Best drivers for amatuer golfers

So, this post focused on reviewing the best drivers for amatuer golfers. But before then, let’s look at what, and who is an amateur golfer.

An amateur is someone whose skill level is insufficient, mostly those who are just starting off in a particular field or sport and are short of experience and professionalism.

An Amateur Golfer

So, who is an amateur golfer? An amateur golfer is someone who plays golf for the love of it and is qualified to play in a tournament for the love of the game and the challenges it presents and not for monetary gain, according to the US Golf Associate. Before he retired, Bobby Jones was a great amateur who went on to win the US Open, the British Open, and a grand slam. He retired as an amateur at the age of 28.

There is a bit of similarity between an amateur golfer and a recreational golfer. A recreational golfer is someone who goes out once in a while to play for the love and fun of the game, and legally they are amateur but, they may not be involved in a lot of games and tournaments like the amateurs.

As an amateur golfer, it is important to choose your equipment carefully, you must understand not every club or driver is suitable for every category of player, especially those with a high handicap might need clubs with forgiveness features. In this text, we have compiled a list of the best golf drivers for amateurs.
Driving a golf ball by an amateur golfer can be a little stressful so it is wise to get a club that would serve you better and enhance your game and your overall performance.

What are the best drivers for amatuer golfers?

1. The TaylorMade Men M2

Best golf drivers for amateurs

The TaylorMade golf gear brand is famous for manufacturing powerful drivers for pro golfers who mostly play on the PGA but as an amateur do not get intimidated by this fact.

The visually appealing two-tone black and white 460cc head of the TaylorMade Men’s M2 has a crown that was manufactured from a six-layer carbon composite. The driver has a thin sole manufactured from titanium. The TaylorMade Men M2 is suitable for players of all skill levels but its forgiveness and distance will be specifically enjoyed by amateurs. This driver has a low probability to twist on impact because of its impeccable moment of inertia (MOI). It also gives you good control as you get better in the sport.

The driver delivers a great feel, awesome sound, and responsive feedback all enabled by the TaylorMade M2’s Geocoustic TM technology. One prominent feature of TaylorMade is its fantastic speed pocket. This driver is more flexible by the company’s previous models and this ensures more speed on impact which naturally leads to more distance. This driver is equipped with a high-quality shaft and is available in four flex options; x-stiff, regular, stiff, and senior. The TaylorMade M2 does not come cheap but if you are serious about enhancing your game and improving your level from the amateur stage then the M2 is worth the investment. This driver will greatly help your swing and grow with you as you get better and perfect your style.


• Visually appealing design
• Loft can be adjusted
• Large sweet spot
• A driver used by top professionals

• Although an amazing product, model is old.


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2. The Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

Best golf drivers for amateurs

The two most important things amateur golfers look for in their driver are forgiveness and distance but most times, you are left with choosing just one because it is difficult to find a driver that delivers both. The story is different with Callaway Men’s XR 16 as its engineering, brilliant design, and materials make it offer plenty of distance and forgiveness. Callaway kicks their design up a notch by working with Boeing to get refined aerodynamics.

The head of the Callaway Men’s XR 16 is forgiving and light but still aerodynamic. It has a deep and low center of gravity, a large moment of inertia, and a large sweet spot. These combined features ensure forgiveness in this driver. Callaway redesigned its successful speed step to reduce drag and make it more aerodynamic. Callaway upgrades its renowned RMOTO face to increase ball speeds. This contains internal ribs that allow for an ultra-thin and strong face, this driver has a phenomenal energy transfer. In addition to aerodynamics and light head, you will get great distance and increased ball speeds from this driver.
The face of the Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is manufactured from durable and strong 8-1-1 titanium. Callaway did not overlook loft which happens to be another important aspect that gives amateurs difficulty. The driver is equipped with 3 loft options to choose from according to your style and swing speed. The loft will allow you to get the appropriate set up for your drive for an effective and easy launch. You will be unable to get the full effect of the distance and speed the XR 16 has to offer without the appropriate loft.

This driver has a lightweight graphite shaft and it is available in regular, senior, or senior flex. Endeavor to match your swing speed to the flex to amazing results. The Callaway Men’s XR 16 will serve you for a long time without having to replace it too quickly as you get better.

• Incredibly forgiving
• Lightweight
• Visually appealing design
• Incredible distance
• Impressive aerodynamics

• Amateurs may find it too expensive
• Some players do not fancy the spin


3. The Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver

Best golf drivers for amateurs

The larger deep face of the Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver will serve amateurs greatly as t offers forgiveness across the face. In every golfer’s learning days they do not always strike the ball dead center no matter how hard you try. With a Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver, you are ensured distant and accurate off-center hits.

A good distance is achieved when you hit any decent driver spot on. Cleveland has endeavored to maximize those times when you hit slightly off-center as most amateurs do. The Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver offers golfers reasonable accuracy and distance. According to Cleveland, this is the deepest and largest clubface any golf driver can boast of, this means that you get a large sweet spot for accuracy, power, and impeccable forgiveness across the driver’s face. The performance of this club will give you confidence and enhance your overall performance.

The Cleveland Golf Classic XL is a 285-gram 460cc driver and a product of the company refining the materials and technology that were a hit in previous drivers. Variable face thickness has been employed which enhances good distance and ball speed. This club is equipped with an effective and light Miyazaki shaft, a popular and highly rated shaft that gives you good speed and trajectory. Peak performance is also ensured by the optimized peak. You get the Matrix Radix 6s shaft as other shaft options, the shafts play as well as they look.

Deep and low COG optimizes the weight and ensures effortless launch and piercing flight. The weight has been redistributed for a high point of balance and gives you extra speed. It also has an adjustable hosel and 12 settings to configure your driver to what you prefer.

• Decent distance is ensured
• Impeccable forgiveness
• Hosel can be adjusted
• Top class shaft
• Golfers get a fair amount of playability

• Some players may not be pleased with its weight


4. The Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver

best golf drivers for amateurs

One of the most prominent features of the Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver that is appealing to amateurs is its superlight design. The company used a combination of advanced materials and crafty engineering to achieve this. The head is super light weighing just 192g. The shaft weight is also light. The light shaft will allow players with a slow to moderate swing speed to get more speed and naturally more distance. The streamlined aerodynamic design also enhances speed. The D in the name of this driver signifies distance and it lives up to its name. A plethora of golfers relishes the appearance of the driver and its elegant crown. It has three shaft options; regular, senior flex, and stiff.

Some individuals are taken aback by the fact that a club that costs this much cannot be adjusted. As an amateur, adjustability may distract you except of course you are aware of what you are doing, it also gives the driver extra weight and makes it pricier. The D7’s design makes it perfect for amateur golfers.

• Generates distance and good speed
• It is quite durable
• Incredibly light and easy to swing
• Impeccable slight lines
• It has no adjustability features
• It is quite expensive


5. The Pinemeadow Offset Driver

bestbgolf drivers for amateurs

The pine meadow Offset is one of the best performing drivers when you put its cost into consideration. Regardless of its low price, the Offset is still equipped with an ample amount of technology to enhance your golf swing. A plethora of amateur golfer has issues with a slice as their golf swing shot shape. This driver is equipped with an offset club head to counter the slice golf swing by ensuring draw spin on the golf ball.

The Pinemeadow Offset Driver is equipped with a 460cc clubhead size that gives you a larger sweet spot and ensures it produces more forgiveness on golf shots that are not hit in the center of the face. It has a sleek and professional design with a matte black finished embellished with green/white accents. There is an alignment arrow on top of the crown to help you center your ball at the address. Finally, this driver weighs just 200g which makes it lightweight, but the weight is evenly distributed to ensure balance.

• Large sweet spot
• It is quite affordable
• Properly distributed lightweight
• The offset helps to square face at impact

• Not very durable
• The sweet spot is small compared to some drivers on this rundown
• Lacking in features


6. The TaylorMade M1

Best golf drivers for amateurs

TaylorMade makes another appearance in our list of best golf drivers for amateurs. The M1 is built for distance to ensure you hit longer drives. The company utilized carbon fiber for the driver’s crown which added a lot of benefits to this club. The clubhead is made light by the carbon fiber and allows the club to feel lighter and give you a faster swing.

The weight saved from the carbon fiber crown was evenly distributed deep into the driver’s head sole to ameliorate launch and delineate spin. This brilliant can aid you to strike longer drives. The TaylorMade M1 is also equipped with two adjustable weights that allow you to customize the settings of the driver to the one that best suits your golf swing. The M1 has around 270 different adjustable position combos between both weights. You can move the 10-gram weight from toe to heel in 15 distinct positions to help promote a fade or draw bias according to what you prefer. You can move the 15-gram sliding weight from left to right under the face in 18 distinct positions.

In terms of design, the TaylorMade M1 has a professional and sleek black and white color scheme to make it visually appealing. Your alignment is assisted by the contrasting color scheme. Generally speaking, the TaylorMade M1 is one of the longer drivers on the market that can help you with your distance on the course.

• One of the longest drivers you will find in the market
• Adjustable weights to suit your golf swing
• Power is maximized on impact by the carbon fiber crown technology
• Deeper, lower COG aids amateurs at impact

• Beginners and amateurs may find the adjustability feature too technical
• Older model


7. The Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

best golf drivers for amateurs

The Cobra F-Max Offset driver is specifically built for moderate swing speed golfers and more forgiveness. One of the most prominent features of this driver is the offset design to help produce counter spin that delineates the slice most amateur players struggle with. Maximum draw bias is created by the hosel and offset, but you additionally have the option of a straight hosel design to ensure minimal draw bias. The shafts of the F-Max were built with lighter weight material to ensure a faster club swing. Swing weights are strategically positioned in the head of the driver to help you see enhancements in your launch and spin. The Cobra F-Max is a solid driver choice for an amateur with features that ensure it is more forgiving and ensure distance on your drives.

• Forgiveness is promoted by the back heel center of gravity
• Faster swing speed is enhanced by ultra-light shafts
• Good mid-price range alternative
• Better launched is ensured by offset hosel design

• The offset driver is not suitable for golfers who hit straight
• Some golfers may find the club too light


8. The Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

best golf drivers for amateurs

If it is forgiveness you seek, then the Cleveland Launcher HB Driver is your best bet. The company utilized HiBore tech to move the COG deeper and lower in the head of the driver to enhance lower spin rates and higher launch which helps to control trajectory so the driver gives you more accurate shots and less severe curves on mishits. The speed of your ball is also increased by the driver’s face by the HiBore tech. The crown compresses at impact and decompresses at launch to transfer more energy which results in faster ball speeds.

The addition of flex fins is another prominent feature this driver has for the promotion of ball speeds and faster faces flex. By compressing and decompressing during contact, they aid the face to emanate more energy transition to the golf ball.

Finally, the launcher cup face tech shapes the driver’s face to enhance more forgiveness on bad hits by expanding the sweet spot of the driver’s face. Although these are not new and innovative technology, they have been tested and trusted over the years.

• The sweet spot is increased by launcher cup face
• HiBore Technology for more forgiveness
• Ball speed and faster face flex is promoted by flex fins

• Not as high tech as other drivers on this list
• Long shaft delineates control for amateurs


9. The TaylorMade RBZ Driver

 Best Golf Drivers For Amateurs

One of the most prominent features of the TaylorMade RBZ is that the club feels lighter than a plethora of other drives which gives you extra confidence in delivering faster swings. The RBZ makes use of speed pocket technology to aid the speed of the club. The driver head’s aerodynamics is improved by the speed pocket and helps the club swing faster with little wind resistance.

This club also has lower COG to enhance launch on the drives of amateur players. The driver can be adjusted by 1.5 degrees to 12 different positions to fit your golf swing. The TaylorMade RBZ driver is equipped with the Matrix Tie 55 shafts, which helps your shot-shaping control and delineate longer drive distance.


• Large sweet spot
• Launch and spin are improved by speed pocket technology
• Loft can be adjusted to optimize trajectory

• Built for distance as opposed to forgiveness
• Headcover is quite cheap


10. The Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Best golf drivers for amateurs

The Callaway Epic Flash gives you an all-in-one package. Every modern technology a driver needs are equipped with this driver, it is quite expensive but it is worth it. This driver allows your ball travel at impeccable speed, and with the center of gravity available for adjustability, you get the chance to customize it to your preference. The Callaway Epic Flash Driver also ensures ample forgiveness.

Never before seen amazing control on hits is ensured by the new carbon crown. This club performs remarkably well with little or no flaws, Callaway did outdo themselves with this one.

• It promotes ball speed
• Equipped with jailbreak tech
• Exceptional forgiveness is ensured by the stabilized thin face
• It ensures control on ball launch

• At 45.5 inches, some users may find it a bit long




For an amateur golfer looking to have fun on a golf course, choosing the driver that would help him enjoy his time on the course.

Today, most golf equipment manufacturers are aware of the need to incorporate features like forgiveness that would make an amateur golfer make up for his or her insufficient experience.

Most amateur golfers, especially those who rarely have enough playing time on the course have a high handicap and need suitable equipment to help them improve on their overall performance.

This list of the Best drivers for amatuer golfers is inexhaustible as there are some great brands not included here because of a lack of sufficient information about them.

We shall be adding and removing some as we try out more drivers all through the year.

Have you use any of the drivers listed here, let’s hear from you how you fare with it. Drop your comment in the comment section below this post and we will respond as soon as possible.


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  • Kalle & Marie

    Hi, Thank you for the article.I personally used the Callaway Men’s XR.  If you asked me which one that I preferred Callaway Men’s XR or The Tailor Made Mi, my answer is Tailor Made M1.  But it was beyond my budget when I wanted to buy new driver.  Tailor Made M1 can be adjusted according to your swing style, and gave long drive.  I choose Callaway Men’s XR because it is easy to use, and it was cheaper than Tailor Made.  When you hit right (well most of the time), Callaway have quite good distance, and it sound much better.

    Thank you once again for Driver review, looking forward for another review.



    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and 

      I am glad you found value in this post. 

  • Great post, great site. 

    I am definitely in the -Amateur- category. Thanks for the detailed rundown on some great drivers. I don’t spend a lot of time at the golf course so all of these drivers are out of my price range, but I am eager to save up and try one of these out.

    Right now I am leaning toward the THE CLEVELAND GOLF CLASSIC XL DRIVER for the forgiveness and high quality. Looking forward to upcoming reviews. Thanks


    • Clems Tarkper

      Thanks so much for dropping by, and yes, there are lots of cost-friendly options available. 

      We are definitely going to review and list some great low-cost options on every skill category.

      I am glad you found value in our post.

  • Hello and thank you for your thoroughly informative post on drivers.  I have to admit that I have no experience with golf, but it is one of those activities that has always interested me.  It is an activity that blends both skill and mental discipline in a way that few other activities do.  It is interesting to see the level of technology and engineering that has gone into developing the golf clubs.  Not surprising though considering the degree of competition both among professional and armature players.  At some point and time I will have to find out a guide that is suitable for beginners.


    • Thanks for visiting and I am glad you like our work.

  • Well this I srelaly good to see here and to be very honest, I joined a golf club before the pandemic broke out and though I was just learning how the game actually works but it feels like a long time ago and I wish to get myself more equipped for the resumption of activities generally. Personally, I like the idea of seeing this golf  drivers here. From the list you have shared here, I like the The Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver the most.

    • Clems Tarkper

      Thanks for dropping by.

      If you are in the beginners’ category, you might want to look at the golf clubs for beginners Here.

      And if you are looking for beginners clubs with most forgiving features, you can find them Here as well.

  • Edwin Bernard

    It is amazing how technology plays a role in golf club design. Being able to make adjustments to the club in the past would probably have broken the rules. 

    There was a time in the sporting world when only amateurs were allowed to compete in major sporting events like the Olympics. Times have chanted that has also provided more opportunity. 

    I can see a time when golf clubs will have microprocessors built into them with sensors to help a golfer improve their shots. 

    However, I sill think that a professional golfer can get better results with a mediocre golf club than an amateur with a top of the line club. 



    • Clems Tarkper

      I completely agree with you. A pro golfer can play with any club and get great result ahead of an amateur golfer with all the technology. Nothing beat experience.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  • Wow, these are all really good drivers but they seem on the high side a little. I am one of those you could call an amateur golfer who just plays once in a while for the fun that I get from it. It’s a sport that I really admire so I was thinking I’d get a good driver. I think the THE WILSON STAFF GOLF MEN’S D7 DRIVER is a good catch and I could buy that myself. Yeah, I’ll go for that.

    • Clems Tarkper

      Thanks for dropping by, I am glad you found value in this post.

      There are definitely low cost options available, and we are going to be reviewing them in our subsequent post. 

      Just an eye on this page. 

  • Brandi Bell

    My only experience with golf and the gear to play is through golf video games. That being said I feel after reading this post that I have the knowledge of where to start and what to buy if I wanted to get into the sport. I like that you offer detailed descriptions of each driver and I especially like the pros and cons list you offer for each product. This inclusion makes me feel like I have several different options based on what my preferences might entail.

    • Clems Tarkper

      Thanks for your comment.As a beginner, there are lots of options available when looking at golf clubs fis a starterI have done some reviews about this some few weeks back. You want to check it out Here

  • Joseph Stasaitis

    Things were a lot simpler when Bobby Jones played in terms of equipment. I miss the days of using the persimmon woods. Having worked in the computer and microelectronics industries I understand the value of technology when used wisely as an efficient tool. At the same time you can go overboard with aspects of it that takes away from the essence of the game. Distance is by no means the most important aspect of the game of golf. I love playing courses like the Lake Course at the Olympic Club where strategy and ball placement are paramount as well as accuracy when hitting into those smalls greens. Today’s players are gifted for sure, but would have a tough time against Bobby Jones or Ben Hogan as they were much more well-rounded players. All in all it is what it is and I still enjoy the game of golf very much. Appreciate your review of these clubs.

    • Clems Tarkper

      Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your experience with us.


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