Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons review.

Welcome to our review of the Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons.

The ExoticE722 irons are part of the E722 lineup released which includes, the E722 drivers, the E722 Fairway, and the E722 Hybrids.

In this review, we look at the setup of the irons category, touching on some of the key features and technologies that go into this club, as well as what category of players Tour edge targets with the Exotics E722 IONS.

After reading this review, you can decide if this club is a good fit for your game or not.

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons review – Introduction.

The Exotic E722 Club models are extremely powerful and efficient Clubs for different Categories of players. and most suited for a player who needs a little help getting the ball up and high.

The E722 irons are extremely forgiving, and Tour Edge obviously designed this Club targeting the mid-high handicap players looking for performance with the highest technology that ensures maximum forgiveness.

For the records, the E722 Model stands for Extreme Distance series comprising E722 Drivers, E722 Fairway woods, E772 Hybrids, and the E722 Irons.

Looks/First Impression.

Image Credit: Tour Edge

The exotic E722 Irons looks similar to the C722 Model but the E722 has quite an offset; is noticeable at address, a slightly thicker topline and very stronger loft, which is quite expected of an Iron that promises extreme distance forgiveness.

Overall, aside the slightly biggera 360-degree undercut head design, stronger loft, noticeable offset in the E722, every other features, as far as Clubhead design is concerned, the E722 has quite some similarities with the C722 irons.


Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Talking about some of the key features and technologies deployed by Tour Edge to power the performance of the Exotic E722 Irons. Here, you will notice quite a lot of similarities in the features here with those of the Exotic C722 Model.

Starting off, there is the dual Vibrcor Technology, basically consisting of some high-grade TPU placed strategically in the deep 360 degree undercut pocket to induced speed and enhanced feeling.

This VIBRCOR performance gel is injected into the cavity to work in partnership with the extreme thick but light TPU Layer for enhanced sound that dampen vibration and shock while enhancing ball speed at impact.

Also, the E722 Irons, just like the C722 model features a the Full-Face Diamond Face VFT Technology.

This basically feature about 103 different diamond shapes behind the clubface and functions as mini-tranpolines to generate faster a much faster ball speed compared to similar models. Also, the sweetspot zone is expanded across the entire rea of the Club face creating more forgiveness across the face.

Looking at the design structure of the E722 Irons, there is a 360° Undercut Design which is a one-piece, high iron steel body design that creates a lower CG for a higher launch and increased face flexing and ball speed and an enhanced distance across the face.

There is also the Extreme Toe Weighting technology that use a new, dual toe weighting pocket to expand the sweetswot zone, creating a MOI and precise positioning of the CG right behind the Center face to optimize sound and feel at impact.

And finally, the E722 irons is power lofted from the lower and deep CG, and provides extra distance and lower spin rate while providing the same launch typical of a standard lofted irons.

Rounding off, all the shafts in the Exotic 722 series, whether E722 or C722 are speed tested.

This helps in providing the right custom shaft paring for every flex and this is determined by the robotic testing and validated by tests by independ players.

Standard Specifications.

Tour Edge is using the KBS TGI Tour Graphite 50g L | 60g A , 70g R, and the Fujikura Ventus Blue 8-S: 86g S as standard stock shaft, while the Lamkin Crossline 360 Gray as the standard stock grip.

As always, there is options for custom fittings at your request.

Tour Edge Exotic E722 Irons review




The E722 Irons deliver quite an impressive performance on the range and even better on the Course.

As an average player with a tendency to slice every now and then, I was quite impressed with how I was able to take the ball up, straight, and cover an impressive distance.


The Exotic E722 Irons, by their designed style, strong loft, noticeable offset, and a bigger Clubhead, are extremely forgiving.

One of the most important features most average golfers look out when looking for a new set of Clubs is forgiveness.

With a bigger, 360-degree undercut head design offering an expanded sweetspot zone, the E772 irons are structured to deliver forgiveness on shots outside of the center og the clubhead.

As someone not looking to win some sorts of competition but to have fun on the golf course, you want to go for Clubs which are very forgiving and this is exactly what I found in the Tour Edge E722 irons.

Speed & Distance.

Speed in the Exotic E722 Irons is quite impressive, and you know, the whole ideal of the E722 is to offer Extrreme distance to the player who have difficult driving the ball a longer distance.

What I found most satisfying in the Tour Edge E722 Irons is the ability to deliver long shots even when you strike outside of the reverend sweetsport area obviously because of the expanded sweetspot zone.

I also got a good amount of extra yardage over the C722 irons and quite consistent while playing on the range. Maybe I might get a different result if I compare the two using the golf course, or the result might be the same.

Overall, great clunhead speed and definitely added distance and a perfect choice for mid-high hadicap players.

When I first

What Others Are Saying About The E722 Irons.

The E722 has got a lot of people talking especially about the performance of the Club when stalked up against previous models and other brands in the market.

Most of the People we spoke were particular about the extra Distance they got swinging the E722 Irons compared to their previous Clubs.



  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Outstanding distance.
  • Offset for those who tend to slice.
  • Easy to swing even for senior golfers who might be a little weaker because of their age.


  • Not suitable for more skilled players for lack of workability and control.
  • Looks a little chunky at the address and could be a turn-off for some folks.

Who Can Play The Exotic E772 Irons?

So, basically, in designing this Irons, Tour Edge is targeting a larger niche, with players who need more forgiving constituting the larger market.

If you are a player who has a problem with slices, the E722 with offset might be a Club to help you reduce slices.

If you are a player who struggle with distance and needs help getting the ball far, this might be a perfect fit for your game.

Overall, Mid-high handicap players will fit in well with the E722 Irons while more experienced players might be well suited with the C722 Model.

Where To Buy The E722 Irons.

There are a number of vendors selling golf equipment and if you are looking at an offline option, you might want to check up the golf shop nearest to your location.

However, for convenience purpose and for best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place is the Tour Edge brand store on


Conclusively, the Exotic E722 with an expanded sweetspot for easy launch and a visible offset can be an excellent option for players looking for more forgiveness in their irons to drive better shots.

If, however, you want a more workable version that gives you more control over your shots, you might want to check out the C722 Model.


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