What Is The Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Under $50-60?

In this post, we have a list of the best-rated golf rangefinders within the range of $50-60.

So, if you are in the market for a new set of golf laser rangefinders with a limited budget and you are wondering if you can get a decent rangefinder with good enough features to help you play better golf. This post will help you make a quick buying decision.

7 Best-rated golf Laser Rangefinders Under $50-60.

Here, we have tried several different rangefinders and have found some really cool options within the price range of $50 -$60.

1. ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder.

This unit comes with slope functionality that helps you decide on the perfect Golf Club to pick as well as how to shape your shot, and also gives an accurate measurement of the pin. This helps you save time and play better golf.

This unit is built with easy-to-use features similar to those found only in high-end brands and that is something that sets this unit apart from other similar brands.

It is an ideal device for those new to golf looking for an easy-to-use distance-finding gadget.

It is cost-friendly and can be used by both young and oldies in golf, male and female alike.

Key Features.

The ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder has some cool, easy-to-use features to help you save time and play better golf.

Starting off, there is the Slope functionality that is incredible in modern golf rangefinders. This helps the golfer with accurate distance to the flag taking into account the degree of elevation to the target.


2. Laser Golf/Hunting Range Finder.

The features of this laser rangefinder make it an incredible choice for those looking for a golf laser rangefinder that is affordable yet has all the features needed to have an exciting experience on the golf course.

With a 7X magnification through a multi-coated lens, you get to experience a crystal clear display helping you to have a perfect idea of the distance to the target.

With all of the features here, it is hard to believe this device is sold for less a 100 bucks, that half the price of many rangefinders that don’t have as many helpful features as what’s found here.

If you are in the market for a less expensive golf laser rangefinder, you might want to look at this device from ‎MOESAPU.

Key Features.

Slope mode with slope switch. Slope functionality in a rangefinder helps golfers to fine-tune their shots choosing the perfect club for each hole. the slope switch enables golfers to switch off the slope mode to comply with tournament legal.

There is also the advanced Pin-Sensor technology that picks and locks on the flag quickly and accurately.

The PIN lock Vibration technology is designed to notify you once you are locked on the flag via vibration.

There is also the continuous scan that allows you to calculate distances to multiple targets at once, helping you to also save time.


  • Very Easy to use.
  • 7X Magnification lens delivers a brighter display.
  • Multiple uses, golfing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.
  • Waterproof.
  • Very comfortable for the eyes.
  • Very affordable pricing.


  • Continuous scan mode might drain out the power if not properly managed.
  • Very cheap case


3. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinder Under

The Wosports Golf Rangefinder has a measurement capacity of up to 800 yards and costs less than $60.

It is a great choice device for golfers who are looking to spend less yet getting value on the course.

It has features that can easily go for high-end devices and in my opinion, is a wonderful option if you are looking for a new set of rangefinders to improve your on-course performance, save time, and generally play better golf.

Key Features.

Here are Some of the key features of this device.

Starting off, there is the High precision Flag locked feature designed to quickly locate and lock the flag and it does that pretty quickly.

Another feature of this device is the flag lock vibration. This essentially notifies you once you are locked on the flag via vibration. So, when you feel that vibrating sensation, you know what exactly that means and then you take the measurement.

Also, there is the 6x magnification that displays the measurement in a crystal clear display.

There is also the Continuous scanning mode that measures multiple targets at once although I feel this can have a negative tool on the power of the device not properly managed.


  • Ergonomic design feels good in the hands.
  • Pin Seeker and Vibration.
  • Can be used for other outdoor sporting events like Hunting, etc.
  • The price is pretty good for a device with such impressive features.


  • Continuous scan mode drains power real fast and this may require you to constantly power the device.

4. OUBEL Golf Rangefinder, [Newest & High-Precision] Laser Range.

Laser Rangefinder Under

OUBEL specializes in the production and distribution of Rangefinders and is pretty good at what they do, churning out top-quality products.

This unit is designed to serve the dual purposes of Golfing and Hunting and other outdoor activities.

It is lightweight and features 6x magnification for a Clear display.

It is pretty accurate and has a range measurement of 800 yards, and measurements can be displayed either in Yards or Meters.

some features like the fast Flag Pole Locking, Flag lock vibration, and slope mode make it an ideal golf rangefinder for those seeking to experience better performance on the course.

Key Features.

Some of the features of the OUBEL Golf rangefinders are the Flag pole lock with Vibration. These features ensure you are locked on fast and then notified via vibration.

There is also the scam mode that ensures you acquire distances in multiple targets at once. You just have to press and hold on to the power to activate the continuous scan mode.

Displayed measurement is displayed either in Yards or Meters.

6X magnification ensures you get Fast and clear data is displayed on the 6x lens.


  • 6X Magnification gives you a clear and brighter display.
  • Lightweight.
  • Accurate display.
  • Acquire distances in multiple targets at once.


  • Continuous scanning mode might drain out the power faster.
  • No Magnetic Cart Mount.


5. THGOLF 1000Y Rechargeable Range Finder.

THGOLF 1000Y Rechargeable Rangefinder comes with a slope feature and is an innovative gadget that has become a favorite for most people when looking to buy a new golf rangefinder.

This unit delivers a perfect blend of technology, precision, and versatility with some incredible features. It is one of the most accurate budget-friendly golf laser rangefinders available today.

6. Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder DTAPE DT600.

Laser Rangefinder Under

The Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder DTAPE DT600 is a budget-friendly device that features advanced laser technology and is a great choice for those looking for an affordable rangefinder with decent features.

This gadget is designed to deliver a measuring maximum distance of 656yards or 600m and features a 6X magnification for crystal clear display.

It also has a measurement display that can be in yards or meters, you choose which one you are most comfortable with.

It has a Sleek, ergonomic, soft casing design that feels very great and pretty comfortable in any hand.


Key Features.

The Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder DTAPE DT600 has a number of key features, starting off, there is the Slope feature which gives a more accurate distance taking into account the elevation differences of the fairway.

This also helps you decide on the right Club to pick and how to properly shape your shot.

Also, there is the smart scanning mode that is designed to help you acquire distances of multiple targets at once.

Another key feature of the Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder DTAPE DT600 is the advanced optics and lenses. There is a 6X magnification that delivers Premium, ultra-clear images through multilayered optics and is absolutely easy to read, through the lens.


  • Advanced slope measurement technology.
  • Accurate display.
  • Advanced smart scanning mode.
  • Display measurement in Yards and Meters.
  • Adjustable dioptric balance can compensate for myopia and presbyopia.


  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn off the slope mode meaning this gadget, as good as it is, can not be used during USGA Tournament.
  • Continuous scanning mode tends to drain out the power pretty fast.



7. MOESAPU Laser Golf/Hunting Range Finder.

Laser Rangefinder Under

MOESAPU designed this unique device to be used for golf and other outdoor sporting activities such as hunting, racing, bird watching, shooting, climbing, and engineering measurement.

This product has pretty decent features and delivers an astonishing 7X Magnification display making it one of the many few rangefinders within this price tag to deliver such magnification.

Aside from that, it has a Measuring Range of 5-600m /1000m/1500m( 656 Yards/1090 Yards/ 1650 Yards) and a range accuracy of ±1m (1 Yard).

It will definitely make a good purchase for those looking for budget-friendly and decent golf rangefinders to buy. We tried it on two different public courses and got a consistent result.

Key Features.

As stated earlier, this unit delivers a 7X Magnification ultra Clear Rotationa lens so you get a pretty clear and brighter display.

Also, there are 4 different operational modes, M1, M2, M3, and M4, and suitable for golf, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

It also features a rotational eyepiece that is adjustable for enhanced focus and is of crucial benefit for those who are nearsighted or farsighted, without glasses.

There is also a switch button that allows you to switch display readings to either Yards or Meters.

Finally, there is a continuous scanning mode that helps you acquires distances to multiple targets at once, you just have to press and hold the power button to activate this feature.


  • 7X monocular lens with multi-layer coating for bright clear display.
  • Continuous scanning mode allows distances of multiple targets.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Accurate and fast display.
  • 7° field of view.


  • Continuous scanning mode has the tendency to drain out power pretty fast.



How Much Should I Spend On Golf Laser Rangefinder?

The answer to this question, I would say, depends mainly on what you want to achieve with your device, the level you are in your golf game, and of course, your budget.

If you are just starting off in golf, it really makes no sense to splash hundreds of dollars on a piece of gadget that will not directly help you in improving your skills in the game, and I would say, you should go for less-priced units.

If you are considering which option of a less-priced rangefinder to go for, I have a post on the best-rated rangefinders under $100 Here. You might want to check it out.

If you have a big budget, then you could easily go for a rangefinder with more advanced features like the Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized Golf but then, as you respect, it would cost you a little more.

Are Cheap Golf Laser Finders Any Good?

Some people believe that the more an item costs, the better the item is but that is not always the case sometimes.

I am of the opinion that, an item should be valued on the basis of what it does and not solely on how much it cost.

Now, are cheap golf laser rangefinders any good?

The answer here, in my opinion, from my experience using some low-priced rangefinders, would say yes, some of them are great and performs as excellently well as any high-end unit.

However, you need to understand that, most high-end rangefinders come with advanced features, something most low-priced units don’t have.

So, if having advanced features is a major factor for you, you might want to look for a high-end device, maybe something like Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder, or other similar devices.


Whether you are just starting off in golf and need a budget Golf Laser rangefinder to start with, or you are oldie and are returning back to the game after many years off and you are looking at getting a Golf Laser rangefinder that is a budget friend to restart your game, these gadgets would definitely make a good choice and would definitely impact your game positively.




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