Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder Review.

Welcome to the Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder review.

To see how the Pro R1 SMART rangefinder works, we tested out the device alongside its partnering App in order to determine its efficiency and to see if it’s worth the hype, and the result was heart-warming.

Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder Review – Introduction.

Precision is a popular name when it comes to golf rangefinders as they have carved a name for themselves with top-end products to help you play better and have more fun on the golf course.

The Precision Pro R1 is a top-end product on its own and when paired with the Precision Pro App, the experience is incredibly satisfying.

My experience using the Pro R1 was great and I make bold to say, it’s the smartest distance calculating device out there at the moment.

Look/First Impression.

The first thing I saw was that the Precision Pro R1 looks sleek, portable with a beautiful color combination, not as Bulky as others, and can be held by anyone even if your hands are small.

It has the slope switch outside and can be easily found. The slope switch is for turning on and off the slope feature for tournaments legal.

You can also find the cart Magnetic mount by the side. This allows you to easily mount your Precision Pro R1on your cart while moving around the course.

Aside from that, every other thing looks just the same, basic, as other rangefinders.

Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder Review – Key Features.

Basically, what separates any product from the other are the features that power its performance.

The Pro R1 is designed with smart features that are easy to operate.

Here we discussed some of the key features.

Starting off, there is the My Slope Features which is a personalized slope adjustable number and is specific to your environment and ball flight and can be turned on and off using the witch button.

There is also the Wind Assist designed to help with a real-time calculation based on the effect of the weather at a particular time of play.

Featuring also is the Find My Precision Pro which is designed to leverage the Precision Pro App to let you know the position of the device should you misplace it on the course. With this, you never will have to worry about losing your precious rangefinder again.

Also, there are the GPS Distances which calculate all distances, not just one distance but all. Now the GPS feature combines with the laser feature and delivers an incredibly quicker result, or you can choose to stick with just one feature, GPS or Laser.

The GPS features give you a quick front/center/back yardage and help you plan a better shot and is especially helpful when you are playing on an unfamiliar or new course.

Finally, the Precision Pro R1 features a Visual slope switch that switches to tournament legal mode, allowing you to use it as permitted by the rules.


Precision Pro R1 APP.

The Precision Pro R1 APP is a cool feature and works alongside all the features in the Device. It basically communicates with the device to power all of the features in the Pro R1 device.

You have to download the App on your smartphone in other to use it.

What that means is that the App on your smartphone connects to the Precision Pro R1 device to deliver results, pretty cool, right.




Precision Pro R1 VS NX7.

There are not so many differences between the Precision Pro R1 and the NX7

Starting off from the size, you will notice both the Precision Pro R1 and the NX7 are of the same size, both are compact and not bulky and can be held easily by pretty anyone.

Now, in the area of features powering the performance, the Pro R1 comes with an App; Precision Pro R1App that can be downloaded on a smartphone. This will enable you to use the GPS feature alongside the laser feature to deliver a smarter performance.

The NX7, on the other side, doesn’t have this functionality, yet performs incredibly well on its own.

The Precision Pro R1 Smart has a 1000+ yards capacity while the NX7 pro slope features a 650+ yards capacity.

Also, the Precision Pro R1 Smart has a built-in Magnetic Cart Grip for easy carriage and a ‘find my precision Pro’ feature that works alongside the GPS to help locate your device should you misplace it, while the NX7 pro slope doesn’t have these features.



  • A smart device that combines both Laser and GPS.
  • Quick and accurate Distance.
  • Magnetic Cart Grip For easy carriage.
  • Find My Precision Pro features helps locate your device easily when misplaced.
  • It’s Water-resistant so you don’t have to worry when caught up playing in the rain.


  • You would be required to always power the device after every 72 holes.

Where to buy the Precision PRO R1 rangefinder.


There are a number of places you can get your favorite rangefinder, the Precision Pro R1 including on the precision online store.

But for convenience purposes, and for the best shopping experience, I suggest you check out the Precision Brand store on



So, the Precision PRO R1is hybrid, a super premium rangefinder that combines both the Laser and GPS features in a compact device to locate precise distances within one yard.

It has been designed with high-definition options and a brighter resolution you can be proud of.

Working alongside the Precision Pro R1 App, this device is arguably the smartest distance calculating Device ever in recent time.




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