performance.




One of the major selling points of the LTDx Drivers is the high level of forgiveness gotten from the Driver.

According to Cobra Golf, the LTDx drivers are the most forgiving drivers ever made. They are powered by PWR-CORE technology, a multi-material weighting system that repositioned weight low and forward, right behind the hitting zone to transfer energy to the golfball at impact, ultimately resulting in explosive ball speed.

By and large, early launch as a result of the wider sweet spot, explosive speeds, and maximum forgiveness from the Cobra LTDx Driver.

Feel & Sound.

The LTDx Driver creates that unique cracky sound at impact, in my opinion, it’s quite different from the previous 2020 -2021 editions.

Great feel on impact with amazing turf interaction.

Speed & Distance

In addition to other technologies such as the PWR-CORE, Cobra Golf deployed the H.O.T(stands for “Highly Optimized Topology) using data from thousands of different impact simulations to optimize thickness in 15 different zones. The result is a massive ball speed across an expanded area on the Clubface.

In addition, there is the Fixed Back Weighting that combines 10 grams of fixed weight and 5 grams of tungsten weight to increase stability and promote higher ball flight with maximum carry distance.

The faster the ball speeds, the more distance covered.

What Others Are Saying About The LTDx Driver.

Reactions have already started pouring in since Cobra King Golf announced the release of her latest lineup of golf Drivers.



  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Optimized for long distances.
  • A Bit lightweight and
  • High playability.


  • Not suitable for zero-to-low handicappers for playability sake.

Who Can Play The Cobra King LTDx Driver?

Cobra Golf said the LTDx Drivers are the most forgiving drivers ever created, and that makes the LTDx playable by anyone looking for lower spin and more stability for longer Drivers.

Because the LTDx Drivers are forgiving, mid-high handicappers, as well as weekend/recreational golfers, might experience more success playing the LTDx Drivers.

By and large, if more distance, more forgiveness, low spin, and more stability for a long drive are your desire, you are going to want to have the LTDx Driver in your bag.


Where To Buy The LTDx Drivers.

There are tons of places you can order for your favorite golf Driver from Cobra King Golf, and this includes walking into your local Walmart store nearest to you. If you decide to visit a local store, be sure you test out the Club to be sure you are paying for the right item.

You can also buy from the Cobra golf site.

But for the shopping experience, the Best and most recommended for me remain at


Conclusively, the Cobra King LTDx Drivers are powerful, longer distance, and offer more forgiveness than the previous options.

It is a great option for the mid-high handicappers looking for more speed, easy launch and forgiveness.

The alternative to the LTDx Drivers is the Taylormade Stealth Driver which offers the same level of forgiveness but seems to have more ball speed and distance. The difference isn’t much though.

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