Cobra Air-X Drivers Review.

Welcome to the Cobra Air-X drivers review.

At 277g, the Air-X is the lightest construction from Cobra and is designed to promote speed and great feel, according to Cobra golf.

This review look at the performance of the Cobra Air-x driver, touching on some of the key features and key Technologies deployed into this Club.

We’ll also look at what kind of players can play this club and if the Air-X Driver is a good fit for your game.

Cobra Air-X Drivers Review – Introduction.

Cobra Golf has designed the Air-X driver model for more speeds and added distance to complement the Air-X Irons, the Air-x Fairway wood, as well as the Air-X Hybrids Clubs, reviewed Here.

For me, one of the most attractive parts of this Club would be the overall lightweight design deployed by Cobra, using lightweight materials. This makes the Clubs extremely easy to launch and the speed is out of this world.


Cobra Air-X Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

The Air-X drivers model features similar technologies as the Air-x Irons and Hybrids.

Starting off, it is designed using lightweight carbon materials, a lighter head, shaft (48g), and grip (37g) which significantly make this Club lighter and much easier to swing compared to a traditional driver.

In order to make the head lighter, Cobra features lighter carbon crown materials, removing 2grams of weight from the head making it lighter than the previous version by 2gram.

Cobra is able to reposition some weight in the heel of the Club to create a draw bias. This also creates stability on off-center hits.

Two face options are available with the Air-X Drivers.

There is a straight neck for players who favored a more traditional look at address and there is the Offset version offering 20% more offset as an option for players with the problem of slices to help them straighten up their drive.


Standard Specifications.

Cobra Golf has designed the Air-X driver with different loft options.

There are the 9.5 and 10.5 and 11.5 degrees lofts options.

Cobra is using the Cobra UltraLite 40g graphite shaft as the standard stock shaft while the Lamkin REL Microlite standard (58R) 37g, Black as the standard stock grip.


Table showing the Full Specifications of the Cobra Air-X drivers with the 3 different loft options.

Loft Lie Angle Length Swing Weight Weighting Stock Flex RH/LH
9.5º 60.0º 46.00″ D1.5 Fixed Back / Heel S, R, Lite RH
10.5º 60.0º 46.00″ D1.5 Fixed Back / Heel S, R, Lite RH/LH
11.5º 60.0º 46.00″ D1.5 Fixed Back / Heel S, R, Lite RH



No matter how aesthetically appealing a Club is, the main thing people look out for is how well the Club performance is when placed behind the ball.

For the Air-X drivers, the lightweight design ensure easy to launch, and delivers explosive ball speeds and more distance.



The Air-X drivers are designed not just for speeds and distance, they offers forgiveness with Heel weighting and an offset hosel will correct your slice and keep your drives flying straight down the fairway.

Also, more forgiveness through the back-heel weighting sytem where more weight is positioned at the back an heel to create more stability on off center hits as well as to create draw bias for those who need it.

Speeds & Distance.

Ligtweight designed Clubs are known to have massive Clubhead speeds and the Air-X drivers from Cobra are not difference.

The Air-X driver features an extremely lightweigt construction, with premium lightweight carbon material to create a lighter clubhead for deliver faster ball speeds through the air,and ensure even more distance even on off center hits.


What Others Are Saying About The Cobra Air-X Drivers.

Geting the feel of what people think about the Air-X drivers, you could tell there are lots of positive talks about this Club from people who have so far played it.

Top of the great things people are drawn to with the Air-X driver is the overall lightweight, the explosive ball speeds, the level of forgiveness and obviously, the easy of launch.

Most people are dropping a 5 stars rating on different rating platform and i dare to say this Club is worth it especially from the angle of an improving player and very seion players who might not be needing Clubs with heavy head.


  • Easy to launch.
  • Very Forgiving.
  • Added ball speed and Distance.
  • Lightweight.


  • Very Skilled Players might need enjoy playing this Club because of lack of workability.

Who Can Played The Air – X drivers.

So, who should play the new Air-X drivers from Cobra?

The Cobra Air-X drivers for me are better suited for game improving players. Easy to launc, lightweight, ball speeds and more distance are some of the features improving players look out when looking for a new Club to buy.

I also feel very senior players looking for easy to swing Clubs might find this club a great optuion because of its lightweight status.

By and large, if you are looking for a lightweight Club, easy to swing with added clubhead speed, more distance and a forgiving Club, you might want to try the Air-X drivers from Cobra.


Where To Buy The Cobra Air-X Drivers.

There are several options availabe when it comes to buying your golf equipement.

There are tons of vendors on the internet you might consider choosing one or checking out your local golf store.

For Convenience and best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place is on the Cobra golf store on

You Can check the women option HERE


The Air-X driver is designed for a wide range of players and can be a very good option for players who suffer from Slices as the Air-X offers an offset position to help eliminate or reduce slices and straighten their drives.

Lightweight Clubs are generally very easy to launch, and the Air-X driver is the lightest Cobra driver so far.

Ball speeds and added distance for those looking for more distance in their drive,s especially double-digit handicap players and improving players who need help getting their strikes farther.

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