The best left handed golf clubs

So, in this post, we are going to base our focus on the best left-handed golf clubs.

You know how satisfying it is to Perfect the craft of playing golf with your left hand, as that will give you the feeling of superstar golf;  it will leave you feeling like an upgrade of Tiger woods while on the course. The major problem with this situation is that most golf clubs are not manufactured with left-handed players in mind.

As a left-handed golfer, you will have to look for top-class golf clubs that will enhance your game. Well, we bring you good news as top manufacturers in the golf gear industry also manufacture custom left-handed clubs. In the past, it may have been difficult to get your hands on one of these, but times have changed. The only hindrance you will likely encounter is that it will take you a great deal of time to go through the endless list of left-handed golf clubs online before you find one of your choices.


You do not have to bother about all that as we have gone through all of the stress for you and have narrowed down some of the best left-handed golf clubs for you. As usual, this list has been compiled based on performance, quality, and client preference.


1.The Callaway Diablo Edge 3 Hybrid.

If you are conversant with golf clubs, then you should be familiar with the Callaway brand. Callaway commands respect in the golf club manufacturing industry. The Callaway Diablo Edge 3 Hybrid was designed specifically for left-handed players with distance-improving, more forgiving substitute for irons. The professional design and manufacturing were built to enhance performance.


Aside from being an innovative golf gear, Callaway’s Diablo Edge 3 Hybrid also performs superbly. It has VFT technology that helps to increase the speed of your shot across the entire face. The clubs have a thick center with ultra-thin edges. From the way it is designed, to how it enhances your gameplay, everything about The Callaway Diablo Edge 3 Hybrid is to die for.



  • Versatile with an easy grip
  • Durable
  • Enhances speed and ensures consistency
  • Suitable for rookie golfers
  • Has a sturdy build


  • None sighted as at the time of writing.



2.The Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set By Callaway.

Callaway makes another consecutive entry in our list of best left-handed golf clubs, especially for beginners. This 12-piece club set comes with 3 wood, 5 irons, a driver, a mallet putter, a lightweight stand bag, and two headcovers.


Whatever you require to hit your golf ball with accuracy and precision is included in this golf club set. You will undoubtedly feel like a professional when you wield any club from this set that is meant to up your golf playing game.



  • Most suitable for tall players from 6ft and above
  • Built for accuracy and precision
  • Accompanied by a stylish bag
  • Headcovers
  • Complete golf set



  • Some individuals may find the bag heavy.



3.The Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16 Piece Complete Golf Set.

This is undoubtedly one of our favorite golf club sets, and if you are left-handed, then this set was custom-designed for you. This 16-piece set comes with a 15-degree fairway 3-wood, titanium-enhanced 10.5-degree driver with graphite shaft, and a 21-degree hybrid.


Better shots are ensured by the low profile design of the head, and you can hit the ball to a great distance with the help of the powerful 10.5 titanium driver with a graphite shaft. This golf club set is one of the most famous golf clubs set for left-handed golfers currently in the market. This set also includes a stand bag



  • Low priced but high in quality
  • Forgiving driver for rookie golfers
  • Complete set
  • High-quality stand bag with ample storage space



  • 5-wood is absent


4. The Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set.

This golf club set is designed to help beginner left-handed golfers up their game. The Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set comes with a 3 fairway wood, putter, a forgiving driver, irons, and hybrid.


If you are a beginner golfer standing at 6.2 or below, then we highly recommend these clubs for you. You will not only get extra forgiveness, but you will consistently strike the sweet spot. This club set has an amazing design. And most importantly, this is manufactured by Wilson; a brand renowned for only the best club sets. With these golf clubs, you will certainly continue to hit with more accuracy and precision. The Wilson Men’s Ultra is designed to help you control your strike distance and quicken your learning process.



  • A great choice for rookie golfers
  • Both right and left-handed players can use this set
  • It is quite affordable
  • Accompanied by a lovely golf bag
  • Built for precision and accuracy



  • None sighted


5.The Wilson Golf Ultra Men’s 9 Club Set

Wilson makes another entry in our list, this time with The Wilson Golf Ultra Men’s 9 Club Set. This is another impeccable left handed golf club set designed for the male golfers. The clubs in this set are easy to use and offer forgiveness. Balanced and well built with considerable weight for efficient and better shots.

A prominent feature of this set is its durability and accuracy



  • Balanced and adequately weighted
  • Offers great forgiveness
  • Quite affordable
  • Lightweight and ultra-durable
  • Easy to hit


  • Limited stock


6. The Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB

This golf club set is one of my favorite picks in this list despite its placement. The Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB has a visually appealing design. If you want to improve the height and distance of your shot, then this is your best bet due to its hollow construction; an outstanding feature most clubs cannot boast of.


The power and height of this club are evenly distributed thanks to the hollow construction. Additionally, the HiBore Crown of the product provides a steep CG placement for a better shot. The ht1770 steel face ensures extra strength while you play. This sort of product is preferred by several individuals instead of the usual hybrid-style clubs.



  • Hollow construction ensures lightweight
  • Modern and smart design
  • Increased shot distance
  • Feels great during play



  • The grip design appears to lag a log and needs improvement.



7. The Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set-Driver.

the best left handed golf clubs

Acquiring most golf clubs takes a lot of financial commitments, but you can get top-notch club sets on a healthy budget. If you have a budget, the Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set-Driver might be of great interest to you. This set comes with a 460cc driver that enhances the distance and accuracy of your shot. Additionally, you get a hybrid and 3-wood as part of the package.


Having to get protective covers for the good of your clubs may feel like an unnecessary cost that you might want to do away with or do at a later time. However, the Pinemeadow Men’s PGX comes with 3 custom headcovers despite its budget price. The visually appealing and elegant white finish of this club set will enhance your visibility for the address position. Budget club sets not only allow you to get better and enjoy the game, but it helps you achieve all of that without denting your account balance.



  • Comes with custom head covers
  • An impeccable choice for beginners
  • Greater visibility for the address position
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Bag is not included
  • You have to buy putter separately


8. The TaylorMade M2 Iron Set

The first thing you notice about these clubs is their sleek appearance. The TaylorMade M2 Iron set has several features that will give you a better shot. If better forgiveness from your irons is what you are looking for, then this is your best bet. The TaylorMade M2 Iron Set will eliminate your days of missing shots.


These irons ensure control over the distance of your shots due to their deep speed pocket and thinner top line as opposed to older models. If you want to improve significantly in your game, then the TaylorMade M2 will not disappoint you.



  • Perfect choice for ball speed
  • It is quite affordable
  • Great distance control
  • Produces low CG


  • Grips may dwindle or need to be replaced in short order



9.The Callaway Golf Men’s Apex CF16 Irons Set.

The Callaway Golf Men’s Apex CF16 Irons Set is a great choice for left-handed golfers. The pieces in this golf club set were painstakingly produced to ensure maximum performance. Callaway’s signature cup 360 technology is utilized during the production process to ensure each iron is of top quality.


In the golf gear industry, Callaway’s technique is one of the leading ones. This club set gives golfers better game via sole widths, notch weighting, ch height, and progressive offset.



  • Visually appealing design
  • Suitable for golf players at every level
  • Clubs help error reduction
  • Good, solid grip and feel



  • Has a small head compared to similar irons used for game improvement



10.The Winfield VERTEX Men’s Golf Package Set

The Winfield VERTEX Men’s Golf Package Set was specifically designed for left-handed golfers. It is a 12-package set that is equipped with complimentary heavy and oversized matrix drivers with graphite shaft.


The oversized iron (5-9) equipped with blade style putter and tour steel shafts will particularly appeal to you in this set. Every part of this golf club set looks suitable for any individual venturing into golf playing.



  • Explosive terms in the power department
  • Driver enhances forgiveness
  • Easy to hit 4-hybrid iron
  • Perfect choice for handicapped players


  • Not very durable, but perfect for rookie players




Differences Between Left-Handed And Right-Handed Golf Clubs


Golfers will find it difficult to swing a club like they swing croquet mallets. They have to stand either by the left or right side of the ball depending on their objective, this connotes that the clubhead has to be properly and specifically shaped for either a left or right-handed player. Should a left-handed player swing a right-handed club from the position he is used to; he will end up hitting the ball with the rear of the clubface.


Head Of The Clubs


If a right-handed club is placed on a flat surface with the rear of the club’s head flat on the surface with the club directly facing you, you will have the hosel facing the right. The hosel will face the left in a left-handed club. To strike the ball with the face of the club, a golfer making use of a right-handed club stands by the right side of the ball, from the target’s perspective, just like a right-handed baseballer faces the right side of the home plate from the perspective of the pitcher.


Components Of The Club.


One difference between left-handed and right-handed clubs aside putters is the head of the club. Neither grips nor shafts are precisely constructed for either a right or left-handed player. What this means is that a right-handed club head can be joined to any shaft to morph a club for right-handed players. This rule does not apply to putters because their shafts may be contorted. Several putter shafts are constructed either for a left or right-handed player.


Left-Handed Golfers Are Respected


Just as we have a large number of the world’s population as right-handed individuals, many golfers also fall into the right-handed category. However, top manufacturers produce left-handed versions of several golf clubs. Most instruction manuals for golf are specifically written with right-handed players in mind, what lefties do in this situation is that they follow the instructions in reverse.

Left-handed players, on the other hand, have formed their national organization (National Association of Left-Handed Golfers). This association of left-handed golfers holds a championship tournament annually.


Some Helpful Tips For Left-Handed Golfers.


  • Get The Appropriate Equipment


The foremost tip we will give you as a left-handed golfer is to get the best left-handed equipment for the sport because most of the equipment is made for right-handed golfers. In earlier days most left-handed individuals take up the sport of golf with equipment meant for right-handed players regardless of how it affected their gameplay and performance.


The good news is that we have listed a variety of golf club sets suitable for your specific needs and different skill set and levels. One misdemeanor that amateur golfers express is not to invest fully in their golf equipment. Playing with substandard gear will inadvertently cause you to play at a lower level than you are actually capable of. This can cause your zest for the sport to delineate.


  • Follow The Pros


The amounts of left-handed professionals on tour are few and far between, making it hard to know where to go to for motivation for tips as a leftie. However, the good thing for leftie golfers is that they do not need to search too deeply because they have Phil Mickelson; one of the most gifted and successful golfers of the last two decades.


Phil is known for not just having a large drive but also an impeccable short game. These make Phil one of the most intriguing golfers to follow, watch, and study.


  • Look For A Professional Golf Instructor Who Is Left-Handed


One other reason that has forced several golfers to play right-handed despite their left-handed tendencies, is because most of their coaches are right-handed.


We recommend that you should get an actual left-handed golf instructor to fully maximize your sills and potential and perform without trying to play like everyone else. This will be of great benefit to you because they do not only play in the same manner as you play but they will teach you according to your specific style without depending on the mirror or reverse technique.


  • Endeavor Your Long And Short Game Is Practiced


One important thing you should know as a left-handed golfer is to pay attention to your all-round game. One mistake rookie golfers make is placing their focus solely on their long game when they visit the driving range meanwhile low handicap players are aware that the short game is equally or even more imperative.


  • Engage In Left Handed Golf Drills


The final tip I am going to leave you with is to engage yourself in left-handed golf drills. By doing drills meant precisely for left-handed players, you will be able to improve your gameplay and overall awareness while on the course. What this means is that when you are amid right-handed golfers, you will play like the leftie that you are and be great at it.



 These ten golf club sets meant for left-handed golfers will aid your search for the most suitable one for you and put an end to your golf-playing troubles. If you are used to playing with right-handed clubs instead of the supposed left-handed clubs, then you should practice after purchasing the equipment to help you get used to it.

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