Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review.

Welcome to the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review.

The ST Max driver is one of the 4 models of the ST Max version released recently by Callaway for 2022. In this review, I intend to go through the setup of the Rogue ST Max Driver, looking at the technology, the forgiveness, Speeds, and all that.

This will help you determine if the Rogue St Max Drivers would be a good fit for your game and if it will help you enjoy more success on the course and play better golf.


Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver Review – Introduction.

The Rogue ST Max Driver is regarded as the most forgiving Driver of the ST models released by Callaway for 2022.

It is the highest MOI Head with a slight draw bias, combines massive distance and maximum forgiveness better than any ST Max Model, and is designed to accommodate players of all skill levels – High, mid-low handicappers as well as very skilled players.


Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review – Basic Features/Technology.

The Rogue ST Max Drivers, like all the other Models in the ST MAX versions, has a lot of technology to bring it to the stage it is.

Talking about Technology, Callaway is using the New Tungsten speed cartridge structure that places up to 26 grams low and deep into the driver’s head for increased speed on off-center hits and increased forgiveness level through the high MOI.

Also, there is the new A. I designed a jailbreak speed frame that provides stability to the horizontal and torsional direction through the twisting on off-center hits.

Also, Callaway has speed-turn construction, shaping, and positioning to deliver more speed across the face.

The Titanium Unibody construction provides more stability and lowers the CG for more forgiveness.

While the triaxial Carbon crown and sole allow for weight to be saved and redistributed to increase forgiveness, high launch, and draw bias.


Standard Specifications.

The Rogue ST Max provides 3 loft options, from the , 10.5°, and 12°.

They are adjustable in the hostel so the lift can be fine-tuned to suit individual needs as shown in the specification table below.

Callaway is offering three different shaft options as standard stock shafts.

You got the New Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 55 Graphite, the new Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 Graphite, and the new Mitsubishi Tensei white, as the standard stock graphite shafts.

Callaway is using the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (50g) as the standard stock Grip.

There are options for Customization as well.

Listed Below is the full specification of the Rogue ST Max Driver.

ADJUSTABLE (8°-11°) RH / LH 45.75″ 60° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3 (40/50G)
10.5° ADJUSTABLE (9.5°-12.5°) RH / LH 45.75″ 60° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3 (40/50G)
12° ADJUSTABLE (11°-14°) RH / LH 45.75″ 60° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3 (40/50G)



The Rogue ST Max looks fairly long from front to back and has the same appearance as the Rogue ST Max LS Driver.

The Rogue ST Max Driver looks beautiful in all honestly, but not the most beautiful Driver out there by design especially when you put them head to head with, let’s say the Taylormade Stealth Drivers.



The Rogue ST Max Driver, and indeed the entire Rogue ST Model, are designed to deliver great performance, with industry-leading innovation and technology such as Tungsten Speed Cartridge, Jailbreak Speed Frame, etc pushing it all the way for maximum performance.




The ST Max Drivers offer the highest MOI and are the most forgiving of the 4 Rogue ST Models, and by far, the most forgiving Callaway Drivers, ever.

This is all thanks to the tungsten technology, Jailbreak Speed Frame, and the A. I powered Flash Face which allows for a lower spin, increases the speed, and provides maximum forgiveness.

More so, the Unibody construction allows for stability and forgiveness.

Speeds & Distance.

The Rogue ST Max delivers great speeds, though not as much as the ST Max LS Drivers earlier reviewed.

The A.I Powered Flash Face allows launch and spins to be added to the Clubface for more speed and forgiveness.

Increased forgiveness means starters in golf have a chance to play the Rogue ST Max Drivers.



What Others Are Saying About The Rogue ST Max Drivers Review.

As expected, there are quite a handful of reactions and feedback from golfers and Callaway lovers all over.

The major point of interest for most people is the technology that brought about the increase in forgiveness and speed.

Most people confirmed they experienced more success and distance with the Rogue ST Max Driver than any other Driver they have tried.



  • The first thing I love about this Driver is, it its extremely Forgiving and can be played by every golfer, even starters.


  • It has high spin and might not be suitable for highly skilled Players.

Where To Buy The Rogue ST Max Drivers.

There are tons of places you can get your Rogue ST Max Driver, and that includes the Callaway official website.

But for convenience purposes, I will always recommend shopping for your favorite ST Max Driver at the site.


Conclusion about Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review

The first golf club every golfer should have before heading to the course should be the Driver.

As a beginner golfer looking to have his first Driver, I can’t think of any better Driver out there to have in your bag than the Rogue ST Max Driver from Callaway.

As a regular golfer looking to increase distance, and forgiveness, the Rogue ST Max Driver provides a very good option, with maximum forgiveness combined with Distance and speed.

Let’s hear from you if you have played the Rogue ST Max Driver, drop a comment below sharing your take on the new offer from Callaway.

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