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What are the best Junior golf clubs

So, in this post today we are going to be looking at what are the best junior golf clubs and what you should consider when going for junior golf clubs.

But before then, let’s look at who is a junior golfer.

Who is a Junior Golfer?

A junior golfer, according to USGA(The United States Golf Association), is a golfer who has not reached their 19th birthday during a calendar year ending 31st December.

In the United States and Mexico, Junior golfers compete in games meant for amateur junior golfers and to be entered into such competition, a junior golfer is expected to have not attained their 19th birthday.


Well, that is the professional definition and classification of junior golfers especially in the USA and Mexico,

but for the sake of this post, we are going to classify junior golfers as anyone below the age of professionalism in golf games.


Most kids begin to play golf as early as the age of five, and to help them perfect their swing and grow their game; it is a necessity to get the appropriate golfing equipment for them. If you have little ones that have picked an interest in golf and are looking to get the best-golfing stuff your them, then you are in the right place.

In this text, I will review the seven best junior golf clubs for your youngsters. This list is compiled according to quality, performance, and customer preference.


Let’s begin.


1. Young Guns Zaap Eagle Junior Golf Club Set And Bag

What is the best Junior golf clubs

If you have a youngster who’s just starting out golfing, then the Zaap Eagle Junior Golf Club Set is a perfect choice. It comes with sets built for kids of ages twelve to fourteen, and all sets are made for right-handed lads, so if you have a lefty, then this is not for you.

Taking a look at the equipment, I discovered that each set is built with a 7-iron, 3-wood, and a forgiving semi-mallet putter, and they are all smaller than golf clubs adults use.


The iron and wood are crafted with graphite shafts, large club faces, and they are light, making them easy to wield and play with.

The Young Guns Zaap is accompanied by a bad that is equipped with a single strap for seamless carry and a few storage pockets.



  • Equipped with 7-iron, 3-wood, and putter.


  • Clubs are light and crafted with graphite shafts.


  • It comes with a bag equipped with storage pockets.



  • Built specifically for right-hand golfers
  • Set only comes with three clubs
  • The bag does not stand, so you have to carry it all the time.



2. Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set

Remove term: What is the best Junior golf clubs What is the best Junior golf club

It would be criminal to compile such a list without including a product from Callaway. Although the XJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set comes at a high price, it offers a plethora of high-quality clubs featuring some of the Brand’s impeccable designs and innovative technology.

The clubs found in this set include; 3-wood (24- degrees), 9-iron (43 degrees), 360cc (16 degrees), 5-hybrid (30 degrees), 7-iron (38 degrees) Odyssey putter, and a sand wedge. Cavity backs are used for the irons to ensure control and forgiveness. The youngster gets an impressive launch with the help of the XJ Hot’s higher lofts.


The clubs are accompanied by a lightweight stand bag with five pickets to carry necessary gear and accessories. This club set is equipped with a 5-way top laced with a rain hood and a convenient double strap system. Regardless of the high price, it is one of the best junior golf club sets in the market right now.


Callaway built the XJ Hot with different combinations, and they come in two sets for both ages nine to twelve and five to eight. Both sets have left-handed and right-handed renditions, so everyone is happy.



  • The driver, wood, and hybrid clubs have headcovers provided for them.


  • The included 5-way stand bag comes with enough storage pockets and a convenient double strap.


  • The clubs in this set include an Odyssey putter, sand wedge, 360cc driver, and hybrid club.


  • This set is built specifically for boys.


  • Younger players may find the full bag too heavy to carry.


  • It is quite expensive.



3. Powerbilt Junior Kids Gulf Club Set

what is the best junior golf clubs

This junior club set comes with a variety of color options and different sets suitable for youngsters from age three to twelve. Additionally, they were built for both left and right-handed kids.


The available sets include sets for ages twelve and above (5-club set available in red), sets for ages nine to twelve (5 club sets available in lavender and silver), sets for ages five to eight (4 club sets available in pink and blue), and sets for ages three to five (3 club sets available in Orange).


Every set combination is equipped with a wood/driver, putter, and wedge. The 4 and 5 club sets are fitted with a 7-iron and a 5-hybrid accompanies each 5 club set. All sets come with a lightweight stand bag with several spaces for storage and a double strap for convenient carriage.



  • The forgiving cavity back irons and bigger clubs come with headcovers.


  • A 5-hybrid club and a 380cc driver accompany the sets for ages nine and above.



  • The stand bag is equipped with ample space for storage and a dual strap for convenient carriage.



  • Some users complained that they didn’t get the product as advertised (that is the number of clubs and the color of the product)


  • It comes in six color options, but not for all age groupsets.


  • Some say the bag does not last long.



4. Wilson 2017 Profile Junior Complete Golf Set With Bag

This complete golf set is perfect for kids who are upstarts in the golfing game; it combines quality, versatility, and functionality at an affordable price. It is built for both left and right-handed kids in these age groups: age eleven to fourteen (blue color), age eight to eleven (yellow color), and age five to eight (red color). However, left-handed clubs were only designed in blue color and that is the color for kids from ages eleven to fourteen.


Each of the sets come with a short iron, wedge, stand bag, putter, a driver, and headcovers. Players (especially the new ones) find the cavity back irons quite helpful because of the forgiveness it has on mishit shots due to better perimeter weighting on the head. Players may experience inaccuracy while playing as the blade putter is not as forgivable as its mallet counterpart. Regardless of that, the blade putter is still splendid.


The Wilson 2017 profile junior Complete Golf set comes with a light stand bag that is equipped with several storage pockets and dual strap for convenient carriage. Wilson is renowned for producing impeccable club sets for adults and they still manufacture some of the best clubs for kids.



  • Every set comes with a lightweight stand bag and headcovers.


  • Forgiveness is ensured by cavity-back irons.


  • Good weight and flex are provided for juniors by graphite shafts.




  • Only kids in the age group of age eleven to fourteen are entitled to left-handed clubs.


  • The blade putter may be less forgiving to some upstarts as opposed to the mallet style.


  • The club shafts had too much flex for some users.



5. Cleveland Golf Junior Set

What is the best junior golf clubs

This entry is a little bit on the expensive side, but it is worth it as Cleveland is a renowned name in the golf equipment industry.

Every club in this set is beautifully designed with the Cleveland Golf Junior emblem emblazoned on them and they all perform impeccably with incredible forgiveness due to the large sweet spots and large club faces.


The Cleveland Golf Junior sets are available for two age groups: age ten to twelve, and age seven to ten. The age ten to twelve set is equipped with seven clubs, while the one for ten to twelve has six clubs. Both of them have wood, putter, 7 and 9 irons, and a driver. The larger set (age ten to twelve) comes with an easy-to-hit hybrid club. This club set also comes with a lightweight stand bag equipped with headcovers for the bigger clubs and several spaces for storage. This model is specifically designed for right-handed players.



  • The hybrid club and cavity back irons are easy-to-hit.


  • There are five pockets for storage and headcovers in the lightweight stand bag.


  • The age four to six set comes with 3-clubs, ages seven to nine with 6-clubs, and ages ten to twelve with 7-clubs.



  • Designed specifically for right-handed players.


  • It is quite expensive.


  • According to some users, they experienced stitch fraying on the bag straps.



6. Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

What is the best junior golf clubs

This junior golf club set has a lot of features for its price. The full set comes with 4/5 hybrid (24 degrees), a mallet-style putter, 7 and 9 irons, and a high loft driver (18 degrees).

The Intech set also comes with a 4-way top divider and a lightweight double strap bag.


The higher lofts ensure the clubs get better launch for new players who still struggle with effective launching.

The mallet putter ensures stability and proper alignment, while forgiveness is promoted by the cavity back irons.

Each club in the set has a flexible graphite shaft, lightweight, and putter with steel shaft.



  • It has a lightweight stand bag equipped with a 4-way top divider and double strap for convenient carriage while on the course.


  • The better launch offered is ensured by a higher loft degree on clubs.


  • The flexible, lightweight graphite shafts on each club are appropriate for young players.



  • Some users complained about the bag’s durability.


  • This set was designed with right-handed kids from ages eight to twelve.


  • Some users had problems with clubs denting or breaking.



7. Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set

This junior golf club set was built specifically for very little children aged from one to six years.

If your kid is just starting to walk, then the Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set is a great choice for you.


It comes with a golf bag that is designed to be wheeled; your babies can hold it and initiate their first steps properly. The mobility of your baby is made faster and better by the easily and effortlessly turnable wheels.

Get this club set for your youngsters at a very tender age and see how they begin playing like junior golfing professionals in your backyard.


The visual-motor coordination, spatial awareness, and reasoning of your kid are developed by this golf set. For instance, whenever your babies are engaged in a game of golf, they do not just relish the idea of striking the ball with the golf club, they gradually begin to calculate how far they need to target and the amount of force needed to get the ball into the putting holes.

This set comes with one putter, 3 golf balls, and a gulf club giving you everything you need to start training that baby pro golfer.



  • It helps in the development of motor skills.


  • It comes with one club, putter, and three golf balls.


  • Top-class plastic golf cart.


  • It is playable with any surface putting hole.



  • Needs to be assembled from scratch
  • Suitable only for Toddlers and Preschoolers.


8. The American Plastic Toys Junior Pro Golf Set For Girls

Remove term: What is the best Junior golf clubs What is the best Junior golf clubs

This entry was designed specifically for very young ladies. In the world’s category of best golf clubs for children and toys, The American Plastic Toys Junior Pro Girl’s Golf Set was ranked in the seventh position amongst a whopping 84 Toys and Child Golf Clubs.

However, we don’t have enough remarks from reviewers to see why it got ranked so highly, but we are certain it got there for a good reason.


Clients who own the junior golf club set have reacted 41% better to it than Toys & Child Golf Clubs clients.



  • It comes with 1 tee, 2 flags, 2 balls, and 4 balls.


  • It is the best-rated golf club set for baby girl golfers.


  • Accompanied by a visually appealing stand bag with wheels.




  • Designed only for junior golfers of the female gender.


  • Needs to be fully assembled after purchase.


  • The plastic should snip off.
  • Only good for Toddlers and Preschoolers.



How To Select Golf Clubs For Kids


The world has evolved, and the time when kids who have an interest in golf played with adult clubs are far behind us, now they have can play with clubs that are specifically designed for them.

There is nothing wrong with very young kids beginning with a cut down 7-iron and a putter, but as they grow up, it is important that they use clubs designed with their body structure in mind.


In the golf equipment industry and the list above has some of the best junior golf clubs to choose from, but certain things have to be put into consideration before making your choice.


The Club LengthThe foremost thing to consider has to be the length because of how tall your youngster maybe, you do not want to purchase a golf club that is taller than the kid, or too tall for his height as this will inhibit his/her swinging ability.


Shaft FlexThe next thing to keep in mind should be the shaft flex. One major issue with cut-down junior clubs is the stiffness of the shafts.

It makes the shaft rigid when about 4-5 inches of the club’s length is taken. This stiffness is why young people who utilize cut-down clubs in their shots seem disabled.


One upside about the new generation of golf sets is that producers now construct shafts that are the right flex for children’s swing speed.

Junior clubs with light steel and graphite are easy to use for the players. The junior club auctions of today are quite flexible in that they can easily be folded by hand. To ensure that the club you go for is equipped with a flexible and nice shaft.

what is the best junior golf clubs

The Weight Of The Clubs This particular point goes without saying. I mean if the club is too heavy, it will be difficult for the child to swing the club to and fro and this difficulty will cause back issues for your little one.

A lighter club will ensure the junior golfer reaches the right place atop his/her swing. Just like a flexible shaft, producers in the golf equipment industry now build junior clubs with lighter shafts and heads.

So before you make your purchase, ensure the weight of the clubs is double-checked.

Only clubs light enough to adjust to the age of your child should be bought.


The Grip SizeThe last thing to be put into consideration is the grip size.

The idea of checking the grip size of junior clubs is relatively new. Clubs were cut down to the appropriate size in the past, and the suitable grip for the shaft was put on the club.

But children golfers face the same problems adult golfers face with larger grips. The mannerism of the swing will be altered if the grip is like a baseball bat.


So when purchasing a golf club for kids, ensure that the grips are suitable for young golfers. Ask for a small-sized grip with a core size of 0.50 if you are going to change the grip of your eventual club selection. Smaller grips make an impeccable difference in your child’s play.




Adults know how difficult golfing can be sometimes and how the right equipment eases performance.

Putting these things into consideration before purchasing one of the best junior golf clubs in this list can ensure your kids enjoy their game, and the time they spend on the golf course.

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