Callaway Epic Max LS Drivers Review.

Welcome to my Callaway Epic Max LS drivers review.

After trying out the Epic Max LS on the range and several times on the golf course, here is my honest review of the Lowest Spin option of the popular Epic Max model.

In this review, I will take about the entire set including what performance to expect, touching also on some of the key features and technologies that go into making the Epic MAX LS driver what it is today.

This review is aimed at helping you, if you ever thought of getting the Epic LS driver, decide if this Club is a good fit for your game.

Callaway Epic Max LS Drivers Review – Introduction.

The Epic max LS driver is one of the three drivers in the Callaway Epic drivers lineup released in the first quarter of 2021.

The Epic max LS is the low spin model and offers excellent forgiveness.

This Driver is designed for mid-high handicap players looking for more speed, distance, and forgiveness in their drive.

Other models in the lineup include the Epic Max and the Epic Speed.

Callaway Epic Max LS Drivers Review – Basic Feature/Technologies.


Callaway deployed quite a number of features and technology in the Epic Max LS driver.

Starting g off, we look at the new A. I designed Jailbreak Frame that promotes extraordinary speed.

Here, Callaway applied a new Artificial Intelligent to improve stability in the horizontal and torsional directions(Previous A. I Jailbreak architectures stiffened the body in the vertical direction) for increased ball speed across the entire Clubface.

Also, Callaway golf featured the A.I. designed Flash Face SS21 in the Epic Max LS to promote fast ball speed across an expanded area of the Clubface. Each Face here is uniquely improved, allowing the super-strength titanium to promote maximum speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.

The Epic Max LS also featured Callaways proprietary triaxial, Carbon covering a larger portion of the Crown and toe, and this saves the weight of over 13 grams vs. titanium, which is then redistributed to promote even more forgiveness better than whats obtained in the popular Mavrik design.

Also, an exceptional combination of a deep CG and a higher MOI creates a tighter downrange dispersion in the Epic Max LS driver.

Finally, there is the Adjustable perimeter weighting system that provides up to 13 yards of shot shape correction to fine-tune ball flight and trajectory.

Combining this with the ultra-high MOI, the Epic Max LS provides unique lower spin option for mid-to low-handicappers.


Epic Max LS drivers Spec.


Callaway Is using the Project X HZRDUS SMOKE IM10 50g(R, S) 60g(S) and the Project X Cypher 40 gram as the standard stock shaft while the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align, Black is the standard stock grip.



Callaway Epic Max LS Drivers Full Specifications.

ADJUSTABLE (8°-11°) RH / LH 45.75″ 57° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3, (50/60G), D4 (70G)
10.5° ADJUSTABLE (9.5°-12.5°) RH / LH 45.75″ 57° (ADJUSTABLE) 460 D3, (50/60G), D4 (70G)



Callaway Epic Max LS Drivers

The Epic Max LS driver looks quite smaller than the Epic Max driver.

Aside from that, every other feature and design looks the same as the Epic Max drivers.


The Epic Max LS is a low spinning driver and has proven to be one of the fastest drivers ever manufactured by Callaway.

measuring performance in terms of forgiveness, speed, and distance as well as sound and feel, the Epic Max LS driver is so engineered for higher forgiveness, and added distance, and you get a great feel at impact.


How forgiving is the Epic Max LS Driver?

To ensure maximum forgiveness, the epic max ls driver features a deep CG and a much higher MOI.

Here, Callaways’ proprietary Triaxial carbon covers a larger portion of the crown and toe, leading to weight savings of over 13 grams vs. titanium, and this saved weight is then redistributed to enhanced forgiveness better than the Mavrik Model.

So, you seem the Epic Max LS is optimized for forgiveness much more that the previous Mavrik.

Speed & Distance.

Swinging the Epic Max LS driver at 95mph got me 144mph of ball speed which was pretty awesome and I was very pleased with the performance which by the way, was pretty consistent.

The EpicMax LSnad indeed the entire Epic Max Drivers got their speeds optimized by the NEW Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame that works in combination with the A.I. Designed Flash Face. 

Each face in the Epic Max LS driver is uniquely enhanced and the super-strength titanium promotes maximum speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.


What Others Are Saying About The Epic Max LS Driver.

There has been an array of conversations going on from the golfing community on the Performance of the Epic Max LS driver, and so far, it’s been all positive with just a few neutral voices here and there.

Overall, the rating of this club falls between 4.5 and 5 stars, with the majority of people saying they love the fact that the Epic Max LS drivers are forgiving as well as help reduce spin for added distance.


  • Forgiving.
  • Speed and distance are great and quite consistent.
  • Low Spin driver to promote added distance.


  • Not an ideal club for people who hate low spin clubs.

Who Can Play The Epic Max LS driver?

So, basically, the Epic Max LS Driver is most suited for players seeking for speed, neutral ball flight, and forgiveness in a lower spin, high MOI package.

Players who struggle with distance will definitely have a better experience playing the Epic Max LS drivers.

Golfers who are looking for a driver that combines forgiveness with low spin for distance will find out that the Epic Max LS is what they want.



Best Place To Buy The Epic Max LS driver.

There are quite a number of places you can conveniently get your Epic Max LS driver and other golf equipment you want.

But for Convenient sake and for the best shopping experience, my best and #1 recommended place is the Callaway brand store on Amazon.



FAQ on the Epic Max LS driver.

As I round up this review, there are a couple of frequently asked questions on the EpicMaxLS driver I want to quickly attempt.



What is the difference between an Epic Max and an epic Max LS driver?

In simple terms, the Epic Max driver centers most of her attention on forgiveness while the Epic max LS, as the name suggests, lay a lot of effort not just on forgiveness but also on lowering the spin rate for players whose spin rate constantly goes too high.

Low spin is particularly important for players who are looking for more distance rather than just high ball flight.


What does LS mean on Callaway driver?

LS in the Callaway Epic Max driver, and in most other Callaway clubs means Low Spin.

Low spin drivers are designed to help golfers lower their spin rate to generate more distance.

You understand that a high spin rate can generate high ball flight, in most cases, lands without rolling thereby causing players to lose lots of distance.


Is the Callaway epic Max LS forgiving?

The Epic Max LS driver is top-rated when it comes to forgiveness. It does not only offer forgiveness, it provides more distance through the Low Spin feature. You understand that, by lowering the backspin rate, the ball once it hits the fairway, will roll further, generating more total distance. So, you have a combination of forgiveness, speed, and distance all rolled in the Epic Max Ls driver.


When did the epic Max LS come out?

The Epic Max LS, alongside the Epic Max and the Epic Speed, came out at the beginning of 2021 and was released for retail sales February 18.


Conclusively, the Epic Max Driver is an ideal club for the low spin-loving player looking for more speed, distance, and forgiveness to drive better shots.


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