Mavrik Max Irons Review.

Welcome to my Callaway Mavrik max irons review.

The Mavrik Max irons are one of the three Mavrik models released in 2020 by Callaway and up till today is a top contender as one of the most talked-about irons set in the golfing community.

In this review, our in-house pro, Gibs Greyson tried out the set and he talk about the setting up of the Mavrik max irons, touching briefly on some of the key features and technologies Callaway deployed in the irons.

Mavrik Max Irons Review – Introduction.

Callaway Mavrik max irons are the longest and most forgiving iron set in the 2020 Mavrik family.

They are in the super game improvement Categories.

with a larger body and a deeper CG for increased forgiveness, the Mavrik Max Irons is the easiest to launch irons and are designed to accommodate the improving players looking for maximum forgiveness in their irons.


Mavrik Max Irons Review – Basic Features/Technologies.

The Mavrik max irons feature Callaways’ patented technologies.

Starting off is the Face design of the Mavrik max irons.

Callaway golf designed the Mavrik irons using the A. I Technology. With this, Callaway is able to create a kind of sophisticated face architecture is that unique to every loft to boost ball speed and increase spin robustness off every single iron in the lineup.


Featuring also is the custom tungsten-infused weights in each iron which allow Callaway to precisely locate the position of the CG while also maintaining ball speed in the Flash FaceCup.

The result is an optimal launch and ball flight through the set.


To generate Create pure feel and sound at impact, Callaway deployed their patented Urethane Microsphere technology to effectively absorb all unwanted noise and harsh vibration to generate a sweet feel and sound while also maximizing COR for more ball speed across the face.


Standard Specifications.

Callaway is using the KBS Max stell, 80gram as the standard stock steel, and the Project X Catalyst 55/65/75 Graphite as the standard stock graphite.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 soft is the standard stock gip.

MAVRIK Max Irons Product Full Specifications.
Name Loft Availability Standard Length Lie Offset (mm) Graphite Swing Weight Steel Swing Weight
#4 20° RH / LH 39.00″ 60.5° 7.9 D0 D2
#5 23° RH / LH 38.375″ 61.3° 7.4 D0 D2
#6 26° RH / LH 37.75″ 62.0° 6.9 D0 D2
#7 30° RH / LH 37.125″ 62.5° 6.4 D0 D2
#8 34° RH / LH 36.50″ 63.0° 5.7 D0 D2
#9 38° RH / LH 36.00″ 63.5° 5.3 D0 D2
PW 43° RH / LH 35.75″ 64.0° 4.4 D0 D2
AW 48° RH / LH 35.50″ 64.0° 3.7 D0 D2
SW 54° RH / LH 35.25″ 64.0° 2.7 D0 D2


The Mavrik max iron has an oversized head, a larger sole, and a thicker top line, typical of most super game improvement clubs.

The color combination, matte-black over silver turns out really great and anyone that loves beauty will appreciate the Aesthetically appearance of the Mavrik max irons.

There is a significant offset and When at address, you can easily notice the back of the sole stick out a little from behind the topline.

Overall, I feel the Mavrik max irons appear classy and clean in the bag and behind the ball.


When you measure the performance of the Mavrik irons based on forgiveness, speeds, and distance, you will notice the Mavrik irons do perform incredibly.

Apart from offering maximum forgiveness, the Mavrik max iron also delivers incredible distance, so basically, it is also a Distance club.



Out of all the irons in the Mavrik lineup, the Mavrik max delivers the most forgiveness. Taking the Club on the range and playing with the 7th irons, I experience massive forgiveness. I got massive distance even when the ball came off-center.


Speed & Distance.

The Mavrik max irons deliver maximum speeds and distance using the Artificial Intelligence Flash Face Cup technology which is optimized for speed. And to maximum speed and distance, Callaway designed a sophisticated face architecture that’s unique to every loft, this way, not only would the speed increase, but it will also increase spin robustness off of every iron.


Feel & Sound.

Both the standard Mavrik and the Mavrik max do deliver a sweet feel at impact, and I must admit I experience this sweet feeling when the ball came off with playing both Clubs. This is quite different from most forgiving clubs that tend to sacrifice feel and sound for maximum forgiveness.

All of this is achieved by using the Urethane Microsphere to comprehensively absorb all unwanted vibration and provide a pure feel at impact while at the same time increasing speed by maximizing COR.


What Others Are Saying About The Mavrik Max Drivers.

There are quite a number of reactions to the performance of the Mavrik max irons.

Going by most of the feedback and reviews, you could tell the Mavrik Maxis really a great performing Clubs.

This Club has garnered lots of positive reviews on the market, many rating it as high as 5stars.

Many people we met said the Club has been helpful in playing better and experiencing more success on the feel.

Pure feel, maximum forgiveness, and consistency seem to be the most thing that attracted most people.




  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Outstanding speed and distance.
  • Pure feel and sound at impact.
  • Outstanding playability.
  • Significant offset to minimize slices.
  • Very easy to launch.


  • Looks a little too bulky and might not look attractive to some people.

Who Can Play The Mavrik Max Irons?

The Mavrik max irons are super game improvement irons and a perfect choice for high handicap golfers as well as any player looking for maximum forgiveness, maximum distance, and definitely higher trajectory.

With significant offset, players with a tendency to slice will derive incredible benefits playing the Mavrik max irons.


Where To Buy The Mavrik Max Irons.

There are dozens of vendors online and offline selling the Mavrik max, as well as other golf equipment.

But for the best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place is the Callaway brand shop on


Conclusively, the mavrik Max irons offer a great option for golfers looking for maximum forgiveness, maximum distance, and maximum trajectory to choose from.

Unlike the standard Mavrik irons, the Mavrik Max has a slightly wider sole to help raise the trajectory, and a substantial offset to eliminate slices for those who struggle with it.

But if you are looking for a more workable option of the Mavrik model, you might want to check out the Mavrik Pro option reviewed Here.

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