Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrids Review.

Welcome to my Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid.

The Rogue ST Max Hybrid is one of the 4 Hybrids in the Callaway Rogue ST lineup released for 2022.

In this review, we’ll be looking at the overall performance of this Club, touching also on some of the key features and technologies that go into this Club as well as what kind of players the Rogue ST Max Hybrid can accommodate.

This should help you decide if this Club is a good fit for your game or not.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid Review – Introduction.


Rogue ST Max Hybrid is Callaways longest Hybrid in the Rogue ST lineup, and has slightly stronger lofts, and is designed to suit the needs of players who want more speed, distance, and forgiveness in their Hybrids.

By and large, the new Rogue ST Max Hybrid is optimized for Ball speed, high launch, and more distance.

It is forgiving, though not as much as the Rogue ST Max OS or Max OS Lite, but definitely more forgiving than the Rogue ST Pro, which is a model designed for the more experienced players.

It also slightly draws bias and is a good fit for those who need it.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

There are keys features and technologies in this new Rogue ST Max Hybrid that make delivery such great performance.

Firstly is the Jailbreak System.

Callaway applied the A. I redesigned Jailbreak technology on all of its newest lines of the Rogue ST Clubs including the Rogue ST Max Hybrid to promote more speed and stability.

Here, the two jailbreak frames have been redesigned and pushed to the perimeter to create stiffness, at the same time allowing the face to flex for high speeds.

Also, there is the all-new A. I Faced optimization for more speed, launch, and spin.

Here, Callaway applied the new A. I Face optimization to the 455 Face Cup that includes speed, launch, and spin and is customized for each model and each loft.

Furthermore, for even more speed and optimal launch, Callaway used upto 24 grams of precision Tungsten weighting that allows for precise CG location to deliver optimal launch and increase ball speed.


Standard Specifications.

There are 4 different loft options available with the Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid all of which have fixed hosel, meaning no fine-tuning to your desired position.

For the Shaft and grip, Callaway is using the True Temper Project X Cypher Black 50 gram light, and the Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Blue 60 gram-Regular, 70-gram Stiff flex, as the standard stock graphite shaft.

Callaway Diamon Universal Black/Grey,46g, 51g is the standard stock grip.


Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid Full specifications.

3H 18° RH / LH 40.50″ 58.0° D2
4H 20° RH / LH 40.00″ 58.5° D2
5H 23° RH / LH 39.50″ 59.0° D2
6H 26° RH ONLY 39.00″ 59.5° D2



Image Credit: Callaway golf.

Unlike the ST Pro Hybrid, this Club is quite larger, with a more rounded back and the face looks more square, with a clean finish, just like all of the other Club in the new Rogue ST lineup.


The Rogue ST Max Hybrid delivers great performance, high launch, faster ball speeds, and added carriage distance compared to the ST Pro Hybrid.


The Rogue ST Max Hybrid is quite forgiving, much more forgiving than the Rogue ST Pro Hybrid.

Both the Tungsten weighting and the new A. I jailbreak technology is all optimized to increase forgiveness in the Rogue ST Max Hybrid.

Speeds & Distance.

The Rogue ST Max Hybrid is designed with Speeds technology to enhance ball speeds more than the previous models, and of course, fastball speeds lead to more carriage distance.

I was really impressed with the clubhead speed and the distance gained from the Rogue ST Max Hybrid.

Swinging at 94mph I got about 8-12 added yards and was quite consistent hitting the 3 Hybrid.

What others are saying about this Club.

There are quite a number of reactions and feelings expressed by the golfing community on the new Rogue ST Max Hybrids.

Interestingly, most reviews are way more positive than earlier predicted.



  • The Rogue ST Max Hybrid is very forgiving compared to the Rogue ST Pro.
  • It is also optimized for increased ball speed and distance.
  • It’s easy to launch.


  • Most well-skilled players find it difficult to enjoy these clubs designed to help newcomers and less skilled players as they most times are not as workable as desired.

Who Can Play The Rogue ST Max Hybrid?

So, what kind of golfer should be playing the Rogue ST Max Hybrid?

Clearly, the Rogue ST Max Hybrid is a game improvement club and is designed for improving players who need help swinging the ball farther.

More skilled players might want to play this Club but shouldn’t expect much workability/ Control.


Where To Buy The Rogue ST Max Hybrid.

If you are looking for the very best and most convenient place to shop for your golf equipment and in particular, this Club, you may want to go visit your local store where golf equipment is sold.

However, for Convenience’s Sake, I recommend you check the Callaway brand store on Amazon to order your Rogue ST Max Hybrid and other golf equipment by Callaway.


Conclusively, the Rogue ST Max Hybrid as the longest Callway Club in the Rogue ST Category is designed and optimized for fast ball speeds and added distance.

It is for people who favor speeds and Distance, and maybe draw bias.


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