What are the best golf clubs for beginners

There is a common question every golf beginner asks; what are the best golf clubs for beginners? It is not something to be ashamed of as every known golf professional today was once a beginner.

If you are a rookie golf player, the odds are you are finding it difficult to master the craft with the gear available to you and might be wondering if there are clubs designed for beginners. Certainly, there are several options available to you like; gloves, balls, tees, rangefinders, clubs, and many other tools you will need as a golf player.


If you are overwhelmed by the options and cannot seem to make a choice, worry no more, as we have gone through thorough research to put together some of the best golf clubs for beginners. As usual, this list was compiled based on quality, performance, and of course customer preference.


1. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set.

The first entry on our list comes from the reputable Wilson brand. The Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set is specifically designed with beginners in mind, this set will give you the ability to drive the ball farther than you will with regular golf club sets. It comes with substantial titanium drivers that utilize low gravity center to project the ball off the tee with as much force and audacity as possible. Your game performance is improved by the irons with large sweet spots; this is very suitable for beginners or golfers looking to make a comeback to the game and is a little rusty.


The Wilson Men’s Ultra additionally features a top-class putter and a lightweight convenient bag with enough space for storage. This golf set is without a doubt a great budget choice; it is one of the most affordable sets on this list if you are a total rookie, this is your best bet. Regardless of the low price the Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set is of impeccable quality and enhances performance.



  • Crafted by a renowned brand in the golf gear industry
  • The irons are equipped with a large sweet spot
  • It comes with a titanium driver
  • It is quite affordable



  • A sand wedge is not included



2. Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite.

what is the best golf clubs for beginners

Here is one designed specifically designed for ladies. If you are a rookie lady golfer and want to start your golfing adventure or venture as the case may be then the Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite is for you. The clubs of this set are an inch shorter than normal golf clubs and it is perfect for golfers who are 5 ft. 6 and under. The 460cc driver equipped with a flexible and lightweight shaft ensure impressive control and accuracy. The driver in this set has a larger sweet spot as opposed to other drivers meant for beginners.


If you have a petite physique and you are in search of the most suitable club set for you, then you should put the Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite into consideration. They are worth every penny and they are accompanied by a visually appealing stand bag with ample storage space for waterproofs, tees, and balls.



  • They ensure extra forgiveness
  • Suitable for golfers below 5ft 6in
  • The driver has a large sweet spot
  • Comes with matching headcovers



  • Specifically designed for female golfers
  • Specifically designed for right-handed golfers


3. The Men’s 2015 Profile Junior Golf Set By Wilson.

what is the best golf clubs for beginners

The Wilson Men’s 2015 Profile Junior Complete Package Golf Set offers players just the right balance between quality and price. This golf club set is manufactured by the renowned Wilson brand. The set comes with a hybrid, wedge, 2 irons, a putter and a driver; this set is nothing out of the ordinary but comes at a reasonable cost and gives beginners a nice range of clubs.


However, it is worthy of note that these clubs were designed specifically for kids and not grown-ups. They are of no use to an adult golfer on a vast golf course. If you have a kid that is eager to learn how to play golf or already tries to play with yours and you do not intend to spend much on clubs, then the Wilson Men’s 2015 Profile Junior Complete Package Golf Set is your best bet.




  • It is quite affordable
  • Comes with a nice range of clubs
  • Designed by the reputable Wilson brand



  • Designed specifically with children in mind


4. Precise Golf 18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set.

The Precise Golf 18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set was crafted “precisely” for senior men who seek a great set to start golfing as a post-retirement hobby or just a hobby. They come at no small cost but they make up for that with durability and quality. This set is designed with graphite shafts to ameliorate power and forgiveness which are necessities for senior golfers.


One distinct feature of this set is that every club in it is a hybrid, lending design ideas from woods and irons while staying different from both of them. Conventional golfers barely make use of all hybrid clubs, but it is commonplace for seniors as they make it easier for them to swing and attain ample club speed. The Precise Golf 18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set is highly recommended for virtually any senior’s use despite their skill level. Both rookie and experienced players can use this with little or no hitches.



  • Suitable for both rookie and experienced players
  • Clubs are equipped with graphite shafts
  • More speed is guaranteed by hybrid clubs



  • Not as affordable
  • Specifically designed for seniors


5. Confidence Golf Power V3 Golf Club Set For Beginners.

what is the best golf clubs for beginners

There are a plethora of affordable club sets for beginners in the market and the Confidence Golf Power V3 Golf Club Set for Beginners takes the cake as one of the cheapest. You may ask yourself if it performs well because of its low price, well you won’t be disappointed with this set. This set comes with 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, driver, pitching wedge, putter, hybrid, and a bag with ample storage space.


This set is designed for total rookies, although it doesn’t boast of the same qualities other club sets in this list have, it will do the job you need it to do as a beginner. It comes with a small range of clubs, but all the clubs needed by a beginner are in there. The 24-degree loft ensures forgiveness and impeccable performance.


The Confidence Golf Power V3 Golf Club Set is available for both left and right-handed players. This golf club set is highly recommended for teenagers who take an interest in golf and want to venture into it, and the price is very appealing.



  • Incredibly affordable
  • Irons are equipped with large sweet spots
  • The driver has a headcover



  • Some of the clubs may look too cheap
  • Absence of sand wedge
  • Absence of traditional woods


6. The Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set With Bag By Callaway.

This golf club set comes with a stand bag, 12 pieces of 9 clubs, and 2 headcovers. The clubs in this set are a mallet-style putter, 6-iron through pitching wedge, 5-hybrid, 3-wood, and a 460cc driver equipped with a large sweet spot for distance and extra forgiveness.

At the price, this set sells for it is a great set for rookie golfers just getting used to the course and the game.


The stand bag is lightweight with a double strand for convenient carriage and ample space for storage. The strata brand has always proven to be a great choice and it offers one of the best club sets for rookie golfers.



  • Comes with a hybrid club, putter, and an oversized driver
  • Equipped with a separate pocket for the player’s water bottle
  • Also available in sets of 18, 16, and 14 pieces
  • The lightweight stand bag has a rain hood



  • The club heads may break off the shaft in rare occasions
  • A sand wedge does not come with the 12 piece set
  • A 4-hybrid does not come with the 12 piece set


7.Tour Edge Reaction 3 Complete Set With Bag

what is the best golf clubs for beginners

The Tour Edge Reaction comes with a total of 15 pieces; 3-wood, putter, a stand bag accompanied by four headcovers, a driver, 4-hybrid, and 5-iron through pitching wedge. The high moment of inertia comes with the 460cc titanium matrix driver, which gives you greater forgiveness for consistent and longer shots right from the tee. Forgiveness does not end with the driver.


Each club in the Tour Edge Reaction 3 Complete Set is built to aid you in reducing the usual beginner mistakes. The stainless steel iron has a large sweet spot and an undercut cavity that enhances impeccable forgiveness. Although this set is more expensive than most of the sets featured in this list, it is worth the price and a great choice for rookie golfers.



  • Extra forgiveness is ensured by a large sweet spot on the driver
  • Bags have a double strap for convenient carriage
  • The 4-hybrid club is easy-to-hit



  • A bit expensive compared to other sets featured on this list
  • Some users do not fancy the putter
  • Some users think that the clubs are not long enough


8. PRE Men’s 16 Piece Complete Golf Set By Pinemeadow

what is the best golf clubs for beginners

This golf club set is the total package as it comes with a total of 16 pieces at an incredibly affordable price. The Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16 Piece Complete Golf Set comes with a 21 degree 3-hybrid, a pre-mallet putter, hybrid, a 10.5-degree titanium driver, 4 through pitching wedge stainless steel irons, wood, a 15 degree 3-wood, headcovers for the driver and a double strap stand bag for convenient carriage.


The driver is equipped with an oversized sweet spot and controlled launch graphite shaft, it is highly recommended for beginners to maximize distance and forgiveness regardless of the hits. The irons, wood, and hybrid are easy to hit with a great launch due to their oversized club faces. This will ensure you remain in the fairway and keep you away from the hazards.



  • Longer clubs have headcovers
  • Rain hood for stand bag and the complete 16 pieces
  • Comes with a 21-degree hybrid club and a 4-hybrid iron



  • This set is designed for right-handed golfers
  • Absence of a sand wedge
  • The club may be too short for taller users


9. Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Golf Club Set And Bag

what is the best golf clubs for beginners

The manufacturers even confirmed themselves that the Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Golf Club Set and Bag is not for experienced golfers, but for casual and beginner golfers who find it difficult to cleanly hit every spot. This set is equipped with two easy-to-hit hybrids, a 35-inch putter, cavity back 5-iron through pitch wedge, and an oversized 460cc driver with a very large sweet spot.


Every club in this set is built for extra forgiveness for the rookie player. It is natural for you to have off-center hits, but the X9’s large sweet spots and large club heads will ensure your hits stay in the fairway. This set also comes with headcovers for the hybrids, a driver, and woods. It also has a 7-way top lightweight stand bag with a rain hood to shield your clubs from rain and moisture.


The Prosimmon brand may not be as famous as other brands on this list, but the X9 V2s are great golf club sets for rookie golfers in the market today.



  • Comes with 4 and 3-hybrids with headcovers
  • Stiff shaft style and regular style are available
  • Built for rookie golfers with more forgiveness on each club



  • Only clubs for right-handed players are available
  • Absence of sand wedge


10. Palm Springs Golf Visa Men’s +1 Inch Tall Club Set And Stand Bag

what is the best golf clubs for beginners

This Golf club set was designed with tall beginner players in mind. The shafts of the clubs are an extra inch longer than usual which is nice for individuals taller than 6ft 2in. So if you are a bit on the taller side and you just started golfing, then these are your best bet.


Equipped with a 15-degree fairway wood, 18 and 21-degree hybrids, a 460cc driver, the clubs are built with massive easy-to-hit sweet spot than enhances forgiveness. The pitching wedge and 6 steel-shafted irons (9, 8, 7, 6, and 5) are equipped with cavity back design to give you a lower center of gravity and higher moment of inertia leading to more controlled and consistent shots and easier launch.


The set additionally has a lightweight stand bag and headcovers for the hybrids, driver, and woods.



  • Equipped with two hybrids (21 and 18 degrees)
  • Extra forgiveness is ensured by a cavity back designed irons
  • Designed with tall players in mind with 1-inch longer shafts


  • Clubs may be too long for shorter players
  • Experienced golfers may not like this
  • Some users believe the clubs are of low quality


Are There Specific Golf Club Brands Beginners Should Go For?


There is no specific golf club brand meant for beginners. If you go under a certain price range you may end up with underwhelming golf equipment. Especially if you go for low-quality graphite shafts and cheap metal alloys meant for casting heads; clubs like that will not feel right when you hit balls with them, and the shots will also be inaccurate.


Tour Edge and Wilson are two prominent manufacturers featured in this list that utilize fewer funds than most of their counterparts on adverts. This connotes that they can provide top-class products for lesser costs.


How Long Should I Make Use Of Beginner Clubs?


The answer to this question is dependent on how fast you can learn how to play and get better on the course. Of course, your first set of golf clubs is not meant to be used till eternity. When you have moved to an intermediate playing standard, then you can upgrade your club set.


It is quite understandable for you to be eager to advance to regular clubs. However, beginner clubs were designed for a purpose. They are most suitable for players who do not have a properly refined swing, and if you do not play for a long period, you would not be losing too much money due to how affordable most of them are.

Whether you are using a beginner club set or not, always endeavor to keep your clubs for a maximum period of three years before they wear out.


Additionally, you have to put wear and tear into consideration when it comes to golf clubs. If you are a frequent player, your clubs’ head grooves will start wearing down and affect the contact and spin of your ball when you play.


When you notice that your clubs are waning, it is expedient that you replace them before they start affecting your performance negatively, and beginner clubs are not exempted. The time frame for clubs to start wearing out vary depending on how often use them and how better they have become in the game.



Here we go, the top 10 best golf clubs set for beginners. I am aware this list might not contain all the top brands out there and the reason is obvious, we are still testing and interviewing golfers and equipment manufacturers, and with the aid of our freelancers out there, we would be updating the list to comply with the current findings, but for now, here is what we have and i believe you are going to love these club sets especially as a beginner.

Now, even if you are not a beginner but you just want to change your equipment, you are good to go with these sets.

Let’s hear from you if you have used any of the club sets listed here, what was your experience? We will appreciate if you can share with us.

Drop a comment below this post and we will get to you.


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