Callaway rogue st max driver review

Welcome to my Callaway Rogue St Max driver review.

Callaway released four(4) versions of the Rogue ST driver model and the ST Max D Driver is the Draw Bias model of the Rogue ST Version.

In this review, it is my intent to go through the features including the look, performance, and forgiveness as well as the technologies that are infused into the Rogue ST Max D driver.

This will help to determine if the ST Max D drivers are a good fit for your game and if getting them would help you enjoy more success on the course.


Callaway rogue st max driver review – Introduction.

As the game of golf evolves and embraces technology, equipment manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve on previous versions of the clubs in response to the never-ending desire of golfers to experience more success on the course.

In response to the need of golfers especially those looking for more forgiveness in a driver, Callaway released the Rogue ST Models to help golfers of every skills level find success in their games.

  • Rogue ST Max Drivers is our highest MOI, designed for players of all skill level and is the most forgiving of all the ST Max Model.
  • The Rogue ST Max D Drivers is designed for players looking for a Maximum level of forgiveness from their Driver.
  • Rogue ST Max LS Drivers is a low spin high MOI designed to accommodate mid to -low handicap players.
  • The Rogue ST ◊◊◊LS (Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS Driver) is a low-spin option for better players(More skillful players). It’s also the latest evolution of the Callaway TOUR-designed Drivers.

As stated earlier, the Rogue ST Max D promises to offer the maximum level of forgiveness for players who are looking for more forgiveness for their Driver.


Callaway Rogue ST Max D Drivers review – Basic Features/Technology.

Looking at the features and technology deployed by Callaway in the Rogue ST Max D driver, you might some similarities in the entire line of the Rogue ST model.

You’ve got the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge features 26g low and deep in the clubhead to enhance speed, stability, and MOI(Moment Of Inertia).



Standard specification.

There are three loft options available, the , 10.5°, and 12°.

Callaway is using the Project X Cypher as their 40 grams graphite standard stock shaft, and the Mitsubishi Chemical Tensir AV-Xlink Blue as their 50 gram grahite standard stock shaft.

They are also using the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 as the standard stock grip.

There is a provision for customization should anyone want.


ADJUSTABLE (8°-11°) RH / LH 45.75″ 60° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3 (40/50G)
10.5° ADJUSTABLE (9.5°-12.5°) RH / LH 45.75″ 60° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3 (40/50G)
12° ADJUSTABLE (11°-14°) RH / LH 45.75″ 60° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3 (40/50G)



Rogue ST Max D drivers have similar beauty, with a fabulous color combination that includes mat-black and gold aesthetics, and it’s really beautiful.




The Callaway Rogue ST Max D was designed by A.I, and is built for very high MOI, with a reduced face progression, and a more upright lie, and delivers massive performance on the course; maximum level of forgiveness meaning less slice for those that struggle with it.

Off-center hits felt like every other hit across the face and the feedback is great, same feel and sound as the regular Rogue ST Max.



The Rogue ST Max D is built for maximum forgiveness, and with a groundbreaking new Tungsten Speed Cartridge structure placed up to 20 grams low and deep in the driver’s head, you naturally experience more forgiveness even on off-center hits, through high MOI.


Speed & Distance.

One of the most important elements of a golf driver is the carry distance and the Rogue ST Max D driver delivers.

On average, 101 MPH ballspeeds and a carry distance of 245 yards is great for the ST D driver.

Remember, the entire Rogue ST models are built to deliver faster speed and more distance.


What Others Are Saying About The Rogue ST MAx D Driver.

image credit: Callaway

We gathered quite a number of feedback and reviews from dent Callaway lovers with the majority having more positive things to say about the Rogue ST Max D driver.

The first impression most people have is the beautiful color combination that makes the Rogue ST Max D driver, and indeed all the Rogue ST Models.

The fact that the Rogue ST Max D driver is forgiving has gotten a 5 star rating from many people including double-digit handicap players who wish to experience the feeling of a Draw bias.



  • The Rogue ST Max D drivers are very forgiving and great for golfers looking for more forgiveness in their driver.
  • Looks beautiful in the bag.
  • Speed and Distance is great.
  • The price is moderate for such a premium club.


  • Low spin means less workability, and that a minus for some skilled players

Where To Buy The Rogue ST Max D Driver.

There are tons of places to buy your favorite Callaway Driver, the ST Max D, and that includes visiting the Callaway shop.

If you love shopping on, as I do, then you would want to check the Callaway store on Amazon for your Rogue ST Max D driver.

So, for a better shopping experience and for convenience’s sake, my best-recommended place to buy your Rogue ST Maz D driver is on Amazon.



If maximum forgiveness without compromising other functionalities, is what you want, the Rogue ST Max D Driver delivers much more than that, Callaway has taken forgiveness to the extreme leaving you to desire nothing more.

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  • 73years old I have used every driver on the market the Callaway rogue st max d is the best dam driver you can buy thumbs up to pro golf in tupelo ms


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