Tour Edge Exotics E722 Drivers Review.

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver is a game improvement club. In this review of the Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver, one of our in-house professionals, talks about the performance of the club, touching on some of the key features and technologies that Tour Edge golf deployed to power the performance of the Exotics E722 driver.

This should help you decide if this is the right club for your game.

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Drivers Review – Introduction.
Watch as Matt Adams talks about this new Exotics E722 driver.

The Exotics E722 Driver offers extreme forgiveness and obviously going by its make, it is targeted at the player with double digits handicap level who want a Club that offers Extreme forgiveness.

In the E722 driver, Tour Edge golf takes the MOI to the very extreme and is boosted by a 30-gram Back Weight, while showcasing the ultimate in power, feel, and forgiveness of the E722 driver using the Ridgeback and Diamond Face VFT Technologies, a Tour edge breakthrough innovation.


Tour Edge Exotics E722 Drivers Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

Tour Edge Exotics E722
Tour Edge Exotics E722

Tour edge exotics E722 Driver lineup an array of impressive features and technologies to power her performance.

Starting off with the 30-gram Backweight.

This is an extreme weighting system that features a 30-gram weight positioned at the extreme trailing edge on the sole of the Clubhead.

This Extreme low-rearward CG Position creates an extremely high M.O.I for increased stability at impact as well as a tighter dispersion.

The deeper face design and a 460cc profile create maximum forgiveness in the Exotic E722 driver.


Furthermore, there is the Ridgeback Technology. Here, the Tour Edge engineers designed a thinner Ridgeback in the E722 with increased structural properties and ridgeback sole activation.

There is a spine that runs from the center of the Clubface through the Crown and wraps around the Clubhead and connects with the newly designed sole plate.

This ridgeback spine acts as a brace for increased power production across the face including at the extreme perimeters.

The Ridgeback design in the E722 driver is 20% thinner than in the original C721 Model while maintaining similar structural support properties.

The ridgeback design creates a much stronger and superior feel at impact compared to the full carbo crown.


Moving forward, there is also the Carbon Wrap Tech.

Here, Tour Edge basically created a Carbon wrap technology, that wraps around from the crown to the sole to replace the extra Titanium.

This Carbon Wrap technology also helps save considerable weight on the Clubhead, which also allows for greater face flex in the heel and toe encouraging greater power on off-center strikes. This saved weight is then redistributed to the ideal location to create an optimal CG Location.

Other features and technologies in the Exotics E722 driver include the Diamond Face VFT.

The new Diamond is made up of shapes of variable face thickness behind the Clubface. In total, there are 61 diamond shapes featured on Diamond Face VFT with multiple thicknesses in an interweaving format. In the ExoticsE722, the face thickness is a little thicker than in the original E721.

The result is an expanded sweetspot for increased speed and forgiveness on off-center strikes.

There is also the Internal Sound Diffusion Ribbing which is strategically placed sound-enhancing ribs located inside the Clubhead. The work of this is to improve acoustic properties by directing and diffusing sound waves within the clubhead on impact.

This help in enhancing the feel and sound of the Clun at impact.


Finally, there is the Adjustable Hosel feature that allows you to adjust loft +/- 2 degrees and lie angle through a range of 3 degrees.

This is to help fine-tune your trajectory and shape.



Standard Specifications.

There are 3 different loft options in the Exotics E722 drivers as shown in the table below, 9.5, 10.5, and 12.5 degrees.

Tour Edge is using the Fujikura Ventus Red: 50 R | 60 S and the Fujikura Ventus Blue: 60 S | 60 X for slow-speed swingers of 85-95 MPH, and medium-speed swing players of 95-105 MPH respectively, while the fast-speed swingers of 105+ MPH have the Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue: 65 S | 65 X as their standard stock shafts. All the shafts are Speedtested using Tour Edge Development Robot (T.E.D.).

The Lamkin Crossline 360 Gray is the standard stock grip in the E722 driver.


Tour Edge Exotics E722


Tour Edge Exotics E722

The Exotics E722 Driver looks really nice in the bag and I feel it looks even better behind the ball.

It has a similar look and design as the C722 driver, with the only difference being the size; the E722 is a little larger with an expanded sweetspot obviously to offer more forgiveness on off-center strikes.


The Exotics E722 Driver delivers an incredible performance with more forgiveness, I was really impressed by the performance I got playing the 7th Iron.

What seems a little off for me with the E722 driver is that off-center strikes, sometimes tends to go up in the sky and lose a few yards compare to normal strike. This experience might just be from me alone.


The Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver is extremely forgiving and easily made our list of the most forgiving golf drivers for high handicappers 22.

Forgiveness in the E722 Drivers is enhanced by a 30-gram M.O.I Boosting backweight that takes the forgiveness level to the extreme.

Coupled with an expanded sweet spot zone strikes off centers get the same speed and distance as any normal strikes.

Speed & Distance.

Swinging at an average of 95 mph, I was happy with the speed and overall total Distance I got. Asa mid handicapper trying to bring my handicap level down, the E 722 Driver feels to me like something I would want in my bag.

Going by the number of features and technologies in the E722 driver, you could tell the ExoticE722 drivers definitely optimized for speed and distance.

Using the Diamond Face VFT, the E722 driver generates faster ball speeds and an expanded sweet spot, which makes strikes off-center go as far and straight as any normal strike.

Sound & Feel.

the Exotics E722 Driver delivers an amazing sound and Feel using the Sound Diffusion Ribbing.

These strategically placed sound-enhancing ribs are located inside the clubhead to improve the acoustic properties by directing and diffusing sound waves within the club head-on impact. The result is an enhanced sound and pure feel at impact.


What Others Are Saying about the Exotics E722 Driver.

There has been quite a handful amount of reviews as well as feedback from the golfing community.

Most of the people who drop reviews and feedback commend more on the Distance with many saying they found the E722 driver easier to launch and they got added distance playing the E722 driver.

Few skill players we interacted with love this Club and said the performance is almost similar to the c722 meant for better players.

Above all, you found lots of ratings are in the region of 4.5 to 5 stars, and that is pretty much more than average.


  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Massive speed anddistance.
  • Strong, pure feel and sound at impact.
  • Aesthetically appealing, in my opinion.
  • Price is moderate compared to similar Clubs on the market.


  • There have been reported instances where off-center strikes go up and lose distance.

Who Can Play the tour Edge Exotics 722 Drivers?

So, who should be playing the Exotics E722 Irons?

Obviously, these irons are designed to target a particular demographic, the players with a double-digit handicap as well the recreational golfer who wants a club with more forgiving features.


Where Can I Buy The Exotics E722 Driver?

So, where is the best place to buy the Exotics E7220 irons?

There are thousands and one places you could get your ExoticE722 driver. You can visit one of Tour Edge’s numerous fitting centers for your order.

However, for convenience purposes and for the best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place is the Tour Edge Brand Store on



Conclusively, Most people Tour Edge Golf with Clubs designed for Tour players, as their name suggests, but what many people probably don’t know is that the Brand also designs Clubs for weekend players.

This is evident in the design make-up of the Exotics E722 drivers, a Club in the game improvement category targeted at mid-high handicap players.

This Club offers extreme forgiveness and is great for players who need help getting the ball up and far on the fairway.

If you are, however, looking for a more workable driver, you might want to look at the C722 model.

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