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Cleveland Launcher XL Irons Review.

In our Cleveland launcher XL irons review, we take a closer look at how the iron performs, the features that make it appealing especially to double-digit handicappers, and everything in between.

So, if you are in the market for a new set of irons and you are looking at Cleveland Launcher XL irons, you may want to read this review till the end to decide whether or not you should pull out your wallet.


Cleveland Launcher XL irons – Introduction.

The Cleveland launcher XL iron is carefully crafted to fit the needs of double-digit handicapper-looking irons that offer more forgiveness.

For the recreational golfer who wants an improved performance while having fun on the course, these irons are designed with them in mind.


Cleveland Launcher XL Irons Reviews – Basic Features.

Cleveland Launcher Xl Irons has some cool and eye-catching features.

Let’s look at some of these basic features that make this Iron the talk of the town, especially among double-digit handicap players.




Cleveland designed the launcher XL irons to be strong and hollow, with a bigger clubhead and with lots of emphasis on forgiveness, distance, and control.

It has a great amount of offset which is good for game improvement irons.

To maintain speed and control, there is a V-shaped sole that glides through the turf, and an 8g Weight at the End of the Grip to help with added stability and to gain more control and maintain consistency.

Lots of technology has gone into this XL launcher to bring it to this present stage.






Cleveland Launcher XL Irons – Performance.

How does the Cleveland XL Irons perform against similar brands in the market?



For a long time, Cleveland has been known to design golf clubs that target mid and high-handicappers who mostly are recreational or weekend golfers.

For such a group of people, having a golf iron that offers maximum forgiveness is paramount when deciding on the iron to buy.

With a Larger Head and Extreme Perimeter Weighting, the Cleveland Launcher Xl definitely offers enough forgiveness to make double-digit golfers enjoy a round of game while feeling they are on top of their game with easy-to-hit Launcher XL Irons.



Cleveland Launcher XL irons produce a very good distance even on weak strikes as they combine forgiveness and distance well.

When a club is aimed at double-digit players, then expect nothing short of maximum distance even on weak strikes, and that is what you get from the Launcher XL.

From the launch pad, the Launcher XL produces a speed that is more than moderate even on a weak swing.


Feel And Sound.

How does the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons feel and sound compared to other similar brands on the market?

The Cleveland Launcher XL feels solid and strong and pairs well with the sound.

Also, With the Launcher XL, Cleveland has been able to eliminate all kinds of vibration and unwanted sound.


What Others are saying about the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons.

Here are some of the reactions from users of the Cleveland Launcher Xl Irons.



  • Massive forgiveness and distance.
  • Easy to hit.
  • A Premium iron for double-digit players.


  • No complaints at the moment but keeping my eyes open and will update you as soon as something negative comes up.

Who Can Play The Cleveland Launcher Xl Irons?

One major that keeps popping up when discussing the features of the Cleveland Launcher XL Irons is the question of who should play the Iron given its features.

Quite frankly, this iron can be played by virtually any golfer, from the professionals down to the newbies.

One advantage experienced golfers have over inexperienced ones is their skill level which when combined with the forgiving features, will give them an incredible result.


Where To Buy The Cleveland Launcher XL Irons?

Well, there are tons of places you can buy your Cleveland Launcher XL both online and offline.

You can just walk into your local Golf shop and ask to buy the Cleveland Launcher XL.

If you decide to get it in a nearby local shop, be sure you try and see everything is working perfectly before leaving.

However, if you are like most people, you can check online and make your purchase for convenience’s sake.

You can Check Here On Amazon For the Best Price And More Reviews.


Conclusion about Cleveland Launcher XL Irons Review

If you are new to golf and you are looking for an iron that offers cool features to help you improve and reduce your scores, this is an option you should consider.

And for a professional golfer who wants one or two-game improvement iron to throw in their bag, you might want to look at the Cleveland Launcher XL.



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