Garmine Approach Z82 Golf GPS Laser rangefinder VS Approach Z80.

Welcome to this comparison review of the Garmin Approach Z82 and the Z80 Laser Golf rangefinders.

I have got a lot of people asking to know what the difference is between the two distance finders and in this review, I am going to lay bare the similarities as well as the visible differences between the two.


Rising from the huge success of the Garmin Approach Z80 Golf Laser rangefinder, Garmin introduced an advanced alternative and called it the Z82 GPS and Laser rangefinder.

To start, the Z80 was the first Garmin GPS Laser rangefinder device that provides full information about the golf course you are about to play on, as it is preloaded with about 41,000 courses worldwide.

But the Z82 comes packed with everything you find in the original Z80 and to make it perform better, it has some advanced features previously not found in the Z80.

Some of the features in the Z80 were found to be limiting in the way they perform and the Z82 model has improved these features.

Garmin Approach Z80.

This is the first Garmin Golf GPS Laser rangefinder that combines the features and technologies of both the GPS and Laser in one body.

It gives you accurate distance measurements, within 10” to the flag, up to 350 yards/320 meters.

This unit provides the full information on the about 41,000 preloaded courses and is very beneficial when playing on a new course as you get to preview the courses you are about to play and get first-hand knowledge on blind holes you may not know where you are hitting.

Key Features of The Garmin Z80 Laser Rangefinder.

  • Full-color 2-D CourseView mapping is overlaid on the viewfinder and provides data on more than 41,000 courses worldwide.
  • GPS Feature provides full knowledge of the golf course you are about to play and is particularly beneficial when you are playing on a new course.
  • The Playlike feature gives a slope adjustment to the target flag.
  • There is also the PIN Lockon feature that will lock on the flag to give accurate information on the distance to the flag.
  • With Tthe Z80 also you can lock on the flag from 350 yards away
  • Also, the Z80 Features the Compass mode which essentially is designed to display the direction and distance to the green. This is important especially when you are playing late in the evening when you may not see the green clearly with your natural eyes.

Garmin Approach Z82 Golf GPS Laser Rangefinder.

Garmine Approach Z82

The Z82 has all the features of the Z80, it improved on all the features in the Z80 device.

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Here are some of the improved features of the Z82 that are not found on the original Z80 model.

  • Slope mode comes with a switch on and off button where you can easily turn off the slope mode to comply with Tournament legal. The Z80 has a slope but you can not turn it off making it practically impossible to play with it during PGA Tournament.
  • Another improved feature of the Z82 is the Improved battery life where you have 15 hours on a single recharge allowing you to play longer hours and more holes before powering it.
  • Also, the Z82 has improved on the PlayLike feature as it now considers wind direction. You only have to connect it to your phone and you are good to go.
  • The display on the Z82 has a better and clearer graphic and a new OLED Screen.
  • While the Old Z80 is accurate within 350 yards, the new Z82 has gone a step ahead to make it within 460 yards with 10 inches accuracy.
  • When you pair the Z82, you get to track your scores record over time.



What’s the Major Diiference bertween the two?

So, you can see that while the Z80 model represented a breakthrough in what Golf Laser rangefinders can do, the Z82 is on a totally diferent level building on the success of the Z80 and improving on all of the features and further cementing Garmin position as an innovative giant in golf devices.

Below are some of the advantages of tge improved features and functionalities in the GARMIN Approach Z82 Golf GPS Laser rangefinder.

ADvantages of the Z82 over the Z80.

Apart from being one of the most advanced Golf Laser ranegfinder to date, tyhe Z82 have got these advantages over the previous Z80 model.

  • It has an improved battery life offering, 15 hours of use that can comfortably take yout the whole 2 round or more of golfing, this is extreemly a step up from th eprevious model.
  • The quality of the Z82 is way clearer and more easy to use.
  • This device is very helpfu especially in blind holes and in places you can not see claerly, maybe too many tree are covering your view, you find this device very helpful.


Rounding up, most of the changes in the new Z82 Golf GPS Laser rangefinder are more of software related and not much from the outlook.

Garmin capitalized heavily on the huge success recorded by the Z80 to pich in a new and improved version.

Even though lots of people like myself, were sceptical initially, after few rounds of golfing with the Z82, I quickly fell in love with it and boldly declared its one of bthe most advanced laser rangefinder to date.

If you are turn between which of the two to go for, i am sure this review will help you make a better buying decision.

One thing though, the prices forbthe both doesnt come cheap and if you are worried about the cost and would rather rather go for something more afforadble, there a post about the best rated golf laser rangefinders under $200 here, you might want to check it out.


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