Best taylormade irons for mid handicap

So, in this post, we are going to be looking at the Best TaylorMade irons for mid handicap.

In other words, what we will be attempting to look at is, what sort of TaylorMade irons are suitable or more fitting for golfers whose handicap level is in the median(not high and also not low).

For start, most golfers whose handicap level is midway would want irons that could help them reduce the numbers, and improve their performance overall.

Irons that offer more forgiveness, more distance, and premium performance.

But as I have always maintained, golf clubs alone can not do much, you need to put in the work in order to advance your game and get to that top level you want. With good and suitable clubs, it will be a little easier for you.

clubs that can give you a comfortable feel, fast drive, fewer offsets, and generally make your life on the green a little easier.

Luckily, there are dozens of clubs designed by modern equipment manufacturers that can offer you what you want and much more.

Looking at Taylormade golf irons, they have been known over the years to always exceed expectation, as innovation and technology has made Taylormade deliver top-notch golf irons to meet modern golfers’ expectation.

Who Is a Mid-handicapper?

Before listing out the irons made by Taylormade we feel are suitable for mid-handicappers, let’s, first of all, know who a mid-handicapper is.

Any golfer who plays off a handicap of between 7,8 up to 17, 18 is said to be a mid handicapper.

What it means is, that you break can 90 consistently, or consistently break 80.

5 of the best TaylorMade irons for mid handicap

Below are some fantastic, TaylorMade irons that not only offer fewer offsets and more forgiveness which every mid-handicap player wants; they also offer premium performance, exceptional feel, sound, and of course more distance, exactly what every mid-handicap player wants.


1. Taylormade M6

 best taylormade irons for a mid handicap
This arguably is one of the best irons for mid-handicappers.
The m6 iron is an upgrade from the m4 and offers some fantastic features like more speed, exceptional feel, and sound, and is optimized for forgiveness and playability.

Features of Taylormade M6:

Here are some interesting features of the Taylormade m6 iron that made them an interesting buy.

  1. More Speed With Speed Bridge.

The M6 iron is designed to offer more speed than ever with the new speed bridge, and with the additional stiffness in the head, the m6 iron is structured to reduce energy loss at impact, and this helps to offer more ball speed.

Not only that, the face designed using inverted cone technology makes it look ultra-thin yet delivers such an incredible speed.

2. Exceptional Sound and Feel.

The use of an advanced HYBRAR compression damper helps to filter unwanted face vibration effectively, offering exceptional feels and sound on impact.

also, low-frequency vibration is reduced with the aid of a speed bridge giving a more satisfying sound on shots.

3. Forgiveness and Playability.

The m6 iron is also highly optimized to offer forgiveness and playability by lowering the CG, and this helps to increase the launch angle and ball speed.

Pros of M6:
  • Optimized for forgiveness and playability.
  • Designed to offer less offset, a comfortable feel, and sound at impact.
  • More ball speed with speed bridge.
  • Lower CG, meaning a boost in ball speed and of course, launch angle.
  • Few complaints about the durability as few scratches were noticed after just 2 or 3 rounds of the game.


2. Taylormade M2 Men’s Irons set.

Taylormade golf iron for a mid handicap

If you are looking for an iron that is a little longer than the m6 and offers more forgiveness and distance, then your pick should be the Taylormade m2 men’s iron set.

This iron has some unique features that set them apart from other sets and brands.

For example, it’s one of the longest irons even if you compare it with those focused on distance.

Just like the m2 driver, the iron set also has a special emphasis on distance and trajectory and is highly recommended to handicappers especially as it offers more forgiveness compared to game improvement irons.

Taylormade M2 Key features.

If you are going to go with the whole set of the m2 irons, you are going to have a set consisting of 4 – to – 9 irons, a PW(Pitching Wedge), AW(Attack/gap Wedge), SW(Sand Wedge), and LW(Lob Wedge).

With the 2017 Taylormade m2 iron set, you can choose to go with either iron or graphite shafts.

Whichever option you choose, they are all designed to give you high-launching ball flights.

Ultra-Thin speed pocket:

The 2017 m2 iron set sees the 4- to – 7 irons wearing a  new, ultra-thin speed pocket, and the face looks a little large and unsupported and can maximize ball speed.

  • The Taylormade M2 men’s iron has a unique feature in Face Slots that helps to preserve ball speed on shots that are struck from the heel or toe.
  • Has a shallower and thinner blade height that, together creates a compact look.
  • Has a lighter fluted hosel that saves weight, and creates a lower, deeper CG.
  • Geocoustic engineering to enhance sound and feel.


  • It good looking and designed with high tech modern and classy designs and is highly durable.
  • Optimized for forgiveness and playability.
  • More distance and exceptional ball speeds.
  • Quality shafts.
  • Use of Face slot technology.


  • Might look a little pricey for those on a budget.


3 TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

best taylormade irons for a mid handicap

Although this iron looks a little pricey, especially for those on a budget, it is absolutely an amazing forged iron from Taylormade that offers premium functionality.

It is designed to bring in the foam-filled speed of P790 long irons with the looks and feel of the P750/P770 short irons, offering golfers more forgiveness and speed.

The architectural design of the 3- to -7 irons in the set has a thin,speed-foamed face and hallowed body that controls sound and boosts speed and distance.


Here are some key features of the new improved P790.

The P790 has 3 major distinct features that set her apart from other similar irons.

Speedforam, Forged hollow body, and Low profile tungsten weight that offers optimal Center of Gravity performance.

  • SpeedFoam: The new P790 is truly amazing and features an ultra-light urethane foam injected inside the clubhead aimed to push the design limits of face speed and at the same time improve the feel.
  • Forged hollow body: The body is designed with a thinner, wrapped around forged 4140 faces, and is designed to deliver more distance and improve accuracy and, of course, forgiveness.

Low Profile Tungsten weighting: This is designed to give you a lower CG and higher launch.

Others are thru speed pocket which is a flexible speed pocket designed to maximize ball speed and to provide more forgiveness, especially on low-face shots.


  • Very forgiving with an amazingly great feel and sound.
  • Optimized for low CG and higher launched.
  • Consistent Speed and accuracy.
  • Feel and sound is optimized, with no vibration.
  • Great for mid, low, and zero handicappers.


  • Apart from it being a little pricey, this set is absolutely a great buy.


4. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

 best taylormade irons for a mid handicap

If you are looking for an iron set made by Taylormade that gives you an amazing feel and sound, and that offers forgiveness, then the SIM MAX irons are what you should be you must pick.

I particularly love the look and the features embodied in these sets and everything they offer.

It looks like a direct replacement for the M6 with a bigger sweet spot and a new ECHO dampener to eliminate vibration and enhance playability.

It’s a great pick for a mid-handicapper.

Features of The SIM MAX Iron.

Here are some amazing features of the Taylormade SIM MAX iron worth looking at.

  • Bigger sweet spot. Compared to the M6 iron, the SIM MAX iron has a sweet spot that has been made larger by up to 40%. This is made possible by employing the use of progressive inverted cone technology.
  • Good Sound and an amazing feel, comparable to tour-level P760 forged players iron.
  • Good Vibration by expanding the ECHO Damping System across the entire face, from heel to toe, which eliminates harsh vibration at impact and gives a sweet sound and feel.
  • Speed Bridge technology is deployed to support the topline of the iron, improve distance offer more forgiveness, and improve sound and feel.


  • Optimized for accuracy and forgiveness.
  • No harsh vibration, good sound, and feel.
  • Explosive distance, and improved ball speed.
  • The increased sweet spot promotes straighter ball flight.


  • Non, except for people on a tight budget, the item might be a little pricey.


5. SIM MAX OS Iron 

This iron set seems to be the strongest lofted iron set from Taylormade.

The TaylorMade SIM MAX OS has everything the SIM MAX has, with what seems to be the difference being the oversized iron head.

Another thing that differentiates the SIM MAX OS from the SIM MAX is that this set has a taller face that is designed to offer stability, a wider sole, and a larger sweet spot.

Features of SIM MAX OS.

  • The SIM MAX Os has a taller face, about 1mm taller, in comparison to the SIM MAX, and offers more offsets, with a low and back CG, and is optimized to give high and penetrating ball flights.
  • The shape is designed to offer more forgiveness, distance, and playability.
  • An advancement from what is obtained in the SIM MAX discussed above.


  • Offers more forgiveness, distance, and playability.
  • Stronger, comparable only with Callaway Rogue X.
  • Designed to offer increased distance and forgiveness, especially on low-face strikes.
  • Zero harsh vibration, meaning improved sound and feel.


  • Might be a little pricey, especially for people on a budget.


Conclusion about best taylormade irons for mid handicap

Although there are lots of other irons made by Taylormade that might equally be good for a mid-handicapper, these 5 irons are absolutely great, going by our research, and the few people we were able to generate our review from.

So, if you are interested in trying out Taylormade irons as a mid handicapper, and you are looking for irons that offer more offset, more forgiveness and that would give you optimum comfort and confidence on the green, you might want to look at the 5 listed irons above to find the best TaylorMade irons for mid handicap!

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