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6 Best Mid Handicap Irons

In today’s Best Mid Handicap Irons post, we are going to be looking at golf clubs meant for those whose handicap level is at midrange.

Club manufacturers are narrowing down their approach to club production so as to meet every golfer’s need.

And with technology widely deployed in manufacturing modern golf equipment, every player, irrespective of their skill level would have suitable equipment for their level.

Decades ago, it would have been difficult to find golf clubs for such a narrow segment of players, but not any longer as there are lots of options to choose from, for mid-range handicap players.

Before we proceed, let’s look at who a mid Handicapper is.

Handicap system.

First of all, handicap simply implies the measure of a player’s ability or potential, measured in numeric order, that enables him or her to play against an opponent with varying abilities. The handicap system was introduced to create a level playing ground among players of varying capabilities.

When a player with a high handicap, say 18 handicaps is playing against an opponent with low handicaps, say 12, the player with a low handicap must give the one with a higher handicap 3 strokes. This helps in creating a level playing field for all.

It is therefore critical for every golfer to know his or her handicap level.

Mid Handicap

So, who is a mid handicap Golfer?

Any golfer that has a handicap of around 7 through to 20 is regarded as a mid-handicapper. What that means is, they can generally shoot 90 on every round.

Simply put, any player playing on a par 72 golf course, and who consistently shoots 90 is said to have a handicap of 18, and that is in a mid-range.

And this is actually a good score. Shooting 90 consistently on 18 hole golf course is not bad at all.

These categories of players, over time and with constant practice can lower their handicap to a considerable level until eventually, they have much lower or even zero handicaps.


1. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

The Taylormade p790 is an improvement from the original one and offers more ball speed than the original one and looks clearer and more appealing.
Not only that; it also has a larger-than-average blade, and everyone who has used this iron would confirm it has the feel and looks, exactly like the players’ iron.
For players with a mid handicap, this set is exactly what they need to move up their game and reduce their handicap level.
Armed with some awesome features like forgiveness, this iron set is what every golfer needs.


  • Designed to maximize ball speed and forgiveness even on low-face shots.
  • Titanium clubhead and Super lightweight hollow body made to improve speed and provide forgiveness.
  • Higher handicap players can also enjoy this club set because of the game improvement features.
  • Clean and classic design.


  • Might be a little too pricey for those on a tight budget.


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2. Wilson Staff Golf  Blades (8 piece Set)


 Looking for that classy iron set as a mid-handicapper? This definitely should catch your attention, as most mid-range handicap players are especially with the design which is to offer more forgiveness and more distance.

If you are looking for a club that would give you an ultimate feel and control, a club that is optimized to keep the club out of the grass and on

the ball with every hit, a club that is optimized to give you precise control that would allow you to hit with ease, and of course confidence, a club that deploys

technology to eliminate all the unnecessary weight in the hosel, giving way for a larger head and wider sole for increased playability.

If, as a mid handicap player you desire any or all of these, then that club definitely is the Wilson staff Men’s staff Right-handed blade.


  • Offers amazing feel and control.
  • Optimized for easy hit, precision, and distance.
  • Optimized to keep the clubs out of the grass and on the ball which allows for a more consistent hit.


  • A great product but unfortunately might be a little too pricey for some people especially beginners on a tight budget.
  • Looks like it’s designed mainly for the men folks.
  • For right-handed people.


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3. Titleist 718 AP3 Iron Set 2018 Right 4-PW True Temper AMT Black Steel S300

What started as a dream after a missed putt on an afternoon with friends has gradually turned into something huge with the Titleist range of golf equipment.

The 718 AP3 iron set is easier to hit and offers amazing features including being more forgiving and is designed for mid-handicap players.

It looks like a deviation from the AP2 which is regarded as the “players iron”, and is the least forgiving of the 718 APs range.

Of course, you understand most players of high and mid handicaps use irons that are more forgiving while for pros, it doesn’t really matter which irons, forgiveness or not, the skill set covers all.

Take Out:

  • Clubs Name: Titleist 718 AP3( There is AP1, AP2).
  • Shaft Flex: Regular
  • Shaft Material: Steel



  • More forgiving than the 718 AP2 but offers both the forgiveness and distance of AP1 and AP2.
  • High MOI that promotes higher ball speed
  • It’s said to be the longest and fastest ‘player iron’ ever from Titleist.
  • Loved by mid-handicap players and can also be used as a high-handicap club.
  • Very durable.



  • Good for only right-handed players.

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4. Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Iron Set

The desire of every mid handicap golfer is to progressively move up and lower their handicap level. With a suitable iron set to match their skill level, mid-handicap players can actually do fantastic stuff on the golf course.

The Cleveland Launcher CBX is what every mid-handicapper needs.

Stylishly designed with a lighter weight shaft that is easier to launch compared to other similar brands, the Cleveland launcher CBX iron set provides improved forgiveness, with a high balance point for more speed that takes you closer to the green anywhere on the course, now that’s amazing.

This iron set is a game-changer and every mid-handicap golfer’s choice.

  • Designed to offer exceptional ball speed taking you closer to the green from anywhere on the course.
  • lighter weight shaft that promotes easy hit clubhead and longer distance.
  • Provide more forgiveness than similar brands.


  • Made for men.
  • Might be a little pricey for those on a low budget.


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5. Cobra Golf Men’s speed back Iron set.


Looking for a golf iron that combines both distance and forgiveness as a mid-handicap golfer? This is exactly what you need.

The Kingf9 is not just your everyday iron but one designed for improved performance.

A revolutionary product that Used speed back technology to optimize low CG and high MOI (Moment Of Inertia) for true distance with forgiveness, exactly what every mid-handicapper needs.

With the deployment of Speedback technology that allows the shape to have more mass to the low and a bit wide on both the toes and heels and when you combine that with up to 33g of tungsten in all of the 4-through to 7-irons, you will notice an incredible increment in the MOI, up to maybe 8-10%.

The result of this is that there will be more stability leading to improvement in ball speed.



  • A Forged E9 Pwrshell Face is designed to give more energy to the ball for higher launch thereby increasing the ball speed.
  • The lightweight materials dampen vibrations and increase a softer and more responsive feel, the type found only in-game improvement irons. This is a great plus.
  • Built to increase MOI and improve ball speed, and distance and to offer more forgiveness.


  • Non at the moment.


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6. Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set.

If you are looking for an amazing iron set with premium craftsmanship and awesome sound and feel plus distance and everything in between that makes an iron set topnotch, then I implore you to look no further as the Apex 19 iron set is your deal-breaker.
Apex 19 iron set is a product of Callaway, a brand synonym with class and quality, a brand that, over the years has manufactured clubs for tour winners including  Rory Mcllroy
The Apex 19 golf iron has been optimized to give both forgiveness and distance and with the graphite shaft, nothing could be more fun than having an easy hit.
An ultimate forged players’ distance iron, this club set is definitely worth investing in.
Little wonder, it was awarded 20 out of 20 stars in the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List.
  • Optimized for distance and playability.
  • Promotes fast ball speed for consistent distance.
  • Tungsten-infused and multi-material construction allows for easy location of the center of gravity with ultimate precision and way high ball flight.
  • Regular Flex and Graphite Shaft.


  • Too pricey for some people who just want a moral iron for practice.


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Final Thoughts about Best Mid Handicap Irons

So, there you have it, the best 6 golf irons for mid-handicappers. In selecting these irons, we deliberately left out some game improvement irons because, at this stage, most mid-handicap players already have enough skill to get the ball airborne and may not necessarily need some features of in-game improvement irons.
Having said that, there are still a lot more irons that didn’t make the cut here simply because we don’t have sufficient information about them.
And again, we tried as much as possible to narrow down so making a choice won’t be difficult for those looking to acquire some new sets of irons, especially as a new handicapper.

4 thoughts on “6 Best Mid Handicap Irons

  • Oh, sweet. Some other recommendations for mid handicap again. You know, I just went to calculate and I see that I am somewhere around this and maybe I too should be getting some new equipment to help my golfing. You have some good products here but which iron would you think is good for a beginner like me.

    • Clems Tarkper

      Hi, Payton

      As a beginner golfer, you might want to look for irons that offer some forgiveness and maybe some hybrids clubs.

      I am pretty sure your handicap level may be high as well so you want to look for clubs that can help you have fun while learning, irons that are easy to hit, and that, I suggest you should go for hybrids clubsinstead of the difficult long irons.

  • Thank you for sharing this here. Being a big-time learner already and having saved up to get my own golf kits, it feels good getting to see information like this here. Actually, I like the Wilson Staff Golf  Blades the most in here. It is never easy and seeing what you have shared makes me feel that a lot more is achievable for me in the long run with the right kits. Thanks

  • DigitallyRajesh

    Hello, Just seen your post “6 Best Mid Handicap Irons 2020”. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article. Being a big-it feels good getting to see information like this here. Actually, I like the Wilson Staff Golf Blades the most in here. It is never easy and seeing what you have shared makes me feel that a lot more is achievable for me in the long run with the right kits.


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