Choosing the best equipment to learn how to hold a golf club [buying guide for beginners]


Choosing clubs

According to the rules of our game, we can use only 14 clubs, so there is no need to buy that many at the beginning. Choose only one’s you are sure that you will need!  Any golf set should include fallowing clubs- drivers, fairway/ utility woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters. Please don’t mistake hybrids for ‘training wheels’ for beginners. Even experienced golfers will have them in their set (one or two). Having the right equipment will help you to teach yourself how to hold a golf club and swing  it properly. We think that the one of the key’s  for  improving  technique and learning how to hold a golf club properly is to choose the right equipment which suits exactly for you.

The right driver for you

Beginners usually complain that their drives will draw or fade quite considerably and they usually will blame their own drivers for that. The reason behind why your shoot hooks even when you do not want it is because you may don’t know how to hold a golf club properly. A good drive is when your hand is ahead of the ball upon the impact. You should be dragging the club head behind your swing. Beginners usually hold the golf club so rigidly that it ends up with their hands behind the ball on impact. This causes the wrong part of clubface to make contact with the ball. When choosing a driver you need to take in consideration if your drives tend to draw or fade. The ideal driver for beginner should have larger head and adjustable weight distribution, higher lofts, bendy shaft.

Fairway woods

These bad boys will help you get the ball into the green, or at least close to it. For beginners it is the best to choose steel club heads, as they are cheaper, so you can try out different lofts and find out which one suits you without spending too much money. As  for material, it is the best to choose graphite shafts that will bend and impart more force on the ball.


They will be most likely the most expensive clubs in your set, you really need to choose them wisely. For a beginner it will be hard to use the classic blade iron, and most likely the spending capacity for titanium and compound materials will be out of reach. The clear choice here is classic cast iron clubs with graphite shafts, they will be good teach how to swing a golf club. The graphite are more expensive but they can really help with the distance travelled by the ball so you should splurge on them a little.


Every beginner should at least consider replacing their long irons and high loft woods with their coefficient hybrids. The reason for this is because they can pull off some shots using fewer number of clubs in their arsenal and they won’t need to drag full set of clubs around the golf course. Also hybrids can be a great tool to help to learn how to hold a golf club. When getting a hybrids make sure they are consistent with the rest of your clubs. For example, if you are planning  to replace your long irons with corresponding  hybrids, make sure their lofts are the same. Also keep the shaft material consistent. If your irons are from graphite, choose the graphite for hybrids too.


Choosing the right wedges is similar process to choosing irons. But you need to pay attention to bounce angle when choosing them.


Putters will be the most likely the most used clubs in your set, especially if your short game is not that great. Putters put more emphasis on accuracy than on power. You don’t really need power when putting. What you need is finesse. Putters have 3 design types- classic blade putter, half- mallet putter and mallet putter. It is better to choose steel shafts for putters as shaft flex is unnecessary here. Also, it will again teach the correct way how to hold a golf club. One thing with putter shafts is that they are not always straight as an arrow’s. Beginners should choose mallet head putters because it is much easier to use them. And for the design it is better to take offset shaft because it is easier to line up shot with them.


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