Golf practice mind set- how to hit a golf ball perfectly

This is one of the keys we want to talk about and get you ready for. Every golf book, article, magazine that you will read will tell you the key of getting better at golf is to practice, practice and practice. We can only agree with this and we not gone tell you anything much from the norm, but our goal is to open your mind up for new possibilities and help you to understand how to hit a golf ball the right way.

There is an old true story about a men who went to the prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Before he went to the jail he was playing golf and now his dream was taken away for 2 years. All he could do was to play the game in his mind. He was training in his mind every day for 2 years, without touching any golf equipment. How do you think what happened when he got out of the jail? Yes, he didn’t lose his skill, actually, he even improved it. He still knew how to hit a golf ball! This worked because unconscious mind knows how to hit a golf ball perfectly but most people change things consciously- which can lead to only hurting their game.

You know how to hit a golf ball perfectly, isn’t that right? But why you don’t do it every time? It’s simply because you aren’t in the ‘flow state ‘ that pro’s are often talking about. That is the inner state where everything happens automatically- you don’t think, you just do it. It’s those time where everything  just happens for you and you are not even trying, giving any effort. That is the state where you should be, when you are at the golf course and your mind and body will know how to hit a golf ball for sure.

So, how about starting to study the best sportsman’s in the world and find out what’s their mind set is and replace it. If you want to improve your golf game rapidly and drop your handicap you must visualize as much as you practice how to hit a golf ball. If you visualize the feeling of hitting a great shot in your head you will unconsciously start to believe it’s really happening and you will condition your mind to know how to hit a golf ball perfectly every time when you do it.

The reason why a lot of people quit their golf journey is because they don’t focus on the little improvement that they are making and it just puts them in downward spiral. You must focus on making a progress every time you play and you will go into spiral up about golf.


We can advice you not to underestimate the power of the mind when it comes to the game, it is the key of knowing how to hit a golf ball like a pro. Another ting which can make you to become better and get you into flow state naturally is meditation practice. Meditate when you can, in the morning or before tee time… We wish you all the best!

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