Golf clubs for tall men

Golf is one of the best games ever invented.

Sometimes I’d like to call it a ‘game for the people. This game lets everyone and anyone in.

There are no preferences or specs for people who play golf. Whether tall or short, fat or slim, young or old, mid 40’s, 50’s, 70’s, and so on.

Anyone can adapt to it, solely depends on you. Most importantly it’s an easier way to burn body fat and keep fit.

Tightening and strengthening your bone and core. Also a great way of improving your cardiorespiratory functions.

This article is specially written for tall golfers who have had speculations on what golf club to pick that would suit their size.

Well, all your speculations are over because here we made a list of the best golf clubs for tall men.

That is to say that you can actually get a perfect golf set regardless of your body type.

What Is The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men

There are golf clubs that are engineered to suit whatever player. One thing you should know as a tall golfer is that it takes more than your height to be able to detect the length of club you should buy and that would be great for your game.

There are different features to consider whilst you pick a golf club; Right from the driver, length of club, iron, woods, to the hybrids, these are vital things you should look out for, and if not taken seriously can make you lose your balance of course, especially for those first-timers.

For starters, I would suggest you play with a regular club and master the specs before moving on to a more advanced golf club.

If this works effectively, mastering your swings, control, and shots, then, you’d be able to determine what longer club would suit you best.

My stance still remains that being tall doesn’t have much connection with finding an ideal club length.

Importance Of Getting A Golf club That Fits.

Getting a golf club that fits, maybe for a particular height is very important. But sometimes these things can be tricky.

You might be the same height and built as your opponent but you both would need different clubs.

This depends solely on arm length, the distance between the ground where you’re playing, and your hands.

This is the reason why most tall golfers can’t adapt to using a particular golf club length because they might have shorter arms that work against their overall height.

This case is vice versa. A golfer with an average height and shorter arm may be needing a longer golf club.

In a nutshell, if you’re a golfer and you want to brush up on your skills and maximize your potential, then you should make use of the right golf club that suits your build.

Guidelines For Picking The Best Golf Club For Tall Men.

Picking a golf club for the tall men isn’t the bone of contention here, but picking the right/best-suited golf club is a thing to be taken seriously.

As a tall golfer, If you must purchase a golf club, go for one with the style, class, quality material, good design, and most importantly, one that feels good because when you feel good, you play good, it’s that simple!


As you all know the materials used for golf clubs tell a lot about the club.

For example,  golf clubs made with graphite shafts, and ones made with steel shafts are significantly different.

Golf clubs with graphite shafts are more lightweight than steel shaft golf clubs.

And you’d agree with me that a light club gives a more positive result, It delivers more swing speed and ball trajectory, unlike the steel shaft clubs which can be very difficult and stressful.

What Is The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men

Club Design

Manufacturers are to be thanked for the beautiful golf club designs they come up with, they put a lot of thinking and decision-making to come up with ideal-looking golf clubs for different calibers of players.

I won’t blame some golfers for craving clubs with excellent designs. The design of a golf club is very important because it tells a lot about your performance, It massively improves your game.

When I say design, I mean the club-head size, clubface design, weight positioning, and forgiveness.

All these Influence your game positively.

Golfers who are new to the game would rather go for a club with extreme forgiveness.

Golf clubs with much forgiveness are easier to hit, and forgiveness also comes with a good club design.

Lots of amazing golf clubs with amazing designs and forgiveness are at your disposal on the markets now, all thanks to the manufacturers of course.

 Golf Style:

The style of a golf club is like icing on a cake, they are the manufacturer’s finishing touches.

Possessing a golf club with excellent style is every player’s dream, not only the tall golfers!

It gives a unique feel. Its attractive appearance automatically instills the confidence and courage to hit the course already.

I would simply say that there are significant and obvious reasons for selecting a stylish golf club.

5  Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men

Below is the list of the 5 best-rated golf clubs for tall. This comprises some very popular brands as well as some other brands.

Now, if you are a tall man just starting out in golf and looking for suitable golf clubs, you will benefit greatly from this post, otherwise, I have written a post directed at golf clubs beginnersfor , you may want to refer back there.

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set.

The Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate golf set is one of the best golf clubs. Its set comes with everything you need to get going and is made for game improvement.

The set is most suitable for beginners, and intermediate golfers respectively. You will get a good range of clubs with this set and we will take you through the options shortly.

The clubs are designed to be easy to hit and forgiving especially for beginners.

The Callaway Men’s Strata golf set includes a driver, 3-woods, 4 & 5 hybrids, 6 and 9 Irons, a putter, a PW & SW, and a stand-bag to go with.

– Driver is titanium with a large and forgiving sweet spot on the 460cc head. This should give you confidence off the tee.

It has a 12-degree loft and should generate a decent distance.

Callaway company is known for its good drivers and woods. So for buyers who seek the best clubs, this golf set has got you covered.

– The 3-wood fairway wood has steelhead and is also generously sized for forgiveness. Being Callaway woods you can still expect solid distance.

Hybrid clubs have become a popular choice for the longer, harder-to-hit low irons. The set comes with 4H and 5H hybrid irons meaning you will not have to play the tricky 3 to 5 irons. Again, this is great for beginners as well as most intermediate golfers.

They are easy to hit and highly forgiving. The hybrids are useful when you have a difficult lie in the rough and are just as competent off the, or for use on shorter holes off the tee.

Most find that the hybrids offer good consistency and accuracy and are well-liked by the majority of golfers.

The irons prove easy to handle and deliver much forgiveness.

These irons range from 6 to 9 with a pitching wedge and sand wedge.

They are suitable for both beginners and intermediate golfers. The irons have an offset clubface which makes launching easier.

Callaway ensured the weight is concentrated around the perimeter for added forgiveness.

The sweet spot is a good size and mishits will still deliver a decent distance without too much displacement in terms of direction.

– The putter comes with a face milling for more enhanced control, and accurate shots.

– Set also comes with a lightweight bag with tee holders, multiple pockets, and a back strap. It is durable and would be enjoyed by all tall golfers.


  • The set is complete
  • They are affordable
  • The set includes a quality driver, wood, stand bag, hybrids, and a putter
  • PW and SW included
  • A great choice for best golf clubs for tall men.


  • Few complaints about the real brand behind this golf set as many believe it’s not from Callaway.


2. Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set.

This is one of Wilson’s productions that leaves you completely speechless, especially as a tall golfer.

It’s breathtakingly beautiful. In fact, it’s a wonder to behold.

Wilson’s Staff Deep Red Tour though expensive but I can tell you for sure that it’s definitely worth the price.

It is specially made for tall golfers, with features, and specs that will suit their heights.

Wilson’s company has done wonders in the production of this golf set. The set includes a driver, a 3-fairway wood, a 5-hybrid, irons 6 to 9, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter.

Also included in the set are a quality lightweight bag and 3 headcovers.

– The Wilson Staff driver has a 460cc aerodynamic head with a large and forgiving sweet spot.

It has a 10.5-degree loft design that delivers distance, accuracy, and a good launch. This golf set comes with a lightweight graphite shaft.

It also has a fairway wood and hybrid with a low center of gravity that makes it easy to hit.

– Set comes with stainless steel irons with deep cavity backs, and undercut. They are engineered specifically for accuracy, forgiveness, and distance.

– Putter has a heel-to-toe design and a non-glaring bottom. The face insert with a polymer material gives it a more accurate and crispy feeling.

The putter also has an alignment aid on it.

– Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Set includes a lightweight standing bag.

This bag is made durable, with several pockets, and a strong stand.


  •  Set made with quality materials and technology
  • They are made specifically for tall golfers
  •  Its set is complete
  •  Has a large aerodynamic driver
  •  Stand-bag is durable, lightweight, and has an automatic stand


  • Look a little too pricey.


3. Palm Spring Visa V2 Golf Club.

For every tall player out there, here is what you’ve been looking for. A golf club that you can adapt to its features easily without stress.

It comes with everything you would need to improve your skills and enhance your performance.

The Palm Springs Visa golf club set includes a 460cc driver with a large head that gives a nice feel and forgiveness.

This golf set is perfect for beginners. In the set are included 2 hybrids that replace long irons. That is also a plus for beginners.

– Palm Springs irons have a low center of gravity and high moment of inertia that is almost a must for less experienced golfers.

There is a very specific golfer that might find this to be a good choice. That golfer is a beginner who is very tall (taller than 6-5) and does not want to make a huge investment. That is a very small slice of the golf market.


  • They are very affordable.
  •  The golf club is very easy to hit, with forgiveness features.
  • The set includes hybrids.


  • Suitable for beginners and immediate golfers and might be an ideal club set for pro golfers.


4. Cobra 2019 F-Max Golf Superlite complete set Club. 

The Cobra F-Max 2019 Golf Clubs are a high-quality set of clubs. It comes with a complete set that has everything you need as a tall golfer.

With all its features, you will lack confidence and courage of course. You would play like the pro that you are.

This set is undoubtedly the best golf club ever made by this company. It automatically improves your swing speed and distance, giving you a more accurate shot.

The set includes a driver, a 3-W to 5 -W,  4-hybrids, 5 PW, a sand wedge, and a putter.

It has an offset face that helps you avoid slices.

The driver can be purchased at either 10.5 or 11.5 degrees loft.


  • Made of high quality
  • The set has an offset driver
  • Their Ultra-lightweight helps deliver low swing speeds


  • Looks a little overpriced, in my opinion. Though the quality is grand.


5. Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set is a well-established, and unique brand.

The company is known to make quality golf equipment at affordable prices, this is because they have been in existence for quite some time now and as such, have lots of experience in the manufacturing of golf clubs.

Their products are as well very affordable for those buyers who always take off at the sight of golf clubs with outrageous prices.

While this set is a bit more basic, it has everything most golfers need to get going.

They are great for beginners that want to get into the game without spending a fortune.

This set is ideal, a perfect match for tall golfers. They are made with quality, and also at affordable prices.

Also, the golf club set comes with adjustment features just in case the golfer wishes to make some adjustments. It is definitely a good and ideal choice for tall golfers.

– The PGX golf set consists of a forged 460cc driver, a 3-wood that is highly forgiving, a hybrid, and irons from 5 to the pitching wedge.

The only issue with this particular golf club is that it doesn’t come with a putter, a sand wedge, and a stand bag. So you would have to buy them separately.

So be sure to check the review before picking a golf set just to make sure it’s complete or not.

– The driver has a large 460cc large head which gives forgiveness and more strengthened shots.

They are made of graphite shaft that makes golf clubs lightweight, allowing for higher clubhead speeds and distance shots.

If you’re a beginner or an amateur, then you will appreciate this club more because it gives you much forgiveness and easy handling.

– The fairway wood is a 3-wood and delivers a decent distance. It also has a graphite shaft.

The hybrid is a popular choice for many shots and is much easier to hit than the average long iron. It will give an easy launch with good distance and forgiveness.

It is especially useful when you have a poor lie. The above 3 clubs all have a white finish which makes alignment that addresses fairly easy.

– PGX irons have a wide and large sole for easier turf interaction and better contact with the ball. They are optimized for an easy launch and offer a good spin for greater control.

The shafts have a good standard length recommended specifically for tall men.


  • They are affordable golf set
  •  The set comes with headcovers
  •  They have very attractive and appealing looks and a large forgiving driver
  •  Irons have a wide sole


  • Putters seem to be missing from the set.


Conclusion about golf clubs for tall men

For a more improved and precise shot for tall golfers, I would suggest you go for the best golf clubs for tall men.

So if you’re a golfer and you’ve had speculations and so many ‘what if’s on which golf club would suit your build, getting confused about making right choices.

There would be no need for that any longer because the purpose of this article is to answer those questions of yours.

And by so doing we mapped out varieties of best golf clubs for tall men.

Everything has been laid out for you. The chances of getting specific clubs with specific features are certain.

We also advise that when going for clubs you should go for a complete set, one with more standard length and adjustment features.

These listed golf clubs are also affordable so you do not need to worry about your budget. We’ve got your interest at heart.

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