Best Golf Stores in America


The growth of online retail has exploded over the last two decades on account of its ease of use, convenience, price comparison and range of choice. But despite the obvious benefits online shopping has, when it comes to golf there’s no real substitute for walking into a store and seeing the equipment up close and personal.


Benefits of Shopping in Golf Stores


While physical golf stores may not have the same benefits as online retail, they do have their own set of positives which make them an extremely attractive option for golfers.


Experienced Staff

The staff at golf stores are likely to be experienced and knowledgeable. Some may be elite players or even professionals and are up to date with the latest and greatest golf equipment on the market today. This saves customers time having to research everything themselves.


Custom Fitting Bays


Many retailers have custom fitting bays instore which allows golfers to try out clubs prior to purchase. As well as being beneficial in seeing if a club suits them, golfers can also get custom fit under the watchful eye of a trained professional. That way they are getting the best possible club to suit their needs.


Putting Green


Most retailers have some form of putting green for customers to test putters on. This allows golfers to try a wide range of putters and find the one that feels best for them.


Discounts at golf stores


Some retailers offer price matches and may match a price on a club or piece of equipment if it can be purchased for less elsewhere. Stores may also offer discounts if purchasing a number of items at once and may even be running special ‘instore discounts’ that are not available online.


The Best  golf Stores


PGA Tour Superstore


The PGA Tour Superstore has 54 stores operating across 21 states in the US and plans to increase that number to 100 by 2026. As well as stocking a wide range of golfing equipment for sale, including clubs, balls, clothes and shoes, the PGA Tour Superstore offers a wide range of services.


This includes free club fittings, free ball fittings, adult lessons, junior lessons, and kids lessons. Their employees are experienced and well-versed in all the latest golf technology.


Each store has golf simulators and custom-fitting bays to cater to all customers’ needs. The PGA Tour Superstore may be the best place to buy golf clubs in America!


Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a major sporting retailer with a huge presence across the US. It is America’s largest sporting goods retailer with 799 stores, over 50,000 employees and is listed on the Fortune 500. The only two states in the US where it can’t be found are Alaska and Hawaii.


Due to its omnipresence, Dick’s Sporting Goods is ideal for any golfer. If golfers are looking for a “golf store near me”, Dick’s Sporting Goods will be the first place to check. While Dick’s deals with a wide range of sports, golf is high up on their priorities. Since 2007 they have sponsored the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open on the Champions Tour.


New York Golf Center


No prizes for guessing where the New York Golf Center is located. That’s right, New York! And despite it having far fewer locations than other retailers – there are only two, located at Herald Square and Chelsea Piers – it is a must-visit.


GolfWorld has selected the shop on 8 separate occasions as one of the top 100 golf shops in the world. As well as stocking a large product range, the company does custom fittings. Unlike other retailers, they do charge for this service and the bad news is that it isn’t discounted from the final price of your clubs.


But there is a very good reason for this. The New York Golf Center was voted one of Golf Digest’s top 100 club fitters in 2021. Their tour-caliber, state-of-the-art fitting center ensures everything is built to spec.


2nd Swing


While 2nd Swing is a fantastic store for new products, it is also the best place to buy used golf clubs in America. It has 5 locations across the US and is any golf nut’s dream. Imagine walking into a store where you can get a brand new TaylorMade Stealth driver and a 57-year-old Ping Kushin putter!


2nd Swing is also leader in club fittings. They offer four types of fitting: a walk-in fitting, a 2nd swing fitting, a tour van fitting and an online fitting.


Golf Galaxy


Golf Galaxy has a total of 99 stores across 35 states and territories in the US. The company was founded in 1995 and acquired by Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2007. The stores have possibly the largest variety of golf equipment in the country, with everything from custom clubs to package sets available.



With plenty of options to choose from, golfers will never be left wanting when looking for golf gear in America. Golf stores have come a long way in recent years and the inclusion of fitting bays and simulators can turn your regular trip to your local golf store into an unforgettable experience.



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