What is the best high handicapper driver: Top picks

In this article, our focus is solely on showcasing the best high handicapper driver. If you are in the market for the best golf drivers for high handicappers, this post is highly focused on helping you make an easy buying decision.

There are several shortcuts and features to look out for in a driver that will definitely suit the learning skills of a handicapped, thereby shortening his/her learning curve over a period of time.

There are ranges of drivers you should speculate on whilst making a selection. From drivers with tons of adjustable features to drivers with fixed hosels and strong construction. Here, we made quite a number of lists of golf drivers as a guide for better selections. we’ve got clubs that will enhance your game and drop your scores.

How to make wise choices when selecting the best high handicapper driver.


Making the right selections for high handicappers can sometimes be a difficult decision/choice. Judging from the quality, specs, clubhead, feel, down to the feedback, you need the right guidance and directions in order not to make avoidable mistakes.

A lot of things must be put into consideration first before making your pick.

The first thing to have in mind is the correct head size. For golfers with handicaps above the age of 20- 25, head sizes below the 460cc mark are simply not ideal. You will need maximum forgiveness and enjoyment from your driver, so you need to look at the biggest club head volumes that are legally acceptable. For this reason, most manufacturers stick to this limit. It is so far the wisest policy when you are in a market where drivers are the most expensive types of golf clubs.

So just make sure that the volume of the clubhead is at or within the 460cc mark before you buy the club. Lower club sizes are more common on the drivers for mid-handicappers and better players.

Second, is the quality material of the Driver.

The truth is people do not usually buy golf clubs based on the material, but since the driver market is rapidly evolving due to a change in the aerospace industry. They produce the best quality materials like carbon fiber composites and titanium. They are a lightweight material that allows the manufacturers to keep club head sizes at 460cc with steel and wood clubs.

Lastly are the adjustable features, ideal loft angles, and ideal shaft flex. All these should serve as a guide when picking golf drivers from the market to improve skill level and performance for high handicappers.

So, what are the best golf drivers for high handicappers? Good question, and here is the answer.


The following are the selected best golf drivers for high handicappers in 2020 based on performance and customer preference. The list may be a little longer than this, and we may be adding more to the list as we gather more information on other brands.


1. TaylorMade M4 Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

TaylorMade M4 driver is a solid one! These drivers are not only for high handicappers but also for beginners. They are sophisticated and bring the goods of different areas from an adjustable loft sleeve to elevate ball height to a hammerhead speed slot that delivers a hammer to the golf ball in a single hit.

The TaylorMade M4 driver is one of the coolest-looking drivers in stores at the moment. Coated in graphite black and white design, the driver is a beauty in and out of your golf bag.

The M4 does very well at getting you aligned properly with the center of the clubface so you don’t have to worry about getting even with the sweet spot of the driver. With this driver, you will never regret any move made on the course. The large sweet spot of the M4 makes this driver one of the company’s most forgiving to date. The center portion of the clubface on the M4 is lower than your typical driver. This change in design helps reduce side spin that creates unnecessary slices and draw shots.


• A new face curvature angle on off-center hits that helps reduce side spin and deliver straight shots. It also provides more lofts in the high toe and less loft in low heel for a more consistent spin.

• The reinforced outer part of the Hammerhead slot allows a more flexible, lighter face giving a large sweet spot.

• The center portion of the slot increases ball speed low on the face and drops unwanted spin for more distance

• They are shaped for a solid and explosive sound. The reduced sole volume enables a more forgiving and larger face.


  • The silver and black crown gives it an easy alignment
  • Simple point and shoot no frilly weight adjustments
  • Its Twist face makes it one of the best forgiving drivers in the market.


  • The cost might be a little higher for some people.



2. TaylorMade M6 Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

TaylorMade M6 is another special driver that does not disappoint high handicappers looking to make a difference and reach spectacular heights in the game of golf. This driver has different adjustable features that help high-handicapped golfers reach their goals and can also be bought in a higher loft for maximum height and distance.

The PowerPoint of the Taylormade M6 driver is the inclusion of a revamped speed-injected Twist Face that curbs your off-center hits and delivers some serious heat to the golf ball. One of the shortcomings of most beginners is that they don’t swing with conviction.


• The M6 TwistFace technology inoculates speed and forgiveness on the golf ball

• The design specifically reduces side spin for a better feel and shot accuracy

• The sole weight of the driver helps elevate ball height on drives, perfect for high handicappers.


  • Its Twist face technology delivers golf speed and forgiveness on the ball.
  • Higher loft for maximum distance and height


Handling can sometimes prove uneasy for high handicappers.



3. Cobra F-max Superlite Offset:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

The Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset driver is ideal for high handicappers and beginning golfers who just can’t seem to hit the ball straight.

Golf equipment creators have constructed a series of exceptional drivers to help correct the constant nagging issue of high handicappers struggling when developing their swing to square the clubface at impact.

The Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset driver is one of the best at helping with this problem due to its superior construction and lightweight feel.

The company has designed the F-Max Superlite with a lighter clubhead, lighter grip, and lighter shaft for a small reduction in club weight that brings a huge difference when the golfer strikes the ball.

So as you take the F-Max Superlite in your hands you’ll be overwhelmed by the quality of the drivers and how nice the club feels.


• If you are consistently hitting slices, the F-max Superlite club driver can help correct that with a large sweet spot and offset clubface

• A Lightweight design that helps generate an additional swing speed for struggling beginner

• Crown alignment helps keep the clubface square at the address for center contact with the golf ball.


  • They help slow swingers get higher launch and distance on their shots.
  • They are one of the best in class forgiveness and accuracy, help you avoid slices completely.
  • They are very stable on impact, that way you get the explosive feel and feedback which is great.
  • The famous Cobra logo on the crown provides excellent alignment aid.



  • Complains about being too light



4Cobra King F8 Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

The Cobra King Driver can create different launch angles and shot shapes with minimal struggle, providing a wonderful tool for high handicappers looking for a driver to adapt to as they increase their golfing skills and knowledge.

The F8 driver maintains everything that golfers have loved about the Cobra King line of drivers. From superb feel and balance to punishing strength, the F8 is a whopper of a driver that should be considered by any golfer looking to upgrade their tee box game. Starting with the redesigned clubface, the F8 sparkles in all aspects of its look.

Cobra F8 clubface is one of the most unique designs you will ever see on a driver as it has been milled to give beginning handicapped golfers one of the thinnest and lightest faces you will see in stores. The F8 features promote swing speed and compression at impact, giving you more distance with every drive.


• The large sweet spot delivers the goods with each drive and maximum forgiveness

• The Cobra adjustable loft sleeve gives both the beginner and handicapped golfer more flexibility with their launch angle

• Weighting on the sole of the clubhead provides adjustable shot shape as the beginner advances


  • Weight system and hosel adjustment are simple to use
  • The previous model with the new SZ is out, so the price will be good
  • Absolutely brilliant sound and trajectory similar to the PING


  • Adjustability for the Center of gravity like most modern models isn’t included
  • It might not be suitable for golfers who want to shape the ball flight.



5. Cleveland Launcher HB Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Cleveland Launcher HB provides the high handicapper a lasting balance on course and helps promote distance for breaking those personal best drives along the way.

As soon as you hold the Launcher HB you’ll feel that lightweight balance that gives the club a square feel throughout the swing.

There are not many bells and whistles with the Launcher HB but that doesn’t mean you should discount the driver on those perceived lacks of features immediately.


• Lightweight driver that performs like a driver that costs twice as much

• Incredible forgiveness coupled with exceptional feel that helps all beginners

• Large sweet spot provides an enormous hitting area that corrects off-center hits.



  •  Improves mid-level status for high handicappers.
  • Handling instills confidence.
  • Suitable for both men and women golfers.



  • They may be a little too overpriced for some people, and sometimes out of the market as well.


6. Mazel Titanium Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

From the outside, the Mazel Titanium Driver may look like an incapable knockoff, but it isn’t what it seems like. When used on the course, the club does a really nice job of getting the ball into the air and down the fairway.

Well, it doesn’t sparkle like some of the other drivers on this list such as the Callaway Epic Flash or the TaylorMade M6, but for a quarter of the cost of those drivers, you get something that can really perform admirably for the true beginning golfer just finding their balance in the great game. The design of the Mazel Titanium is a sharp black look that gives the golf a clear contrast with the golf ball at the address.

An arrow indicator helps the golfer find the center of the strike area for easy alignment.

When you take a closer look at the Mazel, you’ll notice that the club has a tall face. It is a boxier driver in shape and that certainly helps focus the energy of the clubhead to the golf ball on well-struck hits.

The face of the driver also has a high rebound compression rate for a strong trampoline effect upon impact.


• Very affordable driver for golfers just beginning their golfing career

• Sole-weighted driver that promotes launch angle with ease

• Compact head design keeps energy behind the golf ball to increase ball speed.


  •  The driver has a strong compression rate for an effective impact
  • They are highly affordable.



  • They do not appear attractive on the outside.



7. Callaway Rogue Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Callaway has created an extraordinary driver for golfers of all skill levels, that would certainly help the struggling beginner looking to make the leap to double-digit scores, in the Rogue.

With a loft sleeve, stationary sole weight for increasing shot height, and the company’s technology behind the clubface, the Rogue is another driver that’s worthy of the Callaway name.

With the club’s design, the company brought in some true experts in aerodynamic technology by joining up with the engineering team at Boeing to create one of the sleekest club heads on the market with the Rogue.

The collaboration between the golf and aeronautical company produced groundbreaking technology in the driver that provides exceptional ball speed after impact.


• The Rogue features Jailbreak Technology to increase ball speed off the clubface

• An easy-to-use adjustable loft sleeve provides several alterations to the club for a custom fit

• Sleek design does a remarkable job of sliding effortlessly through the impact zone for exceptional contact.



  • They are easy to use.
  • Drivers’ loft angles increase ball speed and accuracy.
  • Improves balance in the course.


  • Few users questioned the quality of materials used in building it, you may like to take note of this.


8. Callaway Epic Flash Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

The Callaway Epic Flash is an ideal driver for beginning golfers who want the full buffet of adjustable options with their driver.

The Epic Flash has so many features that a golfer could want as it can shape shots, adjust loft, and dial in the perfect combination to fine-tune your game as it grows.

Now, you may be asking yourself why you’d want to pick up one of the most expensive drivers on the market and the reason is that it does everything.

This is a driver that will last you for years because as your game matures, the Epic Flash can be tweaked to lessen your slice, increase clubhead speed to the golf ball, and reduce drag for a more accurate drive.


• Sleek clubhead on the Epic Flash reduces drag for one of the company’s fastest drivers

• Large sweet spot promotes a very forgiving driver on the Epic Flash

• The clubface is thinner and lighter, allowing for more ball speed after impact.


  • It has some incredible features like the Flash Face helping the golfer get more ball speed for better distance.
  • The jailbreak technology, with two internal bars, enables faster ball speed by placing more impact load on the face.
  • Offers more forgiveness compared to other similar brands.
  • An incredible driver created with AI Technology.


Might be a little pricey for some folks.



9. TaylorMade RBZ Driver:

For the beginning golfer looking to acquire a terrific driver that does everything well, then the TaylorMade RBZ is the perfect club.

The RBZ is a dynamic club that allows the beginning golfer to trust their club will produce quality shots that find the fairway with regularity.

What strikes you right from the beginning with the RBZ is how wonderfully designed the club is straight out of the gate.

The sleek black finish pairs well with Taylor Made’s usual alignment system which makes it easy for the golfer to distinguish the center of the clubface.

When you swing the RBZ through the golf ball for the first time, you’ll also notice how light the club is throughout the motion. This driver feels well-made and certainly instills confidence at the address.


• Wonderful driver that isn’t too heavy and delivers terrific contact

• Forgiving sweet spot makes this an ideal driver for high handicappers

• The adjustable hosel is a vital component for beginning golfers to get more loft on drives.


  • Incredible adjustable features, comparable to even the more priced brands on the market.

  • Cost is fair compared to other brands with the same capabilities and features.


Nil at the moment but will update as soon as we have something negative.



10. Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Driver:

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

The folks at Wilson decided to focus more on getting the “Right Weight” rather than trying to get their drivers down to the lightest weight possible.

This is a wise policy since being lightweight alone does not guarantee good performance in a driver.

You need the weight distribution to be balanced in all the right places to get maximum distance on swings, and Wilson seems to have got it right with their D200 driver. This is one of the best golf drivers for beginners.

They have shaved off extra weight but used that to increase the shaft length and add an adjustable hosel, making the club more versatile in the process. You get a loft range between 8-14 degrees with the D200.

Incidentally, if you have extra money to burn and like buying new golf drivers, you can try the latest variant, the D300 which is out on the market now.


  • The lightweight club is easy to swing.
  •  The Reactive Face technology improves ball speeds and distance on shots.
  • High levels of forgiveness on shots, even mishits fly long and high.
  • Has a classic old-school look that should please most golfers.


  • Not the best in class for distance.
  • The impact sound, feel, and feedback are all below par.


Conclusion about the best high handicapper driver

With the list of the best high handicapper driver stated above, I do hope it’s enough guidance to get the drive.


And just in case you decide to get a driver to take your game to the next level, always have it fit with a shaft by a professional club fitter to fully maximize its potential. It can literally change your life, improve your game, and increase your performance.


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