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Best golf clubs for teens

In today’s post, we are going to be looking at the best golf clubs for teens and post-teenage boys.

If you have a teenage boy who is passionate about the game of golf, it is important to acquire appropriate golf kits including clubs that would help him better develop and get better at his game.

Now, talking about selecting a golf club set that would be suitable for your teenager and maybe a post-teenage boy, one of the major challenges many people face when it comes to picking golfing equipment on major shopping shelves is always the choice of which equipment to pick especially as it seems there are dozens of lookalike clubs on the shelf.

Before we dive deep into the choice of which club to pick, let’s first of all look at the things to look out for when picking golf clubs for our teenage boys.

You will agree with me that most teenage boys are too tender to handle clubs meant for adults, with the exception been those at the near-end of their teenage age, around 18-19 years.

I have earlier published a post highly the best golf clubs for junior golfers, so you might want to look at it especially if your teen boy is already a junior Amateur golfer.

Best golf clubs for teen boys

Who is a Teen?

A teen or teenager are those categories of young people that fall between the ages of 13 to 19 years old. One ceases to be referred to as a teenager once he/she clocks the age of twenty.

The logical explanation as to why they are called teenagers is simple, counting numbers from 1-12, the next few numbers 13-19 all have the suffix ‘teen’. And that is where the name teen originates from. It’s my personal layman’s definition.

Moving forward, what should you look out for when looking to buy your teen boy his first set of golf clubs?

What To Consider When Buying Golf Clubs For Teenage Boys.

As with everything else you buy, there are a few things to consider before reaching for your wallet to pay for that fancy golf club on the shelf.

You need to, first of all, consider the age of your teenage boy, his height, and his bodybuilding.

Another angle you should consider in the choice of clubs to go for is the club made.

You should consider going for clubs that are built with game improvement features like forgiveness and of course offset.

At this stage of your young teenage boy, his handicap level is probably high, and to make up for that, clubs designed with forgiveness in mind would be an ideal club set for him.

1. Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set 


For teenage golfers who are up to 13 or 16 years old, Precise Teenager’s complete golf set would be a great set to pick.

This set is specifically designed with the teens in mind and comes complete with a Titanium Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, and 3 H/C’s.

Of course, the Driver must be made of  460cc Titanium which is the standard maximum requirement volume for a golf Driver as set by the USGA.

For game improvement, you won’t go wrong with a precise teenagers’ complete set of golf clubs as the package contain all the game improvement features including forgiveness and accuracy.

Even if your teenage boy’s handicap level is high, as most teens who are just starting out in the game have, this club set is a perfect setting for him.


  • Clubs are lightweight and durable which is a perfect fit for teenage boys.
  • Has features for game improvement including forgiveness and accuracy.
  • Price is fair compared to other brands with similar functionalities.


  • Not at the moment as far as I know but will update as soon as I have something.


2. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set


Callaway is a well-known brand when it comes to golf equipment, and over the years, they have been churning out top-quality golf clubs to the ultimate delight and satisfaction of the teeming golfing community.

The Callaway golf XJ Junior golf set is designed with premium Callaway technology for junior golfers, with amazing features that would help a teenage boy improve on his swing and improved distance, and of course overall performance.

This package comes with six set pieces including, a Driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, 4 irons, 2 wedges, and a putter.

If you want your teenage boy to have the best golfing, get him these premium golf club sets and watch him have fun on the golf course while growing his game and maybe, develop into a pro golfer as he grows.


  • The set comes with a solid bag stand.
  • Lightweight and great for teenagers.


  • It might be a little pricey for someone on a tight budget.


3. DROC – Nikki Series 13 Pieces Golf Club Set & Golf Bag.

Your teen boy certainly deserves the best of clubs to help him improve in his overall performance.

This golf set is designed to suit teens in their early years, and can still be used by late pre-teens.

DROC- Nikki series package comes loaded with a whopping 19 pieces set of golf clubs including a 460cc Titanium Driver, 2 FW, 1Hybrid, 1 Pitching Wedge, 1 Sand Wedge, 6 Irons,1 Putter, and some matching head covers to go with. A complete 19 Piece Package for your teen boy.

Most teenagers starting out in the game would need golf clubs that could help improve their game, and a set like this one filled with game improvement features like forgiveness, With time, they will get better at the swing and from there, we might just be about seeing a new Tiger Woods, who knows?

The point is, give your teenage boy a suitable golf club set and watch him blossom over time.


  • Comes with a stylishly designed standing golf bag.
  • Has a forgiveness feature and is so great for average golfers.


  • Might be a little too pricey for some people.


4. Tour Edge Boys Bazooka 360 Varsity Full Set


Another top choice for the teenage boy who desires top-notch equipment for a fun-filled action on the course is the Tour Edge boys Bazooka 360 varsity full set.
Now, this is a set like no other as it comes packed with everything a modern golf club meant for game improvement should have, from the forgiveness features to a titanium matrix driver that allows for a long drive down to a 4-hybrids that makes for an easy swing.

Here is a complete breakdown of what is contained in this pack.

460cc titanium driver with high MOI,

3-wood( meant for teens),

4-hybrid, irons, 5-8, Wedge(SW, PW), Putter.

This is exactly what every teenage boy needs to set him up for a comfortable experience on the golf course.


  • Forgiveness and of course, playability.
  • Dual strap, lightweight stand bag.
  • Features high MOI(moment of inertia) titanium driver to increase forgiveness for game improvement.


  • Not at the moment but will update once something comes up.


5. Cobra Golf King Jr Complete Set with Bag (Ages 13-15).



For the smart teen who wants to take his game to the next level, this is a club set you must have.

Cobra King Jr complete set is designed specifically for the young teen to help him grow his game.

With features set to maximize distance and forgiveness, this club set comes with extra features like a stand bag with a double stripe system and a water bottle holder.

What’s more, the titanium driver is stylishly designed and constructed with an increased loft and low/back CG position that allows for easy-up distance.

-Fairway wood and hybrids loft well- optimized for distance gapping.

-Irons optimized for forgiveness.

-Wedges and Putters optimized to give versatility and of course precision in and around the green.


  • Great for teen boys aged 13-15 or any teen boy measuring 60 inches to 65 inches tall.
  • optimized with game improvement features including forgiveness, precision, and distance gapping.
  • Headcover for Driver,3W, and of course, the hybrid.
  • Durable.


  • Might be a little pricey for some folks.



Every teen I know is interested in one sport or the other and for those who choose to go for golf, the logical thing to do to help them is to provide them with all the support they need to excel.

And as far as supporting your teen boy is concerned, there is no better support I can think of than to provide him with golf kits suitable for his development and growth.

And talking about golf clubs for teen boys, there are loads of options, so many that, it’s always been a challenge choosing which is good and fit for the teen boy.

This post up here has been able to narrow down the list and present to you a list of the 5 best golf clubs for teen boys.

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