Is it worth to buy second hand best golf club brands?

You may not be prepared for a high cost of gear and equipment, not to mention club membership costs. If you are on tight budged then there is nothing wrong with buying  second hand clubs. Buying them second hand will allow you to test different kind of clubs so in future you will know the best golf club brands to choose from. But don’t forget to inspect your clubs thoroughly before paying for them!

Inspect the heads

Look if there in any wear on clubface. Check if you see grooves still running across it. If they are still in place that is a sign that club haven’t been abused. But if you see distinctly shiny spot in the middle of the clubface and you feel slight indent when running your fingers across it- don’t buy it. Also check for dings and nicks around the perimeter of clubface.

The shaft

When looking at the second-hand graphite shafts be extra careful- inspect it real close. Don’t buy if you find worn areas or dents across the shaft. You will later feel them when attempting a line drive. Give the shaft small torque test when inspecting it. Hold the opposite ends of the club and give it a bit of a twist. For metal shafts, look for a recent bent and re-bend in it’s original position. You should also check if there is any sign of weld or repair.


Look for any tears, cracks and worn areas on grips. You will have to replace the grips on the second-hand clubs eventually. But they should last at least couple of months before giving out. If the club itself is in quite good condition but grips are worn down, try to negotiate lower price.

Check the prices for similar best golf club brands

There are times when brand new clubs are cheaper then used ones. This can happen when a seller has bought and used set of clubs only few times and then threw them into storage. After a year he would pull them out and try to sell them just a little bit under their market price, which he would think as of fair deal, since he used them only few times. Meanwhile, the original manufacturer already has released new types for same or lower price. In these cases it’s better to buy brand new clubs. And don’t forget to test the clubs. Try to meet at the local driving range to take a couple of practice swings. Nothing beats actually testing the device yourself.

Stick to the best golf club brands

You already are saving money buying second hand clubs so at least get the best golf club brands so you can make most of your purchase! Used brand clubs can be steel expensive,  but you can be sure about their performance and quality.

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