Callaway Rogue ST Max VS Epic Max Drivers

Welcome to my Callaway Rogue ST Max VS Epic Max drivers comparison review.

These Clubs are products of Callaway golf and were released at different periods, the Epic max coming first, in the first quarter of 2021, and the Rogue ST Max in 2022.

In this comparison review, our In house professional tried out both clubs and the review is what formed this post.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max driver is part of the 2022 Rogue ST line of Clubs released by Callaway for 2022.


This Club offers the best combination of distance and forgiveness and is Callaway’s highest MOI head with a slight draw bias and comes in three different loft options, 9°, 10.5°, and 12°.

It is a perfect club for those looking for distance and forgiveness in their drive.

It is an upgrade from the Epic Max driver, in my opinion, and looks quite different in aesthetic from the Epic max.

The ST in the Rogue ST Stands for SpeedTuned and is absolutely built for speed and distance.


Features of the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver.


The Rogue ST Max Drivers feature the new Tungsten speed cartridge. For increased speed, stability, and forgiveness on off-center hits, Callway places up to 26grams of tungsten weight low and deep in the driver’s head. This also increased the forgiveness through high MOI.

featuring also is Callaways patented A.I. designed Jailbreak Speed Frame for stability and speed in the horizontal and torsal direction.

  The Engineers at Callaway have speed-tuned the construction, shaping, and positioning for optimal speed across the entire Clubface/ meaning no matter where you strike the ball, you are sure of enjoying the maximum speed.

For lower spin and increased forgiveness on the Clubface, the Rogue ST max driver features a new redesigned A. I Flash face that allows the Engineers to add launch and spin to the optimization formula for increased speed and forgiveness across the entire face.

Finally, there is the titanium unibody construction that effectively provides stability and lowers the CG(Center Of Gravity) while also saving weight through the Triaxial Carbon crown and sole, This saved weight is then redistributed for more forgiveness with high launch and a slight draw bias.


You can read a more comprehensive review of the RgueST Max driver HERE,



Callaway Epic Max Driver.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Drivers VS Epic Max Drivers.

The Epic max driver is a mid-spinning, high launching driver designed with an Artificial Intelligence to power the most forgiving and fastest Epic driver ever.

It is a high forgiveness Club that features A. I designed Jailbreak Speed Frame and an A. I Flash Face SS21 to optimize the Jailbreak frame for a much faster speed across an expansive ClubFace.

Similar to the Rogue ST Max driver, the EpicMax comes in three different loft options, 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. While the Rogue ST Maxhasa fix hosel, the Epic Max drivers feature an adjustable hosel.


Callaway Epic Max Features.

The Epic Max drivers feature a new jailbreak A. I speed frame that is quite different from the previous jailbreak architecture that stiffened the body in the vertical position.

This new A. I Powered jailbreak speed frame on the contrary is designed to promote horizontal and torsional stability and increased ball speed across the entire Clubface.

There is also the A.I.powered Flash Face that is specifically structured to optimize the Jailbreak Speed Frame to encourage fast speeds across an expanded area of the Clubface.

Each face and each head geometry in the Epicmaxdriver is enhanced to promote maximum speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.

For Shot Shape Correction, the Epic max driver is enhanced with a 17g sliding rear weight allowing golfers to adjust to fine-tune their launch and trajectory.

Finally, to promote high forgiveness, the Epic Max driver features a  lighter, stronger Triaxial Carbon material that saves over 19 grams of weight vs. titanium allowing the engineers at Callaway to redistribute the saved weight to promote high launch and even more forgiveness.

An exceptional combination of a deep CG, draw bias, and higher MOI promotes a tighter downrange dispersion that leads to straighter drives even on off-center hits.


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Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver -First Impression.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Drivers VS Ep.ic Max Drivers

The first thing you would probably notice in the Rogue ST Max Driver is the eye-catching aesthetic appearance that looks stunning, with a Matte-Black finish.

Major Selling Points.

  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Outstanding Speed and Distance.
  • Highly consistence.
  • The new Tungsten Speed Cartridge allows 26 grams of weight placed low and deep within the Clubhead ensures more ball speed even on off-center hits. This also pushes more forgiveness through high MOI.


Who Can Play The Rogue ST Max Driver?

Basically, both the Rogue ST and the Epic max drivers fall within the same game improvement category and can be played by golfers within the handicap range of mid-high.

Players who struggle with ball speeds and distance as well as players who want a bit of consistency in the drive.

Professionals who are willing to sacrifice workability can as well play these drivers.



Callaway Epic Max Driver – First Impression.

At first glance, you would notice the Epic max driver appears to look like a slightly expanded version of the Epic Max LS, traditional players like shape and cut that square look at address.

In terms of look, the Epic Max driver, in my honest opinion, is way more appealing than the Rogue ST max driver. Maybe this is just me.

The Epic Max driver looks quite large with a wide frame from back to front…

Major Selling Points.

  • Maximum forgiveness, in fact, is the most forgiving Epic max driver Callaway ever made.
  • A larger sweetspot zone means off-center hits feel as good as any good strike.
  • Distance is great.
  • Features Adjustable weighting system.



Who Can Play The Epic Max Driver?

The Epic is in the category of game improvement drivers and quite obviously, is best suited for players within the mid-high handicap range.

It can also be played by a few professionals willing to sacrifice workability for forgiveness.

With an expanded sweetspot, players who struggle to get the ball up and straight due to poor swing and off-center hits can now enjoy more success with the Epic Max Driver.




Callaway Rogue ST Max VS Epic Max Drivers

Callaway Rogues ST Max driver VS Epic Max Driver – Head To Head Comparison Table.

  Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver. Callaway Epic Max Driver.
Available Models. Rogue ST Max, Rogue ST Max D, Rogue ST Max LS(Low Spin), and Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS. Epic Max, Triple Diamond, and Triple Diamond LS
Loft. 8, 9, 10, and 11 degrees 9, 10, and 12 degrees.
Adjustable Weight option? Yes. Yes.
Average Lie Angle 60° (Adjustable) 59° (Adjustable)
Key technology Aerospace-grade titanium alloy Adjustable Weight, Optifit Hosel
Weight D2, D3, D4 D2, D3, D4
Price $549.99 $530
Overall Rating 97/100 96/100

What Is The Difference Between The Rogue ST Max Driver and the Epic Max Drivers?

Both the Rogue ST Max and the Epic Max drivers are products of Callaway golf and are designed to satisfy the needs of mid-high handicap and improving players.

The Rogue ST Max, and indeed the entire Clubs in the new Rogue ST lineup feature  26 grams of Tungsten Speed Cartridge placed low and deep in the driver’s head for increased speed on off-center strikes and more forgiveness through higher MOI.

While the Epic max, on the other hand, features a lighter, stronger Triaxial Carbon material that saves over 19 grams of weight.

This saved weight is then redistributed for higher launch and increased forgiveness.

In terms of performance, while it looks like the Epic max drivers put more effort into forgiveness, the new Rogue ST Max takes it a step more by offering more forgiveness, consistency, and Distance.

If there is anything improving players’ desires is consistency in performance and any Club that offers more than just forgiveness would definitely win the heart of many players.

Final Note.

Conclusively, both the Rogue ST MaX drivers and the Epic Max drivers deliver extreme forgiveness and are both pitched under the game improvement category.

When it comes to which one to choose, I think it goes down to personal preference as both clubs have the same features and deliver almost the same performance.

Most people would rather stick with their Epic max drivers rather than go for the new Rogue ST drivers.

But if you would want a more recent Callaway driver that offers forgiveness and consistency, then you will want to go for the new Rogue ST Max driver.


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