What are the best golf clubs for a high handicap golfer

So, what are the best golf clubs for a high handicap golfer? As a high handicapper, one of the major challenges is how to get the right clubs that would help in improving your overall game performance.

Regardless of their skill level, golf should be an exciting game especially when playing with the right equipment, that is why this post is about finding the right and the most suitable golf clubs for high-handicap golfers.

Most golfers spend an ample amount of time practicing and perfecting their game strength, but not everyone has both the patience and time.


One silver lining about golf is that today’s manufacturers in the golf gear industry utilize advanced golf club technology to craft some of the best golf pieces of equipment to allow you to enjoy the game whether you play just on weekends for leisure or as a professional golfer.


As this review proceeds, you will learn what a high-handicap golfer is, how to calculate golf handicap, and the top ten best golf clubs for high-handicap golfers in the market today.


What Is A High Handicap Golfer?

If you are a golfer or are affiliated with the sport in any way, then you hear the term “handicap” a lot. Most of the individuals I just mentioned already are familiar with the term and know exactly what it means but if you are just getting into the sport and are wondering what the heck handicap in golf means, here we go.



A handicap is how a golfer’s ability on the course is numerically calculated and ascertained. A golfer is considered as a good player if he has a low handicap, what this means is that a golfer with a handicap of 9 is better than a player with a handicap of 12.


How To Calculate Golf Handicap

The handicap of a golfer is ascertained by compiling the latest scores of a golfer and comparing the derived scores against how difficult the courses the scores were attained on are. For example, a player who shoots 80 on a course with a 68 rating is a 12 handicap, while a golfer who shoots 90 on a course rated 72 is an 18 handicap. This golf handicap system was introduced by The United States Golf Association (USGA) in 1911. 


High Golf Handicap. 

 In the United States, the highest handicap allowed for men is 36 while for women it’s 40. However, any golfer with a golf handicap of 20 and beyond is said to be a high handicapper. 



Golf courses are also awarded handicaps so that players can get an idea of how hard a golf course is. There are two handicaps given to golf courses and they are referred to as slope rating and course rating. A slope rating is a bogey golfer’s score as opposed to a course rating while a course rating is what a player who has a handicap of 0 should score on the course.


Calculators For Handicap. 

There are several golf handicap calculators available online. The recent scores of a player and the ratings and slopes of the USGA are inputted to attain his or her handicap number. These calculators can be very helpful to players when they are involved in tournaments or other golf contests that utilize handicaps in the scoring equation.


The Ten Best Golf Clubs For High Handicap Golfers. 

The following are the golf clubs that made the cut for our top 10 clubs for high-handicap golfers in 2020.

We understand there may be other top brands that are not listed here and that is for the reason that, at the time of pushing out this information, we have not had detailed information about them.

Let us know if there are any you have used or are currently using how you are faring or how you fared with them.



1.The Callaway Big Bertha ComboIrons.

The most prominent feature of the Calaway Big Bertha Combo irons is that with them, high handicappers get the best opportunity to strike the ball to a considerable distance and with impressive accuracy. It is unusual to find game improvement technology and good looks when it comes to golf clubs but Callaway took a break from the norm with this one. 


The Callaway Big Bertha has a suspended energy core that is built to give a player a straight ball flight, ample distance, and a great feel. Apart from the club’s engine (the core), Callaway included a 360 face cup that is meant to enhance hits lower on the face. One of our favorite parts of the Callaway Big Bertha Combo is the matte black finish because of how attention-grabbing and visually appealing it makes the club. Having a visually appealing club is considered by some to be as important as having clubs that enhance your gameplay.



  • Enhances ball flight
  • Visually appealing black matte finish
  • Several techs for game improvement
  • Drives faster than most irons


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Some individuals may not find the black matte finish appealing


2. The TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver.

The TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver sports a noticeable white cover with a red line to aid alignment. This club has been intentionally designed to be outstanding and stick out on any golf course. The TaylorMade AeroBurner has a wide clubhead shape and deep speed pocket that gives it a lot of forgiveness. The forgiveness of this club makes it one of the top game-enhancing drivers for high handicappers.


The burner may not have advanced adjustable features but this may be a plus for golfers who do need such features. The TaylorMade AeroBurner is available in 10.5 to 14-degree lofts.



  • Immaculate and well-designed striking white paint job
  • Gives high handicappers hot feedback and a feel on impact
  • High accuracy level that turns hooks, mis-hits, and slices into good shots
  • Keeps the shots of players consistently airborne and high


  • Some golfers may find spin too high
  • Does not have any adjustable features


3. The XXIO X

This golf club (pronounced Zek-si-oh) has a combination of three distinct technologies to help high handicappers hit their balls better. These combined techs are referred to as True-Focus Impact Technology.


The club’s face sweet spot is enlarged by a Hi-Energy Impact Head design. This allows your ball to travel faster and further from significant locations. With the XXIO X, you get lightweight low swing designs that effortlessly enhance your speed. The force on your body is reduced during a swing by the smart impact shaft. This enhances consistent contact with the sweet spot.



  • Gives players high ball launch.
  • Incredibly forgiving club with tight shot dispersion.
  • Designed specifically to reduce swing speed.
  • Offers great drive distance.


  • Lacks adjustability features
  • A bit expensive compared to most hybrids
  • Sends ball too high sometimes


4. The Cleveland Launcher HB Irons

The Cleveland Launcher HB Irons gives you ample forgiveness when compared to most irons. These irons utilize hollow constructions that are popular in hybrids and woods, and this is making them famous amongst game-enhancing irons. The Cleveland Launcher HB’s head shape and size boost the confidence of high handicappers making them certain that they can properly hit the ball.


The launcher has a thick sole that players who hit irons a little flat would love. This sort of sole aids the club to glide smoothly along the turf instead of roughly digging into it. This may seem like an unimportant quality but a few millimeters less fat can determine if your ball goes all the way to the green. More skilled golfers do not like clubs with wide soles like the one the launcher has because they make it difficult to control the flight of the ball, but this is just what you need as a high handicapper.



  • Beautiful hybrid design
  • Flat shots are enhanced by wide soles
  • Impeccable forgiveness


  • Looks bulky



5. The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

This golf club is prominent for being one of the most forgiving drives that help players delineate spin and simultaneously help you connect with the ball. The TaylorMade Man’s RBZ utilizes newly optimized metal woods tech that increases the club’s sweet spot with the gravity center lower pushed in a forward direction by the thick casting. With this driver, you get maximum adjustability via its loft sleeve.


The speed of the ball spin is reduced and the sweet spot size is increased by a front track system. Some fine-tuning abilities are included in this club by several sliding split weights. The driver’s gravity center is slightly moved forward to enhance launches and delineate spin. Better adjustment is ensured by a 4-degree loft spin. The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black driver is perfect for you if you need a driver that will slowly delineate your golf ball’s spin speed and increase the sweet spot size.



  • The driver’s front track future increases the sweet spot size and reduces the spin
  • Equipped with sliding split weights
  • Greater adjustability is enhanced by a 4-degree loft sleeve
  • The driver’s gravity center is positioned in a more forward direction


  • A wrench or headcover is not included
  • Too stiff as opposed to other golf clubs



6. The Cobra F9 Speedback

This hybrid golf club for high handicappers comes with speed back technology that combines a rail design and low back weight to lower the center of gravity, sending the ball into the air from different lies, increase stability, and increase speed. The Cobra F9 Speedback has a high-strength and thin stainless steel face insert that causes greater launch and improved ball speed.


The club’s alignment for improved accuracy is ensured by the 10% larger clubhead for greater MOI copulated with a square leading edge and lower toe. The F9 speed back has Arccos’ Cobra Connect with access to over 40,000 golf courses to aid track performance and improve the game of players.



  • Visually appealing black matte finish
  • Enhances ball distance
  • Rail technology makes it easy from different lies
  • Quite affordable as opposed to other hybrids
  • Great feedback on off-center hits


  • Some may find it a tad high-pitched on contact
  • No adjustability


7.The Wilson D7 Irons.

What are the best golf clubs for a high handicap golfer

This golf club for high handicappers is an upgrade from the brand’s 2017 Wilson Staff D300. Some improvements have been made on this version and any fan of the world-famous Wilson brand will love this.


The Wilson D7 sports a crispier look than the previous version. Wilson had the slots on the club’s top removed because of how distracting they were and made players feel like they were playing with “training Wheel” clubs. That certainly stifles a golfer’s confidence. 


The Wilson D7 has a clean look at address which is a welcome development for a game enhancement club. Regardless of its appearance, the clubs deliver on solid forgiveness and high speed.



  • Quite affordable
  • Enhances ball speed and ensures good distance
  • Game enhancement tech in a clean appearance


  • The benefits of this club may not be realized by low-swing speed players
  • Reselling these clubs won’t earn you much


8. The PGX Offset Golf Driver

what are the best golf clubs for a high handicap golfer

The PGX Offset is an immensely forgiving club characterized by several features that can help the shots of high handicappers. With this club, players can expect to attain their desired distance because an extremely low spin is produced when you strike the ball. You may end up witnessing some impressive distances on your strikes if the conditions are right and your ball has enough speed.


The driver’s RMOTO technology saves weight and provides the club with plenty of structure simultaneously by increasing the ball’s speed right across its face. The center of gravity is placed in a forward and lower direction, providing you with more speed than you are used to. The settings of the PGX offset can be easily adjusted by changing the spin separation between low and high settings. The angle of the clubface or loft angle does not need to be changed. You get a much taller gravity core due to the driver’s modified crown.


This golf club has a compact club head and a deeper face. The crown’s shape and the angle of the face are more visually appealing to players. The club’s optifit feature allows you to adjust the loft and lie angle in over 7 ways. You can switch the lie angle between draw and neutral while you can change the loft angle to 2, S.1, -1. You can keep your club new and clean with the leather headcover that comes with it when it is purchased. If you are looking to increase sweet spot size and reduce your spin, this is a great option for you.



  • Distance is enhanced by RMOTO technology
  • The gravity center can be easily adjusted by the gravity core
  • Impeccable head design and premium shaft
  • The club can be tweaked and adjusted due to its outlining feature


  • The club may be difficult to hold on to due to its stiffness
  • Adjustments may strip screws and make them useless
  • The adjustments can be tiring as the game proceeds


9. The Srixon Z H85

This hybrid from Srixon is one of their most advanced hybrids that comes with a stepped-down crown design meant to reduce gravity center and enhance distance. The confidence of players is boosted by its larger-than-standard hybrid profile, it enhances forgiveness on both approach and tee shots.


The Srixon Z H85’s classic and simple design is visually appealing and will make for an eye-catching addition to your golf club collection.



  • Well struck shots have a great distance
  • Visually appealing classic design
  • Quite affordable
  • Great feel and sound on good hits with nice spring off the face of the club
  • The ball is easy to launch high due to its wider profile
  • The wider profile provides a lower center of gravity


  • It has no adjustability features
  • Crown has no alignment aid
  • Only high swing speed golfers will like the standard shaft


10. The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge

What are the best golf clubs for a high handicap golfer

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole is a great choice if you intend to reduce your score and it is one of the best wedges in the market for high handicap golf players. Cleveland is a household name in the golf gear industry and has stood the test of time; they have specifically designed this club to tend to the unique requirements of high handicappers.


One of the most prominent features of the sole 3 wedge is the overall design of its loft and sole. Players are allowed to make tighter shots because of the club’s weight redistribution. This club has a wider three-tiered sole intentionally designed to give players more forgiveness. It comes with three activation pads to help golfers interact better with the turf and enjoy their game regardless of the lie.


The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 wedge has a 58-degree wedge designed specifically to help players with their most important shots. The loft assists you to hit soft high shots better with the absence of an open clubface. The weights of this club are moved away from the hosel and towards the toe allowing players to take shots with an overall better feel. 


  • It enhances ball launch
  • Easy-to-hit
  • Available for both left and right-handed players


  • Clubhead may be too light
  • Too much bounce mostly on sandy surfaces


Final Thoughts.


As a high handicap golf player, you may encounter some difficulties in the golf course, which is why having the appropriate golf clubs can make a huge difference in your gameplay and overall performance. In this review, we have gone through meticulous research to bring you the top ten best golf clubs for high handicappers and we know that getting one of them will be immensely helpful to you.



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