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Callaway Epic Max star Irons Review.

In order to help slow-speed singers play better golf and have more success getting to ball up and farther from tee-off, Callaway golf designed a set of Club models call the Epic Max star.

In this Callaway Epic Max star Irons Review, MS Kindy takes you through the makeup of the Epic max star irons to see what performance to expect from this much talked about Callaway new Clubs.

This review also touches if some of the key features and technologies deployed into this irons as well as the kind of players that might want to play in this Club.

Hopefully, this will help you to decide if this Club is a good fit for your game.

Callaway Epic Max star Irons Review – Introduction.

The Epic max irons are one of the Clubs in the Epic max star Family. Other Clubs in the lineup include the Epic max star driver reviewed HERE, the Epic max star Hybrid, and the Epic max star Fairway.

There is also the Epic max star Irons, drivers for women.

The entire clubs in this Callaway new lineup are ultra-light and easy to launch.

For golfers that might not have the strength and agility to swing like a Tour player, these irons can be the perfect plug to help them launch the ball high with the fast speed needed to take the ball far.

Callaway Epic Max star Irons Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

The Epic max irons feature similar features and technologies across the entire 2021 Epic max star family of clubs.

For easy launch and increased forgiveness, the Engineers at Callaway have implemented a split tungsten weighting into the Epic MAX Star Irons to promote an easier launch while also improving forgiveness.

Also, for enhanced speed, Callaways A. I Powered unique Flash Face architecture in each iron in the set creating high CORs for fast ball speeds and improved spin robustness for every club. This set is designed to deliver maximum distance, exactly the way you want, and with even better control in an ultra-lightweight, game-improvement offering.

Not only that, Callaway, in the Epic MAX Star Irons, takes craftsmanship to a whole new level with beautifully designed Irons with precision and finished with a striking Black Plasma PVD that will no doubt inspire confidence in every golfer, reduces glare, and helps properly frame the club behind the ball.

Finally, you’ve got the ultra-premium ATTAS Speed Series Shaft as standard stock, and the Winn Dri-Tac Lite Grip as the standard stock grips, all ultra-light and designed to save additional weight.

Standard Specifications.

Callaway is using lightweight shafts and grips for all of her Epic Max Star line of clubs including the Epic Max Star Irons.


Table showing the Full Specifications, starting from the 5 iron down to the Pitching Wedge, the Approach Wedge, the Gap Wedge, and the Sand Wedge.

5 23° RH / LH 38.50″ 61.0° 4.1 D1
6 26° RH / LH 38″ 61.5° 3.6 D1
7 30° RH / LH 37.50″ 62.0° 3.0 D1
8 34° RH / LH 37″ 62.5° 2.8 D1
9 38° RH / LH 36.50″ 63.0° 2.7 D1
PW 42° RH / LH 36″ 63.5° 2.5 D1
AW 47° RH / LH 35.75″ 64.0° 2.4 D1
GW 53° RH / LH 35.75″ 64.0° 2.4 D1
SW 58° RH / LH 35.75″ 64.0° 2.4 D1


This Clubs looks great in the bag and at the address.

The irons kind of look wide especially the sole area, more like a Hybrid.

The Aesthetical design of these irons is quite appealing, in my opinion, with a Matte-Black finishing.

Overall, it’s a great-looking club both in the bag and behind the ball.



The Epic max star Irons delivers premium performance on the course.

This set is just beautifully crafted, it delivers great performance, and are easy to launch with forgiveness and distance characteristics.

You get pure sound and at impact, you get that incredible forged feeling across all the irons in the set.


These Irons are designed to offer excellent levels of support to help golfers get the ball easily in the air and farther.

Off-center strikes feel as good as any good strike.

The implementation of the split tungsten weighting into the Epic MAX Star Irons is not just for easier launch but also for increased forgiveness.

Speeds & Distance.

Speeds and distance are important elements of any Club designed to help players achieve more distance.

By virtue of the technologies in the Epic max star Irons, using the A.I. Designed Flash Face Cups, this iron set delivers great distance and even better control.

I actually discovered I got about 12 more yards playing the 7 irons against the 8 irons in the Mavrik Irons.

What Others Are Saying about the Epic max star Irons.

This has got to be the most positive feedback I get from people who are playing the new Epic max star, Irons., with over 60% recommending the Epic max star irons over other sets of lightweight irons from other top brands on the market.

The general rating hovers around 4.5 stars with many hinging their generous rating on the bases of how easy it is to hit the Epic max star irons, especially for a slow speed swinger.

Added distance is another factor many gave a 4.5 stars rating.

Overall, the Epic max star irons have got great ratings from people with many recommending it, especially for those looking for a set of irons for slow swingers.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Easy to hit.
  • Very forgiving.
  • Outstanding Speed and distance.
  • Pure Sound and Feel.
  • Lightweight shafts and grips.


  • The price is a little higher compared to other lightweight irons.

Who Can Play The Epic Max star, Irons?

These Irons are obviously designed for players who might not or no longer have the strength of a Tour player to hit clubs with heavier Clubhead.

Very senior players in their 70s and above who might not have the strength of yesteryears might find this club extremely exciting.

What Is The Price of Callaway Epic Max star Irons?

Although lightweight Clubs are known to be a little lower in price than the normal Clubs, however, with the new Epic max star Clubs, there seems to be a shift.

The entire line of Clubs in the Epic max star family comes at a premium price, more than an average lightweight Clubs.

The Epic Max star Irons cost from $ 2,449.93$ 2,799.99 depending on the number of Clubs in the set, I guess.

Where To Buy The Callaway Epic Max star, Irons?

There are several places you can buy your golf clubs including the Epic max star Irons.

But for the best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place is the Callaways Brand Store on Amazon.


Conclusively, the Epic max star irons present the ultimate in lightweight performance, a perfect choice for senior golfers in their 70s plus who might not have the strength to swing clubs with more weight.

These irons are not your everyday lightweight irons, they deliver premium performance, nothing compared to any I have played before.

The prices are a little on the high side and if you are on a tight budget, this might not be a great choice for you.


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