Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized Golf Rangefinder Review.

Welcome to my review of the Nikon Coolshot Pro Golf Rangefinder.

After reading and hearing so much buzz about the new kid on the block, the Nikon Coolshot Proii Stabilized golf rangefinder as every guy on the course seemed to be talking about this unit as the next best thing to happen to the golf rangefinders world.

So, not wanting to be left out, and really curious to find out if there are any changes and added features from the original Coolshot Pro Stabilized, I decided to try it, and boy, I was sold, straight up.

You are about to learn, in this review, why many people, like me, are sold over the Nikon Coolshot Proii golf rangefinder.

Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized Golf Rangefinder Review – Introduction.

Nikon Coolshot Proii is an upgraded version of the Nikon Coolshot Pro Golf Stablisghed earlier reviewed Here.

It came with added advanced features which were lacking in the Pro Version, and in my own opinion, has a more bright, clear, and sharper view compared to the previous model.

This unit makes playing golf even more interesting as the introduction of  HYPER READ technology together with the premium OLED display seems to turn on all things and set one up for the best experience on the course. Hey, forgive me if you feel I am being too biased with my expression of this unit but it’s just the way I feel right after unboxing this gadget.


Looks/ First Impression.

At the point of unboxing the Coolshot Proii Rangefinder, the first thing I noticed is the size, looks everything like the previous model, the cool shot Pro Stabilized.

It’s portable and can easily fit into an average hand.


Key Features.

To perform effectively, Nikon Deployed a number of upgraded key features in the Proii model effectively giving it an edge over the previous model

Starting off with, there is the Stabilization feature which, in my opinion, is the game-changer in the industry.

This feature ensures images on display are and the laser is steadied even for people with shaky hands, making it easier to find and lock on your target.

Another feature, which by the way was missing from the Original Coolshot Pro Stabilized model, is the Dual Locked On Echo.

The dual locked on ECHO provides a green visual cue and an audible confirmation that you’re locked on the flag and not the tree or any other object 20 yards in the background.

Also, like the Nikon Coolshot Pro, this unit also features a 6X magnification which allows you to pick on the flag no matter the distance.

Also, I like the fact that, the Nikon Coolshot Proii stabilized allows you to turn on and off the slope. You can turn off the slope for tournament legal and turn it on to take full advantage of all the features in the Nikon Coolshot Proii Stabilized Rangefinder.



Nikon Coolshot Proii Stabilized Rangefinder VS Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized – What is the Difference?

I had to deal with this question a number of times offline and I feel I should include my Opinion and observations on the theProii and Pro Models of the Nikon Coolshot devices.

First, the two have more things in common than their differences.

The only few differences I personally observed are the Added Smart features in the Pro ii mode.

One such feature is the Dual Locked On ECHO. This feature provides both Visual and an audible chirp to let you know you are locked on the target.

Also, there are some upgrade in the design structure of the Proii model over the previous Pro model, including upgrade in technical input efficiently taking care of all the glitches experienced with the previous model.



  • Stabilizes images that shake from either the environment or unsteady or shaky hands.
  • Brilliant Optice delivers a Crystal clear and bright display.
  • Water and fog-resistant.
  • Hyper ReadTechnology delivers a near instant and clear display of approximately 0.3 seconds.
  • You are allowed to turn off the slope to comply with tournament requirements.
  • Could be a perfect choice for senior golfers.


  • Overly expensive and out of reach for some folks who would want to have one.
  • Another thing which I feel could be a drawback is the continuous measurement mode; I feel this could put too much pressure on the Battery, leading to a much shorter lifespan.

Where To Buy The Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder.

There are a number of cool places you can get your Nikon Coolshot Pro II rangefinder.

You can either order it on the Nikon Coolshot Store or other major vendors.

For Convenienece sake and for best shopping experience, My best and #1 recommended place is on the Nikon Bramd Store On




One of the most important and distinguished features of the Nikon Coolshot Pro Golf rangefinder is the stabilization feature which steadied unstable images arising from either shaky hands and or other environmental factors, allowing you to find and lock on the target more easily and accurately.

Also, with the Nikon Coolshot Proii Stabilized rangefinder, you get both Visual and audible confirmation when locked on the target.

Although the high price tag could be major impediment for some people, those who can afford this unit, I am sure, just like many others with positive feedbacks, would experience a boost not just in confidence but more success on the course.

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